The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
15 Determination
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The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
Author :xishia
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15 Determination

Upon arrival, the outside of the academy gate was packed full of many people. Since Ziyou academy was ranked number one, it was to be expected.

Looking closely, at the very front of the gate, there stood a few guards and some academy disciples who came to help with the managing of the test. Infront of them, all the people who came to take the test were lined up, a total of 6 lines next to each other. Each one extending as far as the eye could see.

Hao Xinyue had (finally) stopped talking a moment ago, a grin plasted on his face.

"come one, little Yue! Let's hurry and line up"

The two made their way to a random line to que up. Just then, the academy gate opened, revealing two old looking men. A sudden voice shouted out from the mass array of people.

"look!! It's the famous Elder Tao of the Physician division!"

"dear god, that's Elder Song of the armament division! What a blessed day! "

"what are they doing here? Are they here to oversee the test participants?"

"if I get noticed by one of them, I'm sure to be instantly promoted to the inner sector!! And become a direct disciple under them!"

Yang Guifei couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at all the commotion. It seemed like these two were some kind of big shots around here. Trying to curry favour from them seemed boring and time consuming, thus she was uninterested.

The loud whispers and chatter were silenced by the loud domineering voice of Elder Song.

"everyone please quieten down! I will be now explaining the rules!"
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"first! Absolutely no cheating! Only pure and raw talent is to be displayed!

Second, there will be two tests you all will be required to take in order to deem yourself worthy or unworthy of entering our prestigious academy!

Thirdly, if you are shown to have done extremely well on the first test, you will instantly become a disciple of Ziyou academy and will not be required to do the second test!

Do I make myself clear? "

A series of 'yes's rung out from the large crowd.

Yang Guifei was amused. If one did well in the first test, they would instantly be promoted to enter the academy? Sounded like a dream come true for many. However it all depended on what kind of test they were given as well..

"alright, for the first test, us elders and few of the academy disciples will be carrying it out!"

"You will each be required to place some of your spiritual energy into these spiritual crystals, whatever attributes show, will determine your fate!"

Yang Guifei nodded.

'I see. They're testing to see everyone's attributes. If they have a good set of attributes, they would be promoted. Those with ordinary ones would be less valuable, the second test is only there to group out the hopeless and potentially useful ones without much innate talent..'

She began to ponder her decisions. If she revealed her attributes, she would immediately be the target to many clans. Be it for negative or positive reasons. She found that quite troublesome...

Yang Guifei decided to only display her fire and lighting attributes, hiding her light and dark ones. If she showed all three, it would cause a massive outbreak, showing one was already risky.

"The second test will evaluate your skills! You will be required to display each cultivation skills, all materials are already prepared. If you excel in a certain field, you might be able to join that division in the future!"

However the second test didn't interest her, so she wanted to take the short cut for now.

Hao Xinyue, who was infront of Yang Guifei, was quite excited. He had wanted to prove his worth here at the academy. Hao Xinyue's dream was to become a great armament master, in hopes of gaining the title of successor from his clan. It was something his father wanted from him, before his passing. Looking at his hands, a sense of determination radiated from him.

Yang Guifei looked at the male infront of her, sensing the change in him. Before turning away..
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    《The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!》