The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
22 Reincarnation, But At What Cost?
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The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
Author :xishia
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22 Reincarnation, But At What Cost?

Yang Guifei gasped awake, vision hazy and her head pounding like crazy. Immediately, a sharp pain shot through her lower abdomen. Confusion laced her mind, her body was slowly acknowledging the pain and god was it awful.


Yang Guifei was utterly bewildered. A moment ago she was shot, and was 100% sure with herself that she had died. But it seems like that wasn't the case anymore.

Her eyes shifted down at her lower abdomen, though she was unable to see clearly, she was able to tell that it was bleeding. Bad. Wait hold on. She was shot in the chest, why was she bleeding out her abdomen. Who thought this was a good idea?! Shot in the chest or bleeding from the abdomen, what different does it make?? I'm still suffering either way!!

"Sh*t! What did I do to deserve this?! Wait where am I?"

She examined her surroundings, but couldn't make out any solid figures in detail. The sky was pitch black and the stars had been staring at her. She couldn't help but be anxious and sweat.

"It's night...fantastic."

Struggling, Yang Guifei pushed herself up. It was only then did she realise how weak her body was, she wasn't even able to stand up straight! She cursed as she stumbled and almost lost her balance until she latched onto a nearby tree for support.

Her sweating began to increase as a growing pain started to form in her head. Something was coming back to her. Groaning, She gripped her hair and bent down as the pain became more agonising by the second. Without a seconds notice, a flood of unknown memories crammed itself into Yang Guifei. Her body leaned against the tree. Her breathing was harsh and she couldn't help but pause for a minute or two to take everything in.

"What the hell.."

With furrowed brows and her mouth agape, she stared at her palms in pure astonishment and frustration.

"What the hell !!"

She repeated once again but with more anger. Yang Guifei clenched her fists tightly, nails digging into her skin.

"This...this body isn't mine! This life isn't even mine! What the hell ?!"

Her composure crumbled and her patience ran thin.

She knew now. She knew everything. Everything that happened to her, her situation before and now. It kinda made sense.

"I transmigrated."

She spoke out loud, mainly to herself. Though nobody was around her to hear anyways. Alas, Yang Guifei didn't know if she wanted to laugh or cry. Escaped a bad situation but now stuck in an even worse one.

She looked through her new found memories, looked back when she was first born to when she was 7 to now where she's 14. And to basically summarise her entire life. It was sh*t.

Mother died, grew up with a naive and clueless father, step mother and half sister were complete a**holes to her, abused and treated worse than a slave, they attempted to murder her which leads her to her death and where Yang Guifei steps in.

Although those memories didn't belong to Yang Guifei, they belonged to the body she was in and therefore experienced everything the previous owner went through. In a way, Yang Guifei could understand how distraught and miserable this girl would have been, and she pitied her.

Yang Guifei released a large sigh as she pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Why do I somehow feel like the main protagonist of some novel..."

"Well...Since I'll be living my life out in this body from now on. I might as well extract some sort of revenge. It's the least I can do for this girl to rest in peace."

Yang Guifei thought on it, it wasn't a bad idea. I mean, what else was she going to do? Sure she could go out and start a new life and live peaceful, secluded life. But where was the fun in that?

Ever since she was a child in her past life, she had been nothing but pampered and exposed to the dangerous world of the yakuza. Her father had also warned her nonestop about showing any sign of emotion.

'Don't show the enemies your emotions. Your emotions often reflect your thoughts and you should never let the enemies gain the upper hand and use that as an advantage against you.'

Was what he said. And as a way to do so, she spend a good chunk of her life forcing herself to be nonchalant. Which inevitably led to her bad case of resting b**ch face.

To put it short, Yang Guifei simply wanted to be more involved in things. She wanted more action, more adventure. To face the enemies head on. Which contradicted her personality. Lazy. Very lazy. Maybe TOO laz-

"I'm not lazy."



Yang Guifei never really liked to get her hands dirty, she prioritised conserving her energy unless absolutely necessary. Her nonchalant facade slowly turned her into such an indolent person, so much so she deemed being active 'a hassle' or 'too troublesome'.


Nevertheless, back to the topic at hand, Yang Guifei ruled out the option of living quietly in seclusion. She decided that she'd think about the subject later. But first. She needed to sort out her wound. It was fairly deep, and it needed to be treated soon, or else the chance of infection and death was high.

Yang Guifei frowned, clearly unhappy with her situation. Seeking shelter and some sort of medical treatment was her number one priority at the moment. However, judging by just her surrounding area, it appeared to her that she was in a forest. And exactly where the hell would you expect to find medical treatment in a forest?!

"It would be so cliché if there was a cabin not too far from here with medical supplies for me to use. That's too easy and silly."
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Yang Guifei activated an old technique she learned when training to be her father's successor, Eyes Beyond! A skill in which enhances the distance the user can see. Think of it as a mini telescope, except it's your eyes.

Her eyes slightly expanded as she turned her head left and right, looking out into the forest.

Her eyes quickly landed on a large black structure. Though she couldn't make it out exactly, she knew what it was. A cabin!


With a heavy heart, she slowly made her way towards the direction of the cabin, clutching onto the wound as an attempt to lessen the bleeding. The heavens seemed to pity her current state, as the clouds shifted aside and let the light from the moon direct her path. Yang Guifei could do nothing but suffer in silence.
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    《The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!》