The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
11 I Don“t Even Know Your Damn Name!
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The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
Author :xishia
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11 I Don“t Even Know Your Damn Name!

Wang Lei frowned slightly. This little girl was quite hard to get! He couldn't wait for the day she finally submitted herself to him. But for now, he'll just wait and play along with her little game.

He released a small chuckle and followed behind her.

Yang Guifei decided that whatever happened a moment ago, didn't happen at all. Little Feng had cried twice already during their ordeal.

The rest of the journey was quiet. It seemed like the spirit beasts hadn't fully moved around yet. When the duo began to reach the end of the forest, the bustling noises of people could finally be heard.

They stood on a pathway that lead towards a large kingdom up ahead. Yang Guifei put her cloak's hood up, covering her face.

Yang Guifei stopped a nearby merchant that was going down the path, hoping to get some information. She was NOT going to ask Wang Lei for anything after their little incident earlier.

"Can you tell me where we are right now?"

The merchant man looked at her confused and surprised, scratching his head.

"huh? You don't know where you are? Are you some kinda country bumpkin?"

He insulted her lack of knowledge, Yang Guifei blankly stared at him. He however decided to explain to her anyway.

"This is the entrence to the Qin kingdom here in the Fire continent. Lots of young cultivators and rich brats are coming here to pass the acceptance test for Ziyou Academy!"

Yang Guifei tilted her head, not understanding the last part. Ziyou Academy?

"what is.. Ziyou Academy?"

She questioned. The merchant gave her a look of disapproval.

"you truly are a country bumpkin! Everyone knows of the prestigious Ziyou Academy! They rank first out of all the academies in all three continents!"

"they produce all the top performing cultivators! With such wide variety of facilities! The Elders there are no joke! Each fraction's elders are known for their specialty in their respective fields."

The merchant began to blabber on and on. Yang Guifei was starting to wonder if Little Feng was about meet a descendant of his...

Not wanting to hear anymore, she walked passed the man and towards the Qin kingdom's gates.


The merchant called out to her, making her look back at him.

"if you're thinking of joining the academy then quit now!"

"and why is that?"

"not just anybody can stroll in through to the academy! They only accept the most talented and the best! If you can't provide that talent, then there's no point in entering. Of course, what would a country bumpkin like yourself know of talent."

Yang Guifei pondered her decisions before ignoring the man and continuing with her walk.

Wang Lei looked at her, smiling.

"are you going to join?"

His smooth voice asked. She didn't look at him, only focusing on the path ahead of her.

"we'll see."

The inside of the Qin Kingdom was very lively. The merchant was right, there were alot of young cultivators here, some were already bragging even though they hadn't taken the test yet.

The worst part about it though was all the attention. On them. More specifically the male next to her. Wang Lei's attractive face had caught the eyes of many, people began to whisper.

"is he a Prince? He probably came here to take the acceptance test for Ziyou Academy!"

"he's so handsome! I wonder which family he comes from.."

"I wonder if my husband will get mad if I brought him home..."

Yang Guifei decided to walk slightly faster to avoid Wang Lei's growing group of fans.

Walking into a nearby shop, she quickly sold the Spirit beast parts and gained a fair amount of gold. Getting directions to an Inn, she made that her next destination.

Yang Guifei booked a room for herself for only a few days, deciding that she wouldn't be staying here for long. Making her way into her room, Wang Lei managed to catch up with her. His golden orbs met with her icy ones, and a smile played on his lips.

"Little girl, it was fun staying with you but I have to leave now."

She looked at him blankly, not knowing what to say to that. She wasn't going to beg him to stay, that's for sure.

"do what you will, it has nothing to do with me"

Wang Lei took the chance. He wrapped his arms around Yang Guifei's small waist, pulling her body closer to his much bigger one. Yang Guifei became flustered as she tried to free herself from his grasp. What was this idiot doing?!

Leaning down, Wang Lei's lips pressed onto soft ones. Before Yang Guifei could react, Wang Lei let go of her.

Did this idiot just kiss her?? She never felt so irritated in her life! But for some reason, she didn't hate the feeling..

"oh! I never knew you could be so bold to initiate a kiss!"

Huh?! It was obviously you who kissed me!

"you should take responsibility of me, okay?"

What do you mean okay!?! Shouldn't you be the one taking responsibility? When did the tables turn onto me?

Yang Guifei was agitated by this vile man once again, she felt like spitting blood at his words.

"take care of yourself, Little girl! Grow up to be strong and healthy for your husband! Don't go flirting with other men, or your husband will have to punish you!"

He looked at her annoyed face, thinking it was cute, a cheeky grin appearing before his body disappeared into a puff of smoke. Yang Guifei couldn't believe her ears! This man! Husband my a**! I don't even know your damn name!

No longer feeling his presence, she felt a bit lonely but she'd never admit that. Closing the door to her room, she felt a headache coming up.
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    《The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!》