The destined encounter
101 Chapter 35: Heart to heart talks?
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The destined encounter
Author :Encantadia
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101 Chapter 35: Heart to heart talks?

Good day guys! Good news I finally come up with a good schedule for the updates. I hope I will be able to follow this schedule though but I will try my best to keep up with it.

Updates will be on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Starting on Monday.

Thank you to you those who has been supporting this story even though I have been updating less for the pass few weeks now. Thank you thank you thank you.

Happy reading 😊!


Bea tried to reach out to Lance and explained everything but four days after the scandal that tied her from Troy another scandal had broke out and that is her sex tape videos with all her past flings and boyfriend's. Her parents were very furious with all the shame that she has brought with them that's why they didn't allow their daughter to go out of the house but Lance didn't even bother coming to her to check on her. He's not also answering any of her calls. Little did she know that Lance was already settling Lander's custody providing all evidences of the abuse and DNA test testifying that both Bea and Lander are not blood related thus all rights will of the child custody will fall on to Lance who is by far the only blood relative of the boy Lander. Troy on the other hand was punish severely by his father for bring forth shame to their family name. Lance used the scandal to brake all contract that his company has with the Sy's Wich resulted to a great lost on their part.

Aiden was very satisfied with the result of his vengeance. Everyone thought that is was the end but he's just starting. "Someone's happy?" Aiden looked behind and saw both of his father and brother. "Come here give this old man a hug." Aiden didn't wait and just hug his father.

"You got your vengeance so when will the next move be made?" Chairman Miller asked.

"That can wait for now let's not hurry. I'm still preparing for it. Also I want to think of a way I can get close to my son." Aiden remembered what happened a week before where he stayed over in Lance mansion with Lander. It appears that Lander doesn't have any idea on what's happening to his fake mother but also doesn't have any single concern on asking about her.

"So what is your plan with my grandson?" Chairman Miller asked. Ever since learning that Aiden's son is alive he already want to meet his first grandson.

Aiden smile at what his father just said. Although the two are not related by blood Aiden is happy that his father treats his son as his own grandson. "I still don't know Dad, base on Axel Lance is taking care Lander's custody. I was also surprised that he used the DNA obtained from my brother and Lander to prove that the child belongs to both me and him. I don't know since when did he know the truth by if he knew it for some time now then why still marry Bea? Axel's been tailing him but he can't seem to get information behind Lance actions."

"That seems pretty odd but getting your son's custody can be a little tricky. You need to think about this carefully. If you reveal yourself Lance will surely not going to back down on his custody and more importantly I think you will loss this if he escalates this to the court. If I had known that your child is alive I wouldn't go to the extent to reconstructing your face and falsifying your identity." Aiden can see regrets on his father's eyes.

"Dad don't blame yourself, you just want to give me a chance to new life far from that life I live before. I don't regret it, there is a way I know that for sure." Aiden knows he's at lost if the law will be used against him. Also he doesn't want to live as Liam anymore the identity he has longed abandoned. The only thing he wants from his past is the love of his own child but the problem is he doesn't know how.

"For now I planed on planting Axel inside. Lance is looking for a professional personal body guard for Lander. I'll have him take that job with Axel's caliber I'm pretty sure he'll get hired easily."

"So you plan to observe for the meantime is that it?"

"Yes father, information is vital at this point specially when it seems that there are a lot of things that Lance knows that I do not know. I'm pretty curious of those things that he do knows."


Nash was pretty excited when he came to Adrian's unit. With his is a little box and inside is the gift he worked hard for it may not be perfect but for a first timer like him the results came out pretty nice so he's quite satisfied with it. Adrian didn't asked him to come to the office that day, Adrian didn't told him the reason why but Nash hinted that it was because of today's occasion so he didn't argue and just gladly accepted the day off give to him. When he got inside the unit he saw Adrian in the receiving area, Nash was a little disappointed cause he was expecting a surprise but there are no balloons, flowers, candle light dinner or anything romantic that the new Adrian he knew will do but Nash shake the sad feeling. *Don't be sad with little things what matter is today is a day to celebrate.* He muttered in his head. When Adrian saw him he immidiately point the couch next to him insinuating him to sit. Nash sit he was about to greet Adrian when the Alpha spoke first.

"Nash I think we need to end this." Adrian said in a cold tone.

"What I don't understand?" Nash mind was in confusion.

"To start off this relationship is not real to begin with. We just made a bet me and my friends. I bet that I can be a boyfriend material to you within a one month time. It has been a month since I became your boyfriend that means I won." Adrian drop the bomb on him like it was nothing, like his feelings were nothing, like his love for him were nothing, like he was like a toy who got tossed aside after the owner finally lost interest. Tears wet his face he didn't even know that he start crying.

"Don't be like that, you know there's no way I could fall for you but you foolishly believe me. The fault falls on you for believing me. Doesn't matter by the way I'm getting engage so as early as now we should end this relationship." Adrian was waiting for a slap or Nash hysteria because of the sudden revelation but the Omega just wipe his tears and calmly got up.

"I understand, I have to go home now Sir. I don't want to be late for work tomorrow." Nash left with nothing more to say. Adrian sight after he heard the clicking of the door indicating that the Omega already left his unit. After sometime he noticed the box wrapped in a gift wrapped that Nash left. He took it and read the card. "Happy monthsary Babe, though I know you got our endearment from that character Babe: Pig in the City. I still can't bring myself to get angry with you. I love you. Nash your Babe." Adrian felt the sting in his heart after reading those words but he tried to calm himself down. *It's not like I won't be able to see him anymore. He still works for me so it's ok.*

The next morning Nash didn't came to work the HR told him that Nash was on sick leave. Knowing about what happened Adrian didn't further dig in. He decided to just let Nash get over his broken heart. Days passed and the meeting with his soon to be fiance came and went well but no Nash came to work. Adrian was on his wits end when one week passed but Nash didn't came once to the office to work. He called the Human Resources department to asked for Nash but the Department informed him that the Omega resigned from his position days ago. Adrian was infuriated after hearing that to the extent that he reprimand the staff at the HR Department but the HR head defended that the Omega went directly to the Madam and that his mother gave the approval for the resignation. To begin with it was not Adrian who hired the Omega but it was his mother. He asked for Nash address and without explanation he drive himself to the Omega's house. One of the maids informed him that the Omega was no longer living with his parents and that he left the house days ago. Like a lost kid Adrian drive with no direction. He tried to shake off the thoughts that are running to his head as he drives. He's trying to convince his self that it was a good thing that Nash is no longer around in that way he can finally revert to his old ways and life how it should be or so he thought.

Morning torments him with the anticipation that Nash will be at his kitchen preparing for his breakfast only to find no soul standing in front of his stove. His office became a haunting ground of Nash's memories a ghost that he could hardly escape. Every documents, work, tasks and errands the only name he keeps on mentioning belongs to Nash. His longing for him reached to the point that even those who are working in that place can sense how deep is the hole that the Omega left for their boss. Adrian was still oblivious to his own feelings towards Nash that he still tried to reason out the things that were happening to him was nothing Till his friends showed up in front of the door. Lance, Terrence, Zeejay and Lee together with Dexter.

"Why are you guys here?" Adrian asked as he gave each one a plate to place all the foods that they had brought with them.

"You are asking us that now when you already invited us in? Shouldn't be that you ask us first before you let us in?" Lee complained then he turned his gazed to his spouse. "Here Dexy eat this."

"Zeejay came back and the gang decided to meet just to catch up." Lance explained.

"Well it so happened that the place where we met is near yours." Terrence added.

"So you are telling me that you don't really have much choice and the reason you ended up here is because my place is near?" Adrian tried to clarify if what he heard and understood were right.

"Yep definitely right." Zeejay answered popping the P sound at the end of the word yep.

Adrian can only shake his head, it was really not the right moment for him to be partying with his friends but he can no longer kick them out after inviting them in specially when they have a pregnant man with them. "Lee why is Dexter here? Is it alright for him to be in this kind of place?"

"What do you mean this kind of place?"

"I mean you brought drinks it's not wise to bring someone pregnant when you are drinking." Adrian argued.

"It's alright, we have been spending less time together because of his work but I also don't want him to be deprived of his time with you guys....." Dexter explained.

"I told Dexy to come with us besides my mind and heart wouldn't be at peace if I'm drinking while my Dexy stays all alone with just security and nannies beside him. I won't be able to enjoy the night if I don't bring him with me." Lee finished explaining.

Adrian sighed. "I'll go prepare the guest room Dexter can stay there, pregnant people shouldn't stay up late."

"Thank you." Dexter thanked Adrian for the offer.

Hours later all five of them went drinking except for Dexter who sat there listening to his husband's friends rumbling about their lives.

"I should have faced the situation like a man but I was so selfish. I thought I was the most pitiful person between the two of us cause I was being cage by my family's will but I was wrong. I only used that excuse to justify how coward have I been." Zeejay keep on blaming himself for the lost chance he had to fix everything up.

"That's why I have been telling you before to fix it. Handle the matter with your family first before you come to get him. It might be a gamble cause there's no assurance if he'll accept you but if you really love the person then you must be willing to risk your everything for them." Lee Pat his friends shoulder while making his point about the advice he told him before.

"I envy Derek at least he got some guts following that damn beta."

"Well Derek may have followed the beta to pursue him but I think that man didn't solve the same problem that you also have which is the family issue." Terrence who but in explained Derek's situation.

"But I think Derek will be fine he won't let his family dictate him well that's only base on how I see it to him. I hope I'm not wrong." Lance said.

"So what's your plan Zee?" Zeejay looked at Lee.

"I'll tell my parents the truth about my fake marriage to my contract wife. If they won't accept that I plan to marry the person that I love then I'll have no choice but to brake things of with my family. I have enough money on my own, I have investments on my friends company so even if they interfere with my career the money which I get from those investments will be enough to support and give my future family a decent life. I may not be as rich as it was before but I think I won't be labelled as poor."

"Even if you were cut off from your family business, inheritance and career I don't think those are enough to make you poor you damn ass!" Lee hit Zeejay to his head.

"I know where Nick is, just be good to him this time. If he doesn't really want you back learn how to back off and accept things." Terrence said consoling Zeejay.

"Zee I was really sad that you weren't able to attend my wedding but I was really pissed when you just announced to everyone that my wife is pregnant!" Lee said Complaining when the sudden thought crossed his mind.

"I'm sorry I got Carried away I just want to depend you by telling them about Dexter's pregnancy." Zeejay depends himself and everyone in the room laugh except for Adrian who has been sitting quietly chugging down to his throat glasses of alcohol.

"Hey dude slow down I think you are already drunk." Zeejay try to grab the glass away from Adrian but Adrian lashed out on him when he tried to take away the glass which he's holding.

"I want to drink, this is what you guys came here for right? So let's drink!" Everyone stay in silent and just watch how Adrian drink the glass of Scotch one after another. When Lance finally had enough he took the glass away from Adrian.

"What's you problem?!" Adrian shouted.

"I have problems but right now I think you are the one who has a big problem here so what is it Adrian?" Lance said with a cold voice like commanding him instead of asking.

Adrian laugh loud and everyone looked at him with confusion written on their faces. " You!" Adrian suddenly point his fingers at Lee after his horrifying laugh. "I beat you with that one month bet!" At that moment Lee finally get why Adrian was acting that way. It's not like Lee was not aware even if Adrian doesn't tell him he already knows that Nash is no longer by Adrian's side.


"So you already knew..... I'm sorry Nash for making you the object of our bet....."

"No I do understand. No need for you to tell me sorry cause I know you just wanted to create an opportunity for me. We all know that he won't fall for me in the most natural way and him pretending and acting like a real boyfriend to me can somehow create feelings towards me. Maybe it's really impossible for someone like him to really love me even with creates and manipulated chances such as this but I'm still thankful towards you cause I somehow felt how it was to be loved by someone that I have been in love with. I don't harbor any hatred towards you or him as a matter of fact I am thankful. In the past days I've been alone in my room crying I realized a lot of things and now I finally made up my mind." Nash smile sweetly at him. He grab Lee's hands and gave his sincerest thank you to the man.

"What are you thanking me for?" Lee asked.

"I'll leave the city and move to the country side. I'll probably won't stay there permanently. I decided to travel around the country well not really trave I still need to work maybe I'll go around settle for a while see the beauty that place can offer as I work there and when there's nothing to see then I'll move to another place. I want to explore and see the beauty of our country maybe in that way I can forget and be happy. I may not be beautiful but I love to see beautiful things. Maybe in the future I won't be able to just explore this country maybe I could be given a chance to explore the world who knows maybe I could find that right person for me while doing so. I have saved a lot of money all thanks to my boss's generosity so there will be no worries financially for a while." Lee saw the determination to Nash eyes, he didn't even saw a single regret or anger in his eyes but rather he saw a brilliant light of hope and anticipation for what's next to his life. Right there he realized how strong Nash is. He may still be hurting right now but the Omega refused to succumb to that pain. He didn't used pain as a license to blame others.

"If that's what you want but if ever you encounter any difficulties or problems just don't hesitate to call me." Lee gave his calling card to Nash.

"I will thank you. Basically you are my fairy godfather so if ever I'll encounter any problem I'll just reach out to you." Lee patted Nash's head.

"Ow one more thing please look after my boss. Though it is his future wife's responsibility now but still please look after him."

"How about you who will look after you?" Lee asked.

"I'm strong I can handle myself just fine. I have been looking after myself for a long time now. I think me being ok proves that I have been doing a great just up to now." Lee felt sad about Nash.

"My friend is such a moron." Lee sighed as he whispered.

"What did you said?"

"Nothing I said I'll try to look after him but not to much ny wife might get Jealous if you know what I mean." Nash just laugh at Lee he knows that Dexter doesn't really get jealous on his husband's friends.

End of Flashback.....

"The bet is not yet over." Lee said calmly.

"I broke up with him after a month of being his boyfriend! Would basically I won you bastard." Adrian insisted.

"It's not yet over you moron!" Lee shouted.

"He already resigned from his position. He said he'll go to work but he didn't show up. Then he's gone not even to his own house. It's fine at least there will be no ugly face that will pester me in the morning. give me that!" Adrian snatched the bottle of whiskey that Terrence was holding and drink straight from the bottle.

"It's good but every morning I see him even though he's not there. When I go to work I keep on calling for his name and get disappointed when it was another person who shows up. I tried to find him but I can't find Nash." Adrian rested his face within his palm and soon they saw his shoulders move and faint noises of whimpers as if he was crying.

"He said he will go to work but he didn't came back." Lance got up and move next to Adrian.

"Adrian be honest with us. how do you feel with that boy?"

"I don't know. I just want to see him, I want to taste the food he makes, I want him to go see me whenever I call for him." Adrian said.

"Sounds to me that you love him." Zeejay points out the obvious for his friend who is very oblivious to his own feelings towards the Omega.

"Maybe you have fallen for him." Terrence seconded.

"I'm sure that I'm not!" Adrian gravely disagree with his friends.

"Adrian my man I am the same as you before. I keep on denying things about Nick when it was already obvious to me look at me now. I have made a lot of mistakes and the love of my life has been having a hard time trusting and giving me a chance because I have no balls to admit that I love him. If you don't want to be like me then better sort out your real feelings towards him." Zeejay's statement made Adrian stand up with fear.

"No I won't end up like you!" He pointed his fingers at Zeejay then the memories of that night flooded his mind. Adrian became aware of what happened between him and Nash days after it happened it was true that he has no recollection after he woke up but he eventually remembers it all after a couple of days he just pretended that he didn't have any memories to severe their ties cleanly.

"What if he's pregnant?" He suddenly said out of the blue. "I can't let my child grow up the same as Zee's child. No I can't let that happen...." Lance grab Adrian and covered his mouth to prevent him from spilling more information about his own child.

"Wait what are you saying my child?" Zeejay was now curious and puzzled by the sudden turn of events. Adrian struggle to take down Lance hands away from his mouth.

"Yeah that's right that little devil is your....." Lance hit Adrian on the nape to make him fall asleep.

"Whoops this man is already so drunk that he just says anything that crosses his mind and then suddenly falling asleep just like that." Lance laugh making up excuses. They don't have any intention to keep it a secret from Zeejay is that they deemed that it was not their place to disclose such information to their friends after all it was Nicolas who carried all the burden and responsibilities of raising their child all alone so it is him alone has the right to tell their friends about the existence of their child.

"I'm also have problems you see my wife....." Terrence was just planning to divert Zeejay's attention but the mentioned of his wife quickly shifted their attention shocking it to the core.

"Fuck did he returned?" (Lance)

"How, why, when?!" (Zeejay)

"Tell me you didn't kill him?" (Lee)

All three said simultaneously. "Calm down you three I'll answer your questions one by one. Yes he did returned with out third child."

"Fuck is that child really yours?" Lance asked.

"Thirdy is my child, Uno donated his marrow to him. He's doing good by the way."

"Terrence you have such a big problem but you didn't even bother telling us?! How could you! I thought we are your friends." Lee complained, if they know better Lee would have just wanted to pick up on any gossip there is around.

"Don't be like that I know everyone was having a tough time back then so I didn't have the heart to pour out my own problem and burden to you guys and you know just how I am when I can't handle it I will definitely going to tell it to you guys so it's fine really."

"So what did you do to your wife?" Zeejay asked with all seriousness. When he heard about Chester's cheating he had come to hate his friends wife so it's not very easy for him to hear his friend talking about his old flame like it was nothing.

"Ow that we are back Together." Terrence happily announced that all three of them almost dropped from where they are seated. A lot of questions where asked and Terrence made a lot of answers and explaining to clear his wife's name.

"So you are telling us that you don't have any clue on who might be the person behind all that happened 5 years ago?" Lance asked.

"Yes it was really hard but what matter is Chester is getting better now." Terrence smiled genuinely the kind of smile that says he's in love which they haven't seen for half a decade because of his bitterness towards love.

"How about you Lance?" Terrence asked. "Well first thing I'm not sorry about what happened to Bea. I have been telling you that she's not a good news."

"Well I agree with Terrence. I was really relieve when all those news about her came out at least you won't have to marry her. You can ask Terrence for your son's custody." Lee seconded.

"I don't know much about what happened so I don't have anything to say about it." Zeejay admitted.

"I'm not in particularly sad about what happened as a matter of fact I'm quite relieve. About my son's custody it is currently being taken care of." Lance explained everyone in the room sigh in. relieve after hearing that their friend is ok and was not suffering to any heart breaks.

"Now that I think about it, I think I do have a favor though." Lance told his friends what he found out and the plans that he has to persuade Liam who is currently Aiden Miller. The tattoo he saw on Aiden's fingers proof that Aiden and Liam are one and as for how he ended up as the wife of Chairman Miller's son and with a different face he still has no idea but one thing is clear for him. He will get back what is right fully his.


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