The specialist
4 so many
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The specialist
Author :Dragonic326
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4 so many

We were heading for the red and gold building. To describe the building I only need to say 2 words huge and prestigious. We landed and got out is the wagon as we did so the magic of the driver stopped and we got out, the young boy being last and not daring to say other wise. Anyway we walked up to the houses front door and then lady Hu lifted her hand and said "open". I then saw the heavy looking door open at a reasonable rate and stop just before hitting the wall. We then went in and that was when I saw a huge, huge Hall even bigger to me because of my size. We then walked until we came to another door at the end of the hallway and another two doors to the left and right of the door, both mine and the young boys reactions where of complete amazement and interest. Never the less the young boy stayed put,making me curse his existence. Little did I know what effect that would have. As we came to the doors lady Hu said:" this is the living place of the servants." This time she chanted:" 3 open."

We went in and saw a lot of people already there and bowing. Principle Hu then said:" take these two too the 4 th floor and give them separate rooms." The maid looked confused but still nodded and took us both. what the other two did after that I do not know, nor do I know what the servants did but what I did know and was thinking about was what my room was going to look like and how comfy my bed would be.

When we got to the 4 th floor the maid said :" which rooms would you like?" The young boy said before me that room and pointed to a door, the maid then, while carrying me she chanted :"1237 open." The door then opened and reviled a beautiful bedroom. With that I was even more pumped about getting my room. After that she asked me what room I would like and I pointed to another some doors down. She then went to it and chanted:"1333 open." The door did not open so I said to her:" mayba I shauld try?" I reached for the handle, it went down and opened. The maid was petrified and then said stuttering:" y yo you how?" I turned to face her with a confused expression. She then said:" that was the wrong number the door is actually number 1233." For a longtime after that we looked at each other in confusion, until I said:" Can wa ga in bedraam." As I was embarrassed saying that I looked away slightly. She seemed to have then got out of her trance and did not realise that I was embarrassed. We then entered the room and she then said :" it is late you should go to sleep, and look around in the morning." With that she put me on my bed, tucked me in and left closing the door behind her.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of my doorbell being ring, I thought it strange, why don't they just come in? They have magic and my body's nothing to be considered about. I wanted to get up but then realised that I couldn't, as I would be wasting energy on trying, but then I suddenly felt a sensation all over my body it wasn't painful but instead felt great because it was like it was giving me energy, even though it was weird I was still happy about it. With that I tried to get up. I had successfully done it I was standing on my own two legs. Happiness and bliss is washing over me and an unusual smile crept across my face. I then heard the voice again, so I went to the door and opened it. The maid outside almost fell over but I managed to stop her from falling. I then realised that I shouldn't of been able to do so but I could, I have the energy of an average male person and I was only 1! The maid stood there and after a while it seemed that she had finished processing all of what happened. She then said:" erm I won't ask about how you did that but I would like to know if you are going to keep that you can do that a secret, and with that I should carry you if you don't want them to know." I then say :" I will walk my self, there's no reason for me to keep it a secret when I can fend for myself." The maid:" yes of course, your .. principal Hu has told me to bring you down for breakfast." I then turn but then turn back and ask if there was any spare clothes I could ware. The maid then replied:" there are some already ready, just here, they are from y.. principal Hu."She then gave the clothes to me and left. With that I returned to my bed and sat down to put my socks on fist then stood up to do the rest. When I was done I went out of my bedroom and closed the door.

When I was walking near the young boys door I heard it open and then I saw him, he did not see me because of my size. So I decided to say:" oi I take it you also got informed about the breakfasts settings."


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