The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
24 Secret Ring 2
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The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
Author :xishia
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24 Secret Ring 2

Upon closer expectation, the box was patterned with strange winged creatures alongside unrecognizable symbols and lettering. To her, it was a style similar to that of hieroglyphics. The entire box was polished and made from a gold material, which greatly reflected the burning fire that surrounded her.

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All in all, Yang Guifei was curious to see the contents of the said box. Whether it be for the good or the worse, whatever was inside would determine that for her.

Hovering her small hands over, she carefully unclasped the lock and began to open it. Almost immediately, she was blinded by a radiating light, causing her to shut and shield her eyes.

Seconds passed and when she peeked through her eyes, Yang Guifei no longer found herself in the fiery room, but instead, she stood on a plain of grass. She blinked a couple of times, even rubbed her eyes to check that all was not but a dream.

There she stood, seemingly outside in a large field of grass. It was no longer night, but instead a bright sunny day. Yang Guifei was relieved that she didn't die, nor did she accidentally unleash a sea of destruction and death to the world.

Too busy feeling relieved, she failed to notice the small figure below her. With a few harsh tugs, Yang Guifei looked down, startled. Below, holding onto her clothes was a small child!

Instinctively, Yang Guifei immediately back away, sweat forming and dripping down to her neck. ' ?! ' Her face paled and her mind was cluttered with her inner screaming.

Yang Guifei was never good with children back in her old world, neither was she fond of them. The realm of children was something she never wanted to step into ever again. They made her uncomfortable and that was enough for her to not want to associate herself with them any longer.

Seeing that Yang Guifei wasn't going to say anything anytime soon, the small child began to cry.

"Wuuuuwuuuwuuu !! Please don't ignore me ! ! Wuuwuu I used up a lot of energy to call you over wuuwuu"

Yang Guifei nervously stared at the child, unsure of what to do. She debated over what to give to the child, money or her soul.

"Hey..hey... Please don't cry?"

The child instantly stopped and stared up at the girl with round eyes. He raised his small arms and latched onto Yang Guifei's left leg. The child rubbed his wet eyes onto her clothes and sniffled.

"C-Can you not do that...?"

She quietly pleaded to the child. Unfortunately, the child did not take that well and began tearing up once again. Yang Guifei was truly defeated at that moment. 'Why are you crying? I should be the one crying right now!!'

"Do you not like me? Wuuwuu please don't abandon me !! wuwuu"

Yang Guifei awkwardly bent over and pet the child. However, it looked more like she was petting a dog rather than a child.

"There, there... I won't abandon you... Please stop crying now"

She forced a smile, trying to comfort the little kid, her body stiff and sweaty. Without a second thought, the child stopped crying and began smiling excitedly. Yang Guifei hadn't noticed before because of all the distractions, but the child who clung to her feet had strikingly red hair with black roots. His wild hair was complemented with a pair of golden eyes, everything about the small boy was unusual. Especially those...wings?!

The female's eyes stared intensely at the wings that stuck out of the boy's back. From an outsider's perspective, it would seem as if Yang Guifei was glaring at the young male but that was only because of her stone-cold face. Said child couldn't help but shiver from the so-called glare the female was giving out. In reality, Yang Guifei's jaw was dropping from the shock and confusion. Slowly pointing at the small child, she furrowed her brows.

"Who are you? …and, where am I?"

She slowly spoke, unable to keep her eyes off the mysterious boy. Puffing out his chest, he proudly pointed to himself with one hand, a seemingly smug grin on his face.

"My name is Little Feng! And I'm a descendant of the great Ancient Phoenix clan! I may still be young, but I'm the mightiest and the top predator when it comes down to the beast hierarchy !!"

Yang Guifei held back from rolling her eyes at his worlds. Mightiest? You were crying your eyes out a moment ago...

Little Feng paused, opening one of his eyes to look at Yang Guifei's reaction, to which she gave none. With a pout, he continued.

"This is a world that exists along with me, it's called the soul world! Think of it as a separate world from the outside"

The female stopped listening to ponder. She had accepted that this world she had transmigrated to was something straight out of the fantasy genre. Especially now that she had met Little Feng, who was ANYTHING but normal. But looking back at it now, she would still need time to adjust to this type of environment.

"Right, so why am I here?"

She questioned, crossing her arms and raising a brow.

"Well, since the Fire Jade Ring chose you as it's master! Naturally, you would also be my master! This soul world belongs to you too"

With the mentioning of a ring, the female's eyes shifted down to her petite hands, where a thin jade ring laced with patterns of flames laid wrapped around her left middle finger. She held her hand up to have a closer inspection of it, wondering how it got there in the first place.

"Now that the soul world belongs to you, you can do whatever you want with it!"

Little Feng cheered.

"The environment is much richer here than the outside world, so if you grow anything here the quality will be ten times better!! Not to mention, cultivation will be much faster since the spiritual energy is extremely dense."

"Ah, so you're my cheat huh?"

Yang Guifei commented. The male pretended he didn't hear that. Little Feng gasped, realizing something. He looked up at the female with sparkling eyes.

"That reminds me...what spiritual rank are you, master?"

The small boy looked at her in anticipation. Now that he had mentioned it, Yang Guifei wasn't sure. She skipped the whole cultivation section from her memories when she was looking through them. She took a moment to skim through her memories before replying.

"...I can't cultivate"

In conclusion, her body was a waste and since she wasn't able to cultivate, it ultimately made her worthless. In a world where power was everything and cultivation being the key to that power, it was no wonder the original host died so young.

The original 'Yang Guifei' of this body came from a strong family but when it was discovered that she couldn't cultivate, she was deemed useless and thus left to rot. Even her doting father couldn't do much in that situation. She was the center of humiliation, members from other clans and hers too would bully her relentlessly. The current Yang Guifei had already agreed on avenging herself, but with her body in such a was hopeless.
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    《The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!》