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The fantastic daily life of a bored person
Author :Aho_fujoshi
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2 Annoyed


She was working as a cashier at a the supermarket close to her house she only worked for a small period of time, four hour per day so it was quite fine to keep going.

Day after day she was thinking about how boring working was and how lucky she was to be only a part time job.But on this day something suddenly popped in her eyes "Do you accepted the Youth Bored System(YBS)?"

Her first thought was that she was sleeping and dreaming about having a system like on those novels she had read but that name was kinda way too fitting for her current state, she laughed inwardly and looked around so she could perceive if it was reality or a dream.

Her Boss was at his desk looking annoyed with something as always, his character is quite unique. Her manager was in the cashier in front of hers counting money and looked fine and as always treated everyone in a motherly way.

At the fruits and veggies was that guy looking worried like he always did, the other girl looked hopeless,she was almost melting because if that danm summer, the bald guy was looking peaceful as yesterday like nothing would never go wrong in his days.

She wasn't sleeping, it was way too real to be a dream, so she without a doubt accepted it.



Anxiety Degree(AD): HIGH

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Social Media(Sm): Unpopular

Social status(SS):Low


Title: The market thin big sister

WOW she was annoyed because she was peniless but her statuses were worse than she had imagine she got even more annoyed on this fact.

She closed her status window and chose to forget about YBS till she got home. She kept working bored as always till the time to go home.


She loves looking at the sky, loves to see it's colors and changes. She took a picture and posted on her Instagram stories, she didn't really care if she was popular or not she just liked to post her point of view and share with the few interested people


It was a seven minute walk from her home to her work place, on her way back she awkwardly passed among some drunkard people that were always in front of that gas station and walked the fast as she could, she let a sigh of relief on the other side of the road someone called her name.


"Hana, look to where you are going, stop staring at your cellphone" she looked towards the voice and was an old schoolmate, a friend, she didn't thought they were friends anymore because she got apart from most of the people she used to know. She smiled shyly at him and kept going.

She was reading a Novel here in this app yes this one you are using right now. She was almost home when something popped on her screen, it was a DM on Instagram.


Last year was a moment to remember for her life time she had friends and had gone out a lot, that's when the one-night-stand guy happened.

We knew each other for a long time.

We were in a party I was supposed to sleep at a friend house let's call Queen Bee(QB), I was nice to her she used to be nice to me, anyway.

That night another friend of mine,Nice Lesbian(NL) asked me to go to the one-night-stand guy and sleep there, she was pursuing QB for a long time she was intending to make a move that night, I accepted be cause I liked NL a lot and knew this was important to her. So I talked to the guy, we already knew each other and we kissed before no big deal at all. That day I was on my period and we just kissed passionately for a while before sleeping.

She was never a serious girl in life, she was always bored of everything since a young age, she never cared and thinks she never will care about anything for more than a week, herself included.The one-night-stand guy has it name for a reason but the other night will be explained further away.


"I saw you today"

"But when I was going to say hi you where no where to be seen"

the guy was a good guy and she didn't want to ignore him

"Yeah,today was a chaotic af,lmao"

They talked a little more and when she got home she said him good bye.

She knew he was really into her, but she was never the one to give her heart, even if the guy was pursuing she for almost 2 years.She was not datable nor stable enough.


She looked at the time and it was time for the pill that helped her to keep going.

It was for her to sleep well,feel less anxious feel less unhappy. It was her lifebuoy.

She took he pill and went to the kitchen ate some instant noodles and went to her bed.

But she wasn't sleepy at all, taking the pill only half helped with her sleeping problems, she had that for way too long to a simple pill to cure it. She got up and smoked a cigarette before heading back to her bed.


She played her mobile games for a while than read some chapters of her favorite novels, she put real money on reading, she loves reading and spend almost a third of her payment on Spirit stones, no regrets after all is one of the thing that are more pleasurable to her, reading novels, writing a novel help her improve her English but reading one helped her getting out of the hell-like life she was in.

She fell sleep after midnight totally forgetting about YBS. YES her memory is that bad.


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