The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
20 Beast Taming Basics
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The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
Author :xishia
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20 Beast Taming Basics

With a bit of asking and wandering around, Yang Guifei made it on time to the beast training grounds. Upon entering, there were already quite a few number of people there waiting. Among the crowd, she spotted Li Cheng, but decided to ignore him for the time being. Yang Guifei stood at the back, away from everyone else.

A loud clap silenced the chatter, all heads turning to the front where Elder Lian stood. A graceful smile welcomed everyone.

"well done to everyone here for passing and joining Ziyou Academy! I also welcome you to my breast taming division!"

A series of thanks and compliments echoed through the air.

"let's begin the first lesson on beast taming."

Everyone seemed to be more focused, their cheerful attitudes died down and became serious, whilst their eyes drilled onto Elder Lian's figure. Each person waiting, eager to hear his next words.

Seeing everyone so keen on learning, Elder Lian thus began his lesson.

"Everyone first must understand the basics of beast taming. This profession is both dangerous and extremely challenging however the benifits you gain outweigh the negatives."

"Beast taming is simply the act of ejecting one's spiritual energy into a spirit beast."

Yang Guifei spoke up, asking a question,

"However there's more to just that, right?"

Li Cheng scoffed under his breath. Answering her comment before Elder Lian could.

"Tsk. Obviously."

"Indeed, Young master."

"There are three different known ways of beast taming. The first one is the most basic and usually the method every beast tamer chooses to develop further."

"the two other ways are more complicated and greatly unrecommended. I will be teaching everyone the first method only."

Everyone nodded, preparing themselves for what he was going to say next. Ready to soak themselves in knowledge.

"like I said before, beast taming is simply the act of ejecting one's spiritual energy into a spirit beast to calm their wild nature. However, the beast also has the choice to accept or reject the spiritual energy. It all depends on your beast tamer rank and the spiritual rank the beast you're trying to tame is. The more powerful you are, the less power the beast will have when rejecting you."

It was simple. The more powerful you are, the more likely you'll succeed. The weaker you are, the more likely the taming will fail. However, since Yang Guifei was only a beginner at this, taming wouldn't be as easy if she used this method. She could alway cheat the system and use Little Feng's aura to overpower a beast into submission, but where was the fun in that?

"Moving onto beast contracts!"

"once you've successfully tamed a spirit beast, you can choose if you want to form a contract with it or give it to someone else to form a contract with."

"There are three forms of contracts to choose from. Each with their own conditions and benifits."

"The first type is the blood binding contract. You and the beast will form a simple contract with binds you two together. However there is no fixed authority in this contract so the beast has it's own free will to do anything and can choose to not follow your orders. The only good thing about this contract is the beast cannot be tamed by another person until you choose to break off the contract."

"The second type is the master and slave contract. This enables you to have full control of the beast, the beast will have no authority nor will it be able to go against any of your orders. The only downfall of this is that anyone else can tame your beast, breaking the contract and then creating their own contract with it."

"The last type is called the soul fusion contract. It fuses the beasts soul with yours, ultimately making you two become one. The two of you are able to feel each others pain and able suffer both the physical and mental injuries. You have more authority over the beast but the beast also has their own free will. The only way to end this contract is if one of you dies."

Yang Guifei realised that she and Little Feng had a soul fusion contract. It made sense to why he had his own free will even after being in a contract with her. And it also explained his previous masters.

Yang Guifei remembered something and quickly asked,

"what are beast tamer ranks?"

Elder Lian perked up and smiled, answering.

"Just like our spiritual ranks, beast tamer ranks are slightly similar to that. They go as follows; Apprentice tamer, Disciple tamer, Master tamer, Grandmaster tamer, Heavenly sage tamer, Grand nascent tamer and Beast Emperor."

"you start as having no ranking and whenever you develop your chosen method to its next level, only then can you move up a rank and start taming a beast of a higher rank."

Once he had finished talking, he nodded in understanding. Opening his storage ring, many of the same book appeared and fell on the floor in a neat pile.

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" I've told you the basics of beast taming. These books here have everything I said in them in case you've forgotten anything. Take and study them in your own time."

A disciple came began to hand out the books. Upon getting the book, Yang Guifei opened and flipped through it once more. She took in the knowledge like a sponge and after quickly reading, she placed it back inside her soul world.

With a clap of his hands, Elder Lian smiled brightly.

"I want everyone to head back to their dorms to study this book! After an hour, come back and we'll begin actually taming a beast!"

Everyone seemed to be more excited now! They all cheered and gave their thanks to Elder Lian before hurriedly going back to their forms to study. Yang Guifei also began to make her way back.

A pair of cold eyes stared at her back, and Yang Guifei knew exactly who it belonged to.

Li Cheng.
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    《The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!》