The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
18 Living Compound
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The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
Author :xishia
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18 Living Compound

Grandmaster Dai nodded. Everyone had now chosen their desired divisions.

"excellent! Since you've joined this academy, you'll naturally be moved to live in the dormitory compounds here. That is until you've mastered your cultivation skills."

Yang Guifei shifted her attention back to grandmaster Dai, thinking about her previous thought of him. She took one final examination of his entire figure and hummed in understanding.

Grandmaster Dai continued to talk.

" since you're the first batch of disciples this year, I'll split your group in half, so now there will be four people in one compound."

"lets see..."

Grandmaster Dai stroked his chin in thought before pointing at Yang Guifei, Hao Xinyue, Li Cheng and Zhao Feiyan.

"you four will be the first group, whilst the other four will be another group. Am I clear?"

The four looked at each other, all with mixed feelings.

Yang Guifei said nothing. It reminded her of her old days, back when she was studying medicine, she had to share a room with someone else in the university. It was quite nostalgic.

Hao Xinyue's previous unhappiness disappeared and he was now delighted.

"hear that, little Yue? We'll kinda be like roommates ha ha!"

A small smile graced her face, she felt a warm feeling, similar to one she would feel when being with her teammates in the yakuza. But it soon left her, once she reminisced about her previous life.

So it really is like this, huh?

The past is the past now, and there's no point feeling sadness. I'll create a new and better life in this world...

Yang Guifei responded to Hao Xinyue's words.

"I suppose so."

Soon, a disciple came and led the two groups away to where they would be living for the meantime.

To say the least, the academy really did live up to being called number one. Each compound had small building which housed each disciple and a main building which held the kitchen and living room quarters. The interior and exterior of the compound was quite rich with its design and the place seemed to be fit for those of nobility. Seemed like the academy really did care for their students!

The four of them each claimed a small building of their own. Hao Xinyue taking the one next to Yang Guifei and Li Cheng taking the one farthest away from the other three. Zhao Feiyan somehow got stuck in the middle.

Her residence had all that was necessary. A bedroom, bathroom, windows, table, chair and a few shelves and vases for storage. It was a nice sight, the rooms weren't too big nor too small. It was decent and seemed comfortable enough for her.

There was a knock on her door and she went to take it, wondering who it could be.

It was Elder Lian! He held a smile to his face as Yang Guifei greeted him.

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"Greetings to Great Elder Lian"

"No need! No need! I may have a higher title then you but you are nonetheless a disciple of my division! Formalities are not needed!"

He gave a heartful laugh. Yang Guifei simply nodded, before questioning him.

"May I ask why you are here?"

Elder Lian took out a jade pendant from his storage ring and held it out to Yang Guifei.

"This is a jade pendant representing my beast taming division. Everyone of the division receives one, to signify which division they belong to among the academy."

Accepting the jade pendant, she noticed the characters for beast taming carved onto the jade. She gave a small thank you.

"Since you are also in the same compound as Li Cheng, can you give this one to him as well?"

He pulled out another identical one, Yang Guifei taking it with a nod.

"Now. The tests should be done by now, head over to the beast training grounds in about an hour. You'll have your first lessons then. Inform Li Cheng as well"

Yang Guifei simply nodded. Satisfied, Elder Lian left with a flick of his sleeve, leaving the young girl standing in the middle of her door.

Pondering, she recalled that Li Cheng had taken the building at the end of the compound. She made her way there.

Standing infront of his room, she lightly knocked on it before hearing a stern 'who is it'.

"Pan Yue. I've come to give you something from Elder Lian"

There was a small pause after announcing her arrival. Heavy footsteps made their way towards the door before it opened, revealing a disgruntled Li Cheng staring down at her. Yang Guifei took out the jade pendant and held it out to him, he took it with a small 'tch'.

Li Cheng was about to close the door until she suddenly stopped it, deep black eyes staring at him in the eye, which startled him for a second.

"lesson begins in an hour, we're meeting at the beast training grounds."

Her cold voice shot at him, before swiftly letting go of the door and leaving.

If Yang Guifei had looked back, she would have seen the narrowed eyes of Li Cheng staring at her.
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    《The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!》