The specialist
1 The questions you ask yourself
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The specialist
Author :Dragonic326
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1 The questions you ask yourself

Who am I?

Was the question I would ask myself looking into the mirror.

What is reality?

Was the question I would ask myself walking to my part time job.

why do I feel so empty?

Was the question I would ask myself before going to sleep.

These questions haunted me for what seemed like forever.

Until one day when I was looking into the mirror the dim light in my eyes suddenly faded into nothingness. For some reason my vision became blurred until I felt myself fall. I felt nothing not even pain, this was strange to me. I knew I could no longer feel emotionally but pain, surely I could feel it but no I could not. Then all sense disappeared.

When I opened my eyes I could not see. I could not feel anything with touch. All I could hear was the quite sound of my breathing. It was some what nice, the silence seemed what I had been longing for and now I had got what I had wanted. Though like revenge if you don't think about what's going to happen after wards you will likely lose yourself. And that is what is happening to me. The questions I had back then resounding deep within me, over and over again, some how I knew It would go on until I said something to convince myself.

With that in mind I said out loud " I want to be a genius, you know the one that is best at what they do"

After I said that I felt at ease like every thing was going to be okay not only that, the emptiness I had was now gone, it was like I was becoming, becoming something else, something other worldly.

I am thinking like that because my insides and outsides are moving about. It has now stopped but now I feel one single twinge all over my body at the same time, like shackles finally Locking into place.

After that finished I could then hear a kind voice transmitted into my mind It says "to clear up things before moving on i will tell you why that happened: You have died because you lost emotion. This to me is a sign that you aren't meant for that world but another. Every being is a being I created and with that I want the best for them. You went to that world to become the best you could be, just like everyone else in other worlds and you had the same opportunity's as them, unfortunately your life was hard for you to do so, but I held on with hope, but in the end I could not take how much you were suffering from your situation so I helped you lose contact of that world and made it so we could meet here. And so here we are. I am sure that it is a lot take in but before I go and leave you to understand things I will explain the situation and choices you have now. You will have a new identity and depending on what you choose it could change in different ways. 1) you can go back to your original world and have another bad life, that I don't won't you to have but it is still an option. Also each one of these options have choices within them. 2) you can reincarnate into another world.

3) you can go to hell, this is an option because it will train your physical body to a high level, I advise you go there after you have had more experience and you are stronger. Those are your 3 options please listen to my advise and rest well. Also if you have any questions just ask and if I can answer I will."

On Earth a day had gone by.( time is the same)

The transferred being says: "how did I end up in a different world that could not help me grow." Super natural being says: " that is a new world so it can't use its magic very well to help people get themselves out of the situation they caused or help people's bad luck." The transferred being says: "that makes sense. Are you my father then, since you said you created me and all others?" Super natural being says: " yes I am kinda like your father and I am the same to others." The transferred being says: " hmm I think that answers all my questions, also I have decided on number 2." Super natural being says: "ok now what world do you want to go to I can send you too 5 different worlds at the moment. 1) is a world with just martial arts/ physical and spiritual training to a low level . 2) a world similar to your own just with a more advanced technology stuff. 3) a world where immortals exist. 4)a world with just creation magic involved, which if I am honest is very chaotic. 5) a world of immortals and otherworldly being that are not human." The transferred being says: " I think I will go with 5, it seems more interesting." Super natural being says: "ok also because you are not yet powerful enough you will be born as a baby to get used to things." The transferred being says: " will I know who my parents are, will they die?" Super natural being says: "depends on your luck." The transferred being says: "okay. Hopefully I will do better in that world."

(Time stops and then transferred being is teleported to 5 th world to start a new life)


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