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The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
Author :xishia
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10 So Creepy!

Yang Guifei silently walked, passing tree to tree. Wang Lei following closely behind. Their walk so far was surprisingly peaceful. They hadn't encountered any spirit beast since their departure from the cabin.

"hm. I heard that there was some sort of barrier in this forest, which kept the beasts at bay. I wonder if that's why there aren't any spirit beasts"

Wang Lei spoke up, looking around him. Yang Guifei caught on quickly. He must be talking about Little Feng. She suspected that Little Feng's aura must have been quite threatening to all the spirit beasts, considering that he was at the top of the food chain. All the spirit beasts must have gone into hiding and evaded the cabin.

However, now the aura was gone because of her, the spirit beasts should start to pick up on the sudden change and begin to move around the forest.

Yang Guifei was on guard, a spirit beast could launch an attack any minute. No way was she going to lower her guard, not for the beasts nor Wang Lei.

She was still unsure about Wang Lei's presence. Little Feng had warned her about him and his companion. It was certainly not a good idea to let him tag along. Even though he showed no malicious intentions towards her, she wouldn't want to start getting comfortable with him.

The moment she would sense any ill intentions, she will quickly defend herself and flee. She's not dumb enough to go against him. Yang Guifei can only imagine the vast difference in their power, fighting him is only saying that you want to die.

Yang Guifei frowned, this situation was quite unfavourable.

Wang Lei looked at the girl. She looked deep in thought. Her eyes were icy and cold, everything about her seemed distant. Her skin was white as pearl, black locks framing her petite face beautifully, cherry pink lips situated itself onto her delicate face. He'd be lying is he said she wasn't breathtakingly beautiful. She was something he could look at, but never touch. That frustrated him. It was like putting candy infront of a child! Yet never letting the child savour such treat.

Wang Lei smirked, this little girl was so amusing. She aroused his Interest and his instincts told him to follow her, telling him that he would not regret it. He needed to recover some of his strength anyways, so hanging around the little girl wouldn't hurt.

Besides, he wouldn't need to hear the constant nagging of his brother. Just thinking about it send shivers down his spine.

A rustling from the trees quickly alerted both of them. Stopping where they were, Yang Guifei quickly took out her dagger. Wang Lei simply stood by her side.

A large figure emerged from the trees, the ground slightly shaking with every step the beast took. The beast came into view, appearing to be what looked like a large bear, except two pairs of massive horns protruded out of its head accompanied by large canines from its mouth.

The spirit beast let out a large roar, which shook the surrounding trees, Yang Guifei planted her foot firmly down onto the ground and prepared to counter any attack from the beast.

Wang Lei stood back, curious to see what the little girl would do.

"Little girl, that's a high stage grandmaster spirt beast. Do you think you can beat it? If you want help, just call this lord!"

He joyfully called out to her, crossing his arms and smiling.

Yang Guifei ignored him. The spirit beast came closer to her. It pushed itself up on its hind legs and swung its large claws towards her frame. Quickly, she jumped out of the way, the area where she stood previously was destroyed, leaving a small crater.

Gritting her teeth, she clenched the dagger even harder. She had just started her cultivation, however when it came to using her power and strength in this world, she had no experience. The spirit beast in front of her most likely had bounds of fighting experience and in that field, she would lose. No choice, Yang Guifei had to use another technique from her past life. It was the only thing she knew how to properly use at this point.

The beast brang it's arms up and swung once again at Yang Guifei. She let out a deep breath as it came down at her, Wang Lei noticed her body not moving. He tilted his head, hm? What was this little girl planning now? He pondered.

Yang Guifei lifted up her dagger and jumped from her spot. Bringing her blade down, her arm suddenly moved faster than before, becoming a blur in the motion. Her blade sliced at the beast's arm at a rapid speed, moving in multiple direction before she finally jumped back. It was only a few seconds, but it was enough to interest Wang Lei.

As she moved back and landed on the ground, the beasts arm had been completely cut off and landed with a thud. Five Hundred Bullseyes! One of Yang Guifei's blade technique! Five hundred slashes made on a targeted area of the opponent's body. The motion is quick and the opponent hardly feels it until the last second.

Finally noticing what happened, the beast let out a loud cry of anger and pain. Its arm had been cut off clean! Wang Lei chuckled at the whole ordeal. This little girl was simply too amusing! Her technique was very fascinating and Wang Lei couldn't help but grow more fond of the girl.

He decided to help the girl deal with the spirit beast. Lifting his finger a black tainted ice blade formed from the tip of his finger, before flicking it at the spirit beast's shadow.

The beast reacted instantly as blood began to drip out the area where its heart was, before its entire body dropped onto the floor, dead.

Yang Guifei snapped towards his direction, annoyed.

"I didn't need your help."

She coldly stated with narrowed eyes, putting her dagger away. His action immediately set her off. Whatever he did was extremely dangerous and if he used the same technique on her, she was sure that she would be finished too.

Wang Lei merely shrugged, tapping his chin with a devilishly cheeky grin,

"Little girl, I helped you save time dealing with this spirit beast. You want to quickly leave this forest, don't you?"

Yang Guifei furrowed her eyebrows and turned away, not able to put up with him any longer. But mainly to get away from this hazardous man.

She was stopped by Little Feng's voice coming from her consciousness.

"Mistress! Please wait! That spirit beast's body is very valuable! You could sell its parts for a very high price, which can be beneficial for you"

She looked back at the deceased figure on the ground, most of its body was intact. Besides its arm. Little Feng spoke up again,

"you can store living and non-living things inside your fire jade ring! They will be automatically taken to your soul world and I'll store the body!"

Yang Guifei was pleased with this new information, it could be very useful for her in the future...

With a wave of her hand, the spirit beast vanished from the ground, leaving only a small puddle of blood behind. Wang Lei smiled.

"Little girl, you are such a mystery to me"

His golden eyes explored her small frame, a mischievous glint in his eye. He moved closer towards Yang Guifei until he was face to face with the girl. Although he towered over her with his height, he bowed his head to look at her.

"I can't help but want to know more.."

Using his index finger, he lifted her chin up.

This guy...

Is so creepy!

Yang Guifei couldn't help but cringe at his gesture. She was never fond of intimate actions. In her past life, men threw themselves at her. Not for love, but for her father's influence. Being the daughter and successor of a yakuza leader was not the most enjoyable thing. People tried to manipulate you constantly, you were never allowed to lower your guard.

It was a tough world. But Yang Guifei was tougher. She learned resilience and instead of being the one manipulated, SHE would be the one pulling the strings. It was a dog-eat-dog world out there, you'd have to use everything under your sleeve for your own benefit and survival...

In the soul world, Little Feng couldn't help but cry for his mistress.

Yang Guifei frowned. She didn't like two things or in other words, wasn't comfortable with. Children and intimacy. Slapping his hand away from her, she turned and walked away from him with a huff.

"lets hope you don't."
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    《The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!》