The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
16 Legendary Attribute!
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The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
Author :xishia
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16 Legendary Attribute!

Soon enough, the first test had already begun. The lines moved surprisingly quickly. So far there had only been four or five people with eye-catching innate talent, who had been instantly promoted to the academy. Most weren't bad but it didn't seem like it was enough to the academy people.

Yang Guifei could sense that Hao Xinyue was getting more and more excited and hyper. She wasn't sure what gave it away, the big smile on his face or the fact that the guy was practically shaking in his shoes. Once or twice she was ready to ask him if he was alright. She couldn't help but sigh.

The line she was in was starting to shorten down, one by one. Suddenly, a voice cried out from the front.

"dual sub attributes!! I can't believe it!! Ice and wind attributes!! Two elements from the sub branch is extremely rare!!"

Whispers and chatter broke out immediately.

"how lucky and blessed!"

"what good fortune!"

"they must come from a good family clan!"

At the front, a tall male blankly looked at the spiritual crystal infront of him displaying the results people were discussing about currently.

"you've proven to have done extremely well on the first test, therefore you'll be promoted to the academy immediately! Please join the others there"

The disciple who managed his test congratulated him and instructed him to join the rest of the gifted people. He couldn't help but envy him.

Just then, another cry emerged from the far left line.

"oh my goodness! Water and ice Attributes!!"

"I envy them!! Such a perfect duo for manipulating water!"

"look at the user! She looks like a fairy!! Maybe she's a snow goddess?"

There a beautiful woman calmly nodded at her results, feeling pleased.

Hao Xinyue turned to face Yang Guifei, his eyes sparkling.

"Little Yue! There are so many people here with amazing innate talent! I wanna be praised too!! How do you think you'll do in the test?"

Yang Guifei shrugged, feeling awfully lazy since she was doing nothing in the line.

"I'll do just as well as everybody else"

Hao Xinyue didn't understand her bluntness but nodded nonetheless. After those two outbreaks, there has been none so far. The sun had just began to go down as well, signaling the change in time.

Hao Xinyue finally went up to the spiritual crystal. A grin plastered on his cheeky face. Lifting his hands, he hovered them above the crystal before releasing a flow of spiritual energy into it. The spiritual crystal clouded up before shining both brown and golden.

The person behind Yang Guifei was second in line, and had watched the whole ordeal. He couldn't help but shout,

"earth and metal attributes!!"

"huh?! That's perfect for cultivating in the armaments field!!"

"wow! So many talents are here!"

Hao Xinyue looked at Yang Guifei and grinned wider.

"Little Yue! Little Yue! Did you see that?? Look how cool I am!"

He gave a proud laugh. Yang Guifei simply gave him a thumbs up. She felt happiness for him. Hao Xinyue moved and went to join the rest of the talented.

Yang Guifei was then called up front. She did lifted her hand and released spiritual energy, however she held back the light and dark energies and only allowed the fire and lightning ones to go.

The crystal once again clouded, then shined a bright red and yellow. Seeing the results, the disciple's eyes almost shot out. He wanted to say something but choked on his words. The disciple left Yang Guifei standing there and quickly made his way to one of the Elders the closest one being Elder Tao.

Yang Guifei furrowed her eyebrows, staring at the direction the disciple fled to. The man who was behind her in the line saw this and began to laugh, which attracted many people around him.

"Little boy, I bet that after seeing your useless results, the disciple ran off to Elder Tao to kick you out!"

Some other people joined in the laughter, Hao Xinyue couldn't help but feel angry! Those people were bullying Little Yue! He always looked skinny and delicate, he can't fight back! Such nasty people picking on him!

Yang Guifei simply glanced at him and turned back. Hao Xinyue was about to defend Yang Guifei, however was interrupted when the disciple came back! And next to him was Elder Tao!!

The commotion died down when seeing the arrival of the Elder. Yang Guifei looked at the older man, before cupping her hands and slightly bowing.

"Greetings to Elder Tao"

She greeted the man out of respect for being an Elder at the Academy. Said man only chuckled. He carried an aura of benevolence, different from what you'd expect from an Elder.

The disciple pointed at Yang Guifei and looked at the Elder,

"Elder Tao, this is the boy!"

The man behind Yang Guifei smirked, he was right! They were going to kick him out for sure!

Hao Xinyue spoke up,

"great Elder Tao! Please spare Little Yue! Even though he may not have innate talent, I can feel he has a kind heart!"

Yang Guifei deadpanned. Please don't use that awful nickname to refer to me when talking to others...

Elder Tao was shocked at his proclamation, before laughing loudly, one full of joy.

"if I were to kick him out, then I am simply a fool to get rid of such incredible talent!"

"I understand, Elder Tao! He may not have what you require but-"


"wait what"

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Hao Xinyue was confused. He was ready to defend Yang Guifei but... Did Elder Tao just call him an incredible talent? What was happening? Even the man behind Yang Guifei was startled.

"c-could you expand on that, please?"

Elder Tao faced Yang Guifei, showing a gentle smile. Usually men of high statues would abuse their power and were arrogant, however Elder Tao didn't display any of that.

"young master, my disciple has enlightened me of your test results. I am extremely baffled by your presence! To think I would meet someone who possessed a legendary attribute!"

. . . .


upon hearing the mention of a legendary attribute, all eyes were on their small group. The beautiful fairy with water and Ice attributes along with the calm male with the ice and wind attributes turned to face Yang Guifei. Even Elder Song looked.

A Legendary attribute...!!

This was simply too much!! It was already a blessing for one to receive an element from the sub branch but the chances of gaining one from the legendary... Was too heaven defying!

Seeing that all the attention was on her, Yang Guifei could only frown in unhappiness.

The man behind Yang Guifei coughed, he quietly raised his hand.

"m-may the disciple enlighten us with his test results?"

The disciple came to a realisation.

"oh! This young master displayed fire and lightning attributes!"

The man coughed again, holding back the blood that he was about to vomit. Damn! So it was like this!

People began to look at him, as if he was an idiot.

Useless talent your father! Do you take us for a fool!! Did you hear what that disciple said! If that's what's considered useless talent, then what does that make us?!

Hao Xinyue's confused eyes slowly began to sparkle! Wow! Who knew little Yue possessed such talent!

"Little Yue!!"

He called out to her. She looked at him, he imitated her gesture from before and gave her a thumbs up along with a cheeky grin.

Yang Guifei only wished to dig a hole and bury herself. She didn't expect that being a legendary attribute user would be THIS big and troublesome. If she knew, she'd rather not have joined the academy.

God, this was so troublesome...
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    《The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!》