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The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
Author :xishia
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12 The Plan

With the door closed and seeing that nobody was going to disturb her, Yang Guifei entered her soul world.

Little Feng immediately latched onto her leg and cried. His wailing made Yang Guifei uncomfortable.

"Master!! That evil man took advantage of you wuuu wuuwuu"

Little Feng was frightened by Wang Lei's aura. He was so upset when he saw Yang Guifei being taken advantage of! It all happened so fast, and he couldn't do anything!

"Little Feng I'm fine now, don't worry. But can you let go of my leg?"

Yang Guifei comforted him the best way she could. Little Feng reluctantly let go of her.

"Little Feng, I'm here to dicuss something with you"

The little boy nodded and lead her to somewhere they could sit and talk.

"it's like this, I'm sure you've heard the conversation with the merchant. I wish to enter into the academy."

Little Feng tilted his head.

"why, master?"

"I wish to become stronger. They said that the academy is responsible for producing strong people, and I'd like to experience that myself. Although my main goal is to seek revenge and eradicate the poison from my Yang clan, for that I need to become a stronger person!"

The boy nodded, his red hair bouncing with the motion. It was at this moment when Little Feng realised that he didn't know much about his master's background. He took the moment to ask.

" Master, can I ask why you want revenge? I don't know alot about your background.."

Yang Guifei though for a minute before deciding that it would be alright to tell him.

Since she was the owner of the fire jade ring, little Feng was pretty much what most would call a contracted beast. Because of this, Yang Guifei had come to the decision that little Feng was one of her people and someone she would protect.

"Because I ended up being a trash who couldn't cultivate, I was treated poorly by those around me. My father's second wife and her daughter dispised me since I was the embarrassment of the family. The two of them plotted to get rid of me, so they wounded me and left me to die in the forest. Because of all the mistreatment, do I want revenge!"

Little Feng listened intently. At the end he was angry at them for harming his master! It made him even more determined to help her!

" Little Feng do you understand now why I want to become stronger?"

She questioned, petting his wild red hair. The boy looked at her with eyes of determination! He nodded vigorously.

"yes master! Little Feng will help you accomplish your goal!! Once I grow up, I'll get rid of anybody that bullies you!!"

His eyes shined. Yang Guifei couldn't help but find his enthusiasm a bit cute...

Yang Guifei quickly because serious again. Little Feng noticed and became focused.

"Little Feng, is there a way for me to disguise myself as a male?"

Little Feng smiled, a sense of pride growing in him. He puffed out his chest and pointed at the jade ring on her small hand.

"Not only can the fire jade ring help store things, it can also distort and change the appearance of the owner! This can be controlled by a mere thought!"

Yang Guifei was surprised but also impressed. She looked at the ring on her finger, this fire jade was very useful! It was extremely lucky of her to stumble upon that cabin and secret room!

"I see... This function will come in handy in the future."

"Master, why would you want to change your appearance though? Little Feng thinks you're very beautiful already! Are you not satisfied with your looks?"

Yang Guifei simply shook her head and explained.

"I want to enter the academy as a male, in order to hide my true identity in case the Yang clan finds out and tries to kill me again."

He nodded in understanding.

"I'll be leaving now"

Yang Guifei excused herself and left the soul world. With new information at hand, she decided that she needed male clothes.

With her hood up, she left the Inn and made her way to a random clothing shop.

Looking around, she spotted a set of black male robes. Being pleased with her choice, she paid at the counter and left to go back to the Inn to change.

Taking off the cloak she wore and putting the new clothes on, she found them to be quite comfortable. She looked at the ring on her hand and thought about being a male. Within a second, she felt her body change. Taking a mirror out from her soul world, she looked at her appearance. Yang Guifei had to admit, she looked quite attractive as a male!

Little Feng's voice appeared in her head,

"Master! You look like a handsome young scholar!! Everyone will be fooled by you now!"

Yang Guifei agreed. This disguise was perfectly deceiving!

Everything was going smoothly. She had her disguise. She was also confident with passing the academy acceptance test. If they wanted talent, she had it!

It's not everyday you meet a 14 year old who has reached the high stage master rank at a young age, who also possessed all three legendary attributes including one from the main branch.

Definitely not everyday..
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    《The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!》