The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
17 Joining A Division
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The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
Author :xishia
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17 Joining A Division

The atmosphere was tense. Yang Guifei went and stood with Hao Xinyue, the guy went off immediately and her ears were beginning to drop off. Whilst Yang Guifei was standing, she could feel the lingering stares of two people. However she didn't bother to acknowledge them. For now anyways.

The first test was finally done and the second test was halfway through its participants. After seeing that no other further talent were found, the small group Yang Guifei was with were led inside the academy.

They were led by Elder Tao and Elder Song. Elder Song was intimidating to say the least. His aura practically said 'you breathe and you die'. Not the most welcoming but it was still something.

However it did seem fitting for his character. Elder Song specialised in Armament making. He created weapons used in battle and war, and his personality reflected on that. You'd think he was a general if not for his identity as an Elder in this academy.

The group stopped at the entrance to a grand hall. Elder Tao and Elder Song went in first. Hao Xinyue and Yang Guifei looked at each other before entering as well, the rest of the group following behind them.

The first thing that caught her eye was how spacious the room was. The ceiling was raised extremely high, dragon patterns laced the walls of the room. Stone sculptures and carvings filled each empty corner with personality. It was truly a sight to behold.

However the most grand sight was what was in the middle. A large jade table laid perfectly circular in the middle of the room. Five metal engraved chairs were positioned around said table. The chairs lifting up from the ground, the highest point being the chair in the middle. This structure created a triangular shape.

Sitting on the chairs were five men, some looked old with white hairs whilst others managed to maintain their youth. Yang Guifei spotted Elder Tao on the far left whilst Elder Song sat two chairs away from him, second last to the right. The rest of them she was unfamiliar with.

"congratulations on being promoted to the academy."

A loud imposing voice echoed out. Yang Guifei looked up, the face came from the man in the middle. The man had soft wrinkles in his face, his eyes held the presence of a leader. However something felt off, she narrowed her eyes, examining him.

" I am the head of this academy, the grandmaster. You shall refer to me as grandmaster Dai."

The small group nodded, all of them cupping their hands and greeting him.

"Greetings to grandmaster Dai!"

"you have been taken here to determine your place in the academy. The Elders here will decide which one of you they want as a disciple."

Grandmaster Dai turned to face all the elders on both sides, gesturing to them.

Elder Tao stood first, gazing at the small group with a smile.

"I am Elder Tao, I run the physician division"

He sat down and the person next to him stood up,

"I am Elder Guo of the alchemist division"

The man had a calm demeanor. He wore a hat that covered his hair and a long black beard rested on the ends of his chin. He gave a small nod of acknowledgement towards Yang Guifei's group before sitting down.

It skipped to the right side of the grandmaster and Elder Song stood up, arms behind his back as he stared down.

"Elder Song, armament division."

He kept his introduction short. Elder Song sat back down, and the last person stood up.

"Greetings. Elder Lian, I'm the head of the beast taming division"

Elder Lian looked young, maybe too young... He seemed like he was the same age as Hao Xinyue. Elder Lian had an attractive face, like a graceful Swan upon a calm pond. His long black hair was half tied up into a bun and half loose. He looked elegant. Opposite to what he specialised in.

Beast taming was a dangerous and exhausting profession. Most beast tamers were aggressive in nature and were physically intimidating. However, Elder Lian was very delicate looking, but Yang Guifei wasn't one to judge...

All the introductions were over with and the group was then all asked a question.

"which division are you most interested in joining?"

It was a simple question. Hao Xinyue already knew that he would be picking the armament division. But Yang Guifei was still pondering. She wanted to get stronger fast. Now which division would be most helpful for her development? She weighed her opinions, each with pros and cons.

She was still thinking when Little Feng's voice appeared in her head.

"Master! You should choose beast taming!"

'huh? What would beast taming help accomplish?'

She asked, puzzled with why little Feng would recommend beast taming.

"please trust me Master! Beast taming will bring you special benefits and will help you become strong faster!"

Seeing how little Feng had much more knowledge of how the world functioned, Yang Guifei decided to go with his recommendation. Although little Feng was annoying sometimes and often cries for no reason, he still had much much more knowledge than she did. His informative characteristic was what made him, him. Just minus the common sense. You get little Feng!

Hao Xinyue being the most confident with his answer, he went up first to reply.

"I wish to enter Elder Song's armament division!"

Elder Song examined the boy. Considering his metal and earth attributes, armament making would be perfect for him. Thus, he nodded to his request.


Up next went Zhao Feiyan, the beautiful fairy. She walked gracefully to the front, near where Hao Xinyue stood.

"I wish to join Elder Tao's physician division"

She grinned proudly. Elder Tao nodded in approvement.


Li Cheng, the one who possessed duel attributes, wind and ice, went next.

His eyes were soft and his body was rather relaxed.

"Elder Lian's beast taming division."

Ah. Why did he remind her of Elder Song...Yang Guifei couldn't help but wonder. People's family tree were really big...seemed like everyone was related..

Elder Lian only smiled and nodded,


A few others went up next too, and the only one left was Yang Guifei. All the Elder's attention seemed to be on her now. Hao Xinyue hoped that she would join the armament division too, so he wouldn't be lonley.

Li Cheng glanced at the small female, before looking away and closing his eyes. Zhao Feiyan stared at her, as if she was trying to burn holes through her body.

The small female, disguised as a male, stepped up. She looked directly at Elder Lian.

"I wish to join Elder Lian's beast taming division."

Elder Lian was surprised, he didn't expect to be chosen. All the other Elders couldn't help but sigh. They lost a genius to the beast taming division... Two to be exact!

Li Cheng opened his eyes and looked at Yang Guifei again. However the stare lingered.

Elder Lian laughed in joy,

"of course! approved!"

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Hao Xinyue felt defeated. He was sad that she didn't join him.

"Little Yue! Why didn't you join the armament division with me?"

He could only pout, like a kid who didn't get what they wanted. Yang Guifei felt her lips twitch. Was this guy some sort of child?

"I chose what's most beneficial for me."

She simply stated, crossing her arms.
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    《The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!》