The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
28 The Soul World 2
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The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
Author :xishia
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28 The Soul World 2

"Little Feng, now that we've seen the Mastery Hall, what else is there in the Soul World?"

The small female inquired, walking out the structure and on towards wherever Little Feng led her to.

"We're walking towards the Soul Compound"

"Huh? What's that?"

It didn't take much longer until they both stopped outside another large structure.

"The Soul Compound is a compound building used as a home for all the previous masters of the Soul World. There's also the fields that we use to grow herbs and crops next to it"

'I see, so it's just a house I can use to rest and store things in. Not much to see then..'

"Oh! It also has a bathhouse at the bac- Master! Where are you going?!"

Yang Guifei dashed inside the building, hunting around for the bathhouse. Once she found it, she discarded her clothes to the side and dropped in.


She let out a relaxed sigh as her body slumped into the water. Her laziness began to kick in as her mind erased all plans for the day.

Little Feng finally found the female after chasing after her in a state of confusion and panic. He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw his master sprinting to find the bathhouse!

'Master! What about the rest of the tour!! Wuuwuuu'

"Master! Please stop being lazy! We have to finish the rest of the tour!"

He cried out to her, arms flailing around in a desperate attempt to get her to resume their excursion.

Yang Guifei only waved his concern off telling him,

"Relax, kid. Give me a few more hou- minutes and I'll come out. Let me relax for once ahh.."

She said as she laid her head back against the wooden board behind her. Feeling helpless, Little Feng let out a small sob of defeat and laid on the floor, whilst hugging his knees in an attempt to reassure himself of whatever pride or sanity he had left.

After some time, the female finally got out and dressed once more. Feeling slightly more relaxed and refreshed, she exited the Soul Compound with Little Feng trailing behind her.

"Where to next?"

The small boy looked at his mini timetable that seemingly came out of nowhere.

"Let's see...oh! The next place is a library, it holds a lot of information about the world outside and there are also some other different types of books stored there as well."

He explained, enthusiastically. Yang Guifei turned a blank eye.

"Huh. Not interested."

", well how about the last place? It's the Ten Layered Pagoda"

"Hm, sounds interesting. Let's go see it."

He was forced to break a sweat upon hearing her agreement, yet continued to march forward and led the way once again. 'Master, you only want to avoid anything that requires you to use your energy and focus! Such as the library...Master, why are you so lazy!!'

Soon the two of them stopped at a large Pagoda and like its name, it indeed had ten layers.

"Alright. So what's inside of it exactly?"

Yang Guifei asked. To this, Little Feng was unsure how to answer yet still explained.

"Well, I'm not sure. Actually, the entire Pagoda is sealed except the first and second layers of the Pagoda which my previous masters have managed to open. Apparently, hidden treasures and precious materials are stored there, and the more you advance to the top, the better quality and more heaven-defying items you'll find!"

With a smirk, Yang Guifei let out a small hum in acknowledgment. This seemed like a challenge she was willing to accept! Especially since precious materials and treasures were on the line! It gave her even more reason to conquer the damn thing!

"Interesting! Let me have a look inside. I'll see if I can do something about that third layer"

She hastily entered the Grand Pagoda. Upon entering, her body felt itself being sucked in as if her soul was being fused into the Pagoda itself.

Blinking a few times, she noticed that her surroundings had changed. Inside she was surrounded by boxes upon boxes filled with unknown articles and shelves stacked with various books. There was a staircase leading to a higher floor which Yang Guifei concluded to be the second layer.

The female walked around, examining the area around her. She opened some of the boxes, noticing that most were half to almost empty. 'Tch. Damn bastards, couldn't even save some of the loot for me!'

She mentally cursed. If anything, there was nothing useful to her there. Anything remotely good was probably already taken.

Sighing, she made her way towards the staircase, hoping that there was at least something good left in the second layer.

Signing once again, this time in disappointment. It was the same for the second layer as well. 'Sh*t! They really don't hold back, do they! Ugh so much for being generous..'

"How to unlock the third layer...hmm"

She rubbed her chin in thought. She went up the staircase before she was violently thrown back by a wild force. The force was so strong that she coughed out a trail of blood.

"F"*ck! What the hell...?! "

She cursed loudly, spitting out the blood in her mouth, and wiping her lips.

"If that doesn't scream 'No Entry' then I don't know what does"

Yang Guifei stood back up, dusting her clothes. The female groaned from the lingering pain. She stared at the staircase, trying to come up with theories as to why she was denied access.

"Maybe because my spiritual rank was too low? A possibility, but I'll never know unless I rank up more. Only then will my theory be plausible..."

Deciding that she had enough investigating the Pagoda, she descended the staircase to the first layer and exited through the same door she appeared from. Outside stood Little Feng, patiently waiting for her return, as he kicked a small pebble around in a circle.

Upon seeing her figure exit the structure, the boy's face lit up,

"Master! how did things go?"

Yang Guifei walked to stand in front of the child, a hand rubbing her neck in clear disappointment.

"Not too well, I don't think I can enter the third layer until I raise my Spiritual rank. And all your old bastard masters left nothing for me to even salvage."

she let out a frustrated sigh, annoyed with the outcome of her search. It seemed like the heavens weren't on her side today.

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    《The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!》