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The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
Author :xishia
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Making her way inside, she cautiously opened the door. As soon as it was opened, she caught the eyes of both the men in the room. Two pairs of deep amber orbs glued itself onto Yang Guifei's small figure. She could feel the two staring at her. Stepping further into the room, she folded her arms, reflecting the same gaze back at the two.

The two were both sitting cross legged on the floor, Yang Guifei sighed before talking,

"I'll get straight to the point. I want information. Provide and I'll be in debt to you. If not, I'll ignore you two and leave."

The silver haired male smirked, eyes shining in interest. He placed his chin on the palm of his hand and leaned his body forward, presenting a very laid back attitude.

" oh? Little girl, are you the one who saved us?"

He asked,ignoring her words. His voice was soft like velvet and was pleasing to the ear. Yang Guifei coldly looked upon his figure. Her night like eyes resting on deep gold ones.

" so what if I did? Don't ignore my previous question"

Her words laced with ice. She narrowed her eyes at him, sending a wave of threatening aura. Wang Lei sent a loud roar of laughter in response. He smiled at Yang Guifei.

" Alright, Alright little girl. You said you want information? This lord will help since you saved us."

"Tell me where we are, this area and which way I am able to leave in."

Wang Lei grinned and nodded.

" Currently, we are in the Forest of Endings. This area is full of powerful spirit beasts, I'm surprised you've survived this far considering how high the death rate is here. There are several exit points to this forest. The closest one from here is to the East."

Yang Guifei took in all the information and turned around to leave. Noticing this, Wang Lei immediately called for her,

" Little Girl, where do you think you're going? Are you planning on leaving this forest?"

A demonic smile played on his lips, Yang Guifei stood still, not turning to look at him.

" Do you intend to stop me?"

Her eyes narrowed as she glanced his way. The male released a playful chuckle, eyes full of amusement.

" of course not, however I can sense that your spiritual rank isn't very strong. Would you like me to protect you from the spirit beasts outside?"

She looked at him, eyeing him with suspicion. During this whole conversation, she couldn't sense his power level. Was he hiding it? Yang Guifei was on high alert since she couldn't estimate his exact power.

" I found you half dead in the forest, yet you say you can protect me."

The silver haired male was silent for a moment before bursting out in laughter. Yang Guifei continued to stare. The male gave a devilish smile at her.

" Little girl, I was injured because of other matters, not because of the spirit beasts here. To me, they are like little ants! Come, Little girl! This Lord will protect you! No need to be doubtful"

Yang Guifei only looked at him. Her eyes shifting towards the other male in the room who hadn't spoken at all before she turned to face the entrace of the cabin.

" Do whatever."

None of their affairs concerned her. If he's insisting that he'll protect her, she wouldn't take the blame if he ended up dead. Besides, she'll figure a way out this forest with or without help. She left the cabin, leaving the two males behind.

Wang Lei stood up from the ground. The other male did the same.

"Wang Lei. Why are you protecting that girl? She has no relevance to our matter. If she dies, she dies."

A deep voice suddenly arose. Wang Lei looked at the other with a smile.

" I know. But that little girl is interesting. I can't help it, I want to know more about her. She's unlike the other women back in the middle realm. Don't you feel the same?"

Wang Jian stared at him. Not understanding what his brother was up to. However he had no interest in joining. Wang Jian scoffed.

"Humph, fine. However I will not join you and the girl. I'll continue to investigate with our matter. You can join me when you've had your fun."

He ignored the question. As he said that, his body turned into a cloud of smoke before disappearing. Wang Lei sighed. That brother of his is no fun at all! He shook his head and hurriedly left to catch up with Yang Guifei.
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    《The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!》