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The World of the God who Watches
Author :Black_and_White
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4 Chapter 3

I woke up back in my room. All I remember is that weird dream. I look around my room and I'm the only one here. The maid isn't even standing near the door to attend to me. "I wonder what where my parents are," I muttered to myself. "Would you like to see." a voice said. I jumped in surprise because I thought was the only one here. "You seem surprised to hear me." it was the same voice from the dream even if I could hear it I couldn't see where it was coming from. It sounded like it was coming from everywhere. "Who are you," I said I was confused and scared.

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"I'm surprised that you remember the dream but not the one who was talking to you inside said dream, I even told you who I was." I was looking around the room for the source of the voice until I found a blur floating in the room. "Well I guess I should reintroduce myself I am the God Who Watches, I see all, Hear all, and Know all." the blur said. I thought the dream was just a dream nothing more nothing less. Just a weird dream. I looked at the back of my hand. What I hoped to be there is the sigil of the God of Swords and Magic.

Instead, it was a glowing black eye. "So that's what it looks like," said the blur with a surprised voice. I don't want this "Take it back!" I yelled at the blur "I don't want it." "No" it replied casually. "Why" I replied frantically "I had told you why but since you haven't faced reality yet I will tell you again, you gods have forsaken you to spread their influence. They want to make church and gov't the same at the cost of what could've been a peaceful life. Now instead the church will be against for every step in your life. From the time you go to school to the time you become the queen of your Kingdom."

"I don't believe you" "It doesn't matter if you believe me or not it's the truth and you will eventually have to face it" the blur replied "It will either be now or later and trust me you don't want it to be later" "What do I do now?" I asked "That's up to you I will not interfere unless it's necessary to help complete my goal. Until then get used to the powers my sigil has given you, goodbye for now." After it said that the blur disappeared as if it never existed in the first place.

I was left alone to my own thoughts.
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    《The World of the God who Watches》