The specialist
2 waking up to chaos
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The specialist
Author :Dragonic326
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2 waking up to chaos

Yet again I could feel the feeling of shackles locking in to place all over myself. When I tried to open my eyes I couldn't. I think i can't because I am a baby. "Sigh" Even sighing takes a lot of effort. And I was looking forward to exploring this place, hang on why haven't I heard or felt my parents? Now that I listen carefully i can hear noises outside and a smell of smoke. Then suddenly I see 3 huge people coming over to me, who are you, no what are you was what I was trying to say but it came out as "GaGA! Ga! Ga!" Just looking at me seemed to make them look confused they come closer so I can see that and also see that they are regular human beings, I then realise why I thought they were huge I am a baby and yet again it came out as "GaGA Ga" sighing internally I feel one of them pick me up, in princess carry for some reason this makes me slightly annoyed. The one carrying me says:" why is there a human here?" One of the other 2 says:" we are not sure but I think it best that we take ... him with us." 3rd human says:" yes let's take him and put him up for sale like the others." Then they took me out of what could be called my home, by that time I had figured out how to open my eyes well what was stopping them open that is. To say the least about where I was, i will say that it is a big room well used to be until the walls fell in. Anyway when we were out side I could see a lot clearer, with that the people around me from what I could see were wearing a uniform with a crest on it the uniform was dark green with no patterns, they also each had a tie on. All 3 of them were adult males.

Being carried I could see my town and that it was abandoned probably because of all the fire, though I did not any dead people so I assume that they either escaped or they are fighting.

When we got out of the village I saw a wagon, then when we got closer one of them put shackles on me I didn't feel any different because I was used to the feeling. Next they placed me in a cellar with people who at the moment I could not see because of my lack of energy to use to sit up. It was weird but I could deal with it. Without warning a young girl picked me up and brought me towards the back of the cell where I got promptly stared at. By not 2 or 3 but 9 young girls. This kind of freaked me out, I mean I did not have a sister in my previous life and I did not have a girlfriend either so it was really weird. Finally the one holding me said something though the weird staring continued. Also they were to faraway for my short eye sight to see them I did not realise until the one holding me brought me closer that they where elf's. The elf carrying me said : "this seems different, but I highly doubt the humans noticed."

One of the older girls of the lot said back : " what do you mean older sister?"

( the elf carrying me ) the older sister said:" he has this unique Qi around him it maybe hard to see but it is there." One of the younger sisters said :" what da we da."

The oldest sister says:" we can't do anything." She says lowing her head to look at me, when she did that I could see that she had distinctive facial features, this made her pleasant to look at unfortunately it would've been amplified if she was wearing a dress. Even if I had never met any girls I had once seen a magazine with females on it, wearing dresses.

After that they stopped talking because one of the men had come to check on us and give us food and water, just enough to keep us alive and slightly healthy. When he left the oldest sister said to the others that they would split the food fairly, after that it was split. Then they went to sleep, so did I frankly it was hard for me to stay awake for half an hour so I quickly fell asleep. Little did I know that I was absorbing energy from the planets core.

By the time I woke up we had all ready been given food 🥘 soup was what we were having for lunch or what you could say for the whole day. So we all took a bowl each and slowly eat it the second eldest had already picked me up and started feeding me some of the soup. After that we went to sleep well I did. After who knows how long we stopped to assume ably re stock, seem-ably I was wrong because after they came back another entered the cell looking beaten up, it was a young boy. When he saw us he sighed and asked " how long have you been in here for?" The eldest said :" for 3 years, it takes ages to travel." Second oldest :" The baby boy here and you are the latest additions." One of the other Younger sisters says: " baba ga here" holds 2 fingers up and then says "das ago." With that he asked there names and they said their names and he said he could not remember his name. After that they traveled for a year and got to know each other and cared for each other like family.


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