The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
14 Annoying Person Magne
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The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
Author :xishia
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14 Annoying Person Magne

The day went by relatively fast and peacefully. It was already the next day, the day Yang Guifei would take the academy acceptance test.

Yang Guifei awoke from her sleep, the sun had yet to reach it's full peak in the sky. She had already left her soul world and was ready to head out. She was still wearing her male disguise and no longer wore the brown cloak.
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Heading out her room, she checked herself out of the Inn and left the building. Few people noticed the female and where shocked at what they saw!

A delicate young male stood outside the entrance of the Inn. Black hair was tied into a male bun. His face looked like it was carved out of a jade, icy cold eyes looked around as if they could look through one's soul. Although his face was gorgeous and appealing, the black robes he wore made him seem unapproachable and mysterious!

This man was Yang Guifei in disguise! She was too busy thinking that she didn't notice the looks of those around her. She was too distracted until a body collided with hers and she heard someone groan.

Turning to face the person he just bumped into, Hao Xinyue was startled! He looked at the boy infront of him, he had never met someone who looked so delicate and beautiful! Especially a boy!

Yang Guifei turned to the person who bumped into her. It was a male! He was taller then her, he had messy hair, however it suited his appearance. His brown eyes looked full of mischief and she could sense a faint troublesome aura from him.

His mischievousness was different from Wang Lei's. Wang Lei was more teasing and shameless whilst his reminded you more of a misbehaving child who lacked common sense. Yang Guifei couldn't help but sweat drop to this...

Finally snapping out of his daze, Hao Xinyue gave a cheeky smile and scratched the back of his head.

"apologies for bumping into you! I wasn't looking where I was going he he!"

She raised a brow at him, observing his behaviour, ignoring his apology.

Hao Xinyue couldn't help but want to warm up to this small guy. His mind was telling him that sticking with him would be fun! Judging by his appearance and coldness, he suspected that Yang Guifei was from some sort of big shot clan or something along those lines.

"say! Is this young master going to try out for Ziyou academy too?"

His bright eyes shined brightly, voice laced with enthusiasm. He somewhat reminded her of a puppy..

Yang Guifei ignored his way of addressing her and she simply nodded to answer his question.

"I am too!! Do you want to go together??"

Hao Xinyue invited Yang Guifei with him. Yang Guifei accepted, besides, she didn't even know which way to go so she might as well use this as an advantage. Hao Xinyue's eyes lit up when she agreed.

The two then set off for Ziyou academy.

"by the way, I'm Hao Xinyue, nice to meet you!! What's the name of this young master?"

Yang Guifei hadn't even thought of a name yet. She paused for a moment before replying,

"Pan Yue"

One couldn't be sure if it was Yang Guifei who was bad at coming up with names or the author...

"alright! Let's be great friends from now on, little Yue!"

Huh?! Little Yue? Your entire family is little Yue!

Irritated by the new nickname, Yang Guifei could only sigh deeply. Also when did she agree to becoming friends with this guy? First it was that vile man, now this guy! Were all men in this world dense?!

They continued to walk and talk, Hao Xinyue talking and Yang Guifei doing the walking.

At least back with Wang Lei, he actually knew when to shut up, this guys has been talking about random things nonstop! Why are you talking about roast chicken now?!

Yang Guifei didn't know if she should cry or...cry!

Were the heavens punishing her? Why did she feel like an annoying person magnet? She couldn't help but contemplate her life..

She could only endure it till the end...

'This will be the death of me'
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    《The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!》