The specialist
5 surprise
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The specialist
Author :Dragonic326
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5 surprise

The young mans bottom jaw was on the floor as he stared at me with a what I would call an over reacted expression. He then said:" hey how are you standing." I then walked promptly walked past him and went down the stairs. When I got to down stairs all the maids were looking at me with a astonished expression on their faces. I then proceeded to go to one of them and ask where we were having breakfast. The maid replied by saying :" down that hall and to the right." She said pointing at the place to go with a even more surprised expression. When I got to the door I reached for the handle and opened it. The people inside were all looking at me annoyed until they realised it was me and their expressions held deep astonishment and surprise, to be honest they looked even funnier than the boy when I showed up. In any case I then went to an empty seat and sat down. I then began to eat my breakfast, it was pancakes 🥞. It was my fist time trying them and they were delicious, the best thing I have ever tasted. After my scrumptious breakfast I noticed that the people where still there and not only that they were staring at me, it felt even worse than being stared at by girls. Not only were there more of them but they were also unfitting of their clothes. If someone who had not seen what they looked like before would think that they were imposters and go and report them. Unfortunately for them the young boy was at the door at the time and went straight in since it was already open. When he saw them he did not recognise them he only recognised that I was there and thought that they must just be shocked and would return to normal soon.

I then got up and left to find this substance called tooth paste, which I was excited about because they had said that it was very good for your teeth and in other meaning it would mean that your teeth would not fall out. After I had got the tooth paste I went to my room to brush my teeth as there was a bathroom attached to it. With that I brushed my teeth and went down stairs some what bored. When I got down stairs I saw principal Hu and lady Hu walk over to me, and lady Hu asked :" how are you walking already?" I then said:" I don't know, I just am." With that I then asked them:" is there anything to do I am bored." Principle Hu said:" you could explore the city with your brother." I then replied:" I have no brother and for your information I will go alone." I then went to one of the maids and asked them if they could take me to the city the maid then replied:" we cannot but the your assigned Butler can, I will go and get him." She then left in a hurry.

I then waited for her to come back, it was dead silence as no one of the servants dared to speak out and anger me. I then saw the maid coming towards me and says:" young master your butler is in your wagon and ready to go." She says whilst bowing. I then make my way to the front door and to the wagon, when I get to the wagon I see a powerful looking middle aged man bowing to me and saying :" young master." With this he opens the door to the wagon, not turning his back to me at all. I think that it is a custom, or something.

Anyway I get in and sit down from what I can tell principal Hu seems to think good of me. The wagon then lifts of the ground.

When in the wagon I ask the man:" how does magic work?"

He then says:" magic comes from our cores and is then transferred into what we want it to be or what it thinks we need, so if you are a baby or a child it will most likely transfer into energy for you to grow and become stronger, I think that is also why young master can already walk, in other words you have enough energy from your core to walk already this shows that your affinity for magic is very, very, very high."

I then say:" so I am lucky?"

The man:" that's up to you to decide."

I then say:" what is your name?"

The man then says:" I don't have one, I am not qualified. The only ones to have names are nobles, and they take on the name of the previous nobleman of that house hold along with their wives."

Next I say:"oh okay so it works like that, would you come with me into the city then?"

The man looks pleasantly surprised and a beautiful smile as bright as the sun spreads across his face and he says:" yes young master."

The man landed the wagon on the ground, just at the end of the road upwards.

He then takes his magic back into his core, opens the door and steps down, he then proceeds to go to my door and open it. When he does so I could not help but smile at his really honest smiling face.


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