The specialist
3 Red and gold
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The specialist
Author :Dragonic326
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3 Red and gold

After the year they got to know each other, well to an extent.

The wagon stopped which was surprising because it had only stopped on one other occasion and that was half a year ago to get some food, well supplies. Yay I was right. Anyway this time it was different, me and the other boy got taken out still with are shackles on and right now we are in what seems like the noble peoples living place, I can tell that because the people are wearing red coloured clothing, I know this because the elf's used their magic to create a fairy to get information on the outside world. It was a spectacular sight.(a orb could show us what it looked like from the fairy's point of view)We are standing on a raised platform and yet again I am being carried. "Sigh."

A 6 year old boy carrying me, What has this world come to. Yep we are still strangers. One of the 3 men had started shouting and the nobles turned to look, I could hear some of them whisper "it's them again."

" yeah them from 2 years ago, bound to be selling those elf's again.

" Have they not heard that we are at war with them?" After a long while a nobleman and a noblewoman came over, looking very stylish. When they reached the 3 men. " You know you can't sell elf's here why did you come back?" One of the three men responded in a carful manner. "principal Hu and lady Hu! we are selling these 2 boys. As of the elf's as you said they seem ably could not sell." Bowing to them both as he said so.

The lady looked behind the 3 of them and sees us both, her expression changes from a scowl to a adoring smile. Sigh she is looking at me isn't she? Yes maybe when I was a baby I could not do anything but now I am 1 so I can at least, "wawawa" cry. I am sure that got her back. I look at her and see that the man called principal Hu is now standing next to her looking at me in a funny way. Has he realised that I am what you could call different?🤭😟He steps a step closer to me and picks me up, he seems like he is angry but then lady Hu comes over and says to her husband "you are scaring him darling." principal Hu:"I am not, I am just smiling. It must my Qi, since he has been with elf's he could of picked but their power sensing ability." I then try to say :"wha da ya mea?" I say tilting my head to be low profile, it seems to not work because the young man looks up and asks the boy holding me before if I was attached to him. He says:"probably not" this to me was astonishing, it was like he was praising my effort of crying when ever he had held me. ( he was to close so I had to)

The man says :" that can't be because baby's trust everybody, you must be confused, what am I doing talking to a young boy who knows nothing." He then turns to face the three men and asks:" how much are they?" One of the men says:" we will give you a discount, just for you, so both of them together will be 100 silvers." principal Hu: " alright we will buy them both." The young boy had a face on that suggested he was talking to an idiot.

With that they took us both and undid the shackles, this to me feels weirder than having them on, though the young boy looks really happy about it. They then put me in the wagon and waited for the young boy to get inside. As we are going along I can see outside and it looks amazingly beautiful and sparkling. With shops really crowded and crowds of people going in and out of cafes and some really nicely designed buildings, not that I ever saw anything cool in my previous life but it still looks the best. The road we are going up is taking us all the way to the top and as we went up I could see the city or kingdom from birds eye view, which made it look even prettier. Before we got to the top principal Hu said:" boys when you are settled in you can go to visit the kingdom." The young boy says:" yes, of course." He seemed to have realised that the man had a high position of power. Even though I did too, a lot earlier I did not care because that did not make him a good person so there is no reason to be nice to him. When we almost got to the top there was a very big whole, though we did not stop so the young boy panicked and said :"wha we are going to fall!!!" With that he held on tight to me, making me really uncomfortable 😣 principal Hu then turned around expecting both of us to be frightened but when he saw me trying to escape the boys grip, he became astonished 😧. He then quickly turned around, hoping that I had not seen him but of course I had been watching him do so. I mean if you felt a scary persons gaze on you, you would hide the fact that you had seen them. Oh and by the way nobles seem to have wagons to their likings so this one has been designed like a car, on the inside.

When we landed a big plot of land came into view and then the wagon went through, that made it so we could see an academy off to the far right and to the far left a red and gold building.


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