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The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
Author :xishia
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Using Eyes Beyond, Yang Guifei scanned the surrounding areas of the cabin. As far as she could see, there was only trees, trees and more trees. Which did not help her in the slightest. She had been outside for the first time in just over four months and she was already disappointed. This situation...was not looking too good. She furrowed her brows and continued walking, not giving up.

After a bit, she noticed two faint shadows in the distance, the more she walked towards it, the more visible it became, to the point where she identified it was two masculine figures. However, when she arrived at the spot, they were unconscious and laying on the ground with multiple injuries to both their bodies.

Yang Guifei looked at the two.


She scoffed.

This was frustrating. She finally found life outside the cabin and next thing you know, they're both dead. Well. Not dead, just unconscious but dead in the eyes of Yang Guifei. A headache started to form and Yang Guifei was left with no other choice. She had to save them.

She grabbed both by their arms and began to slowly drag their body back to the cabin. Slowly, and painfully.

Yang Guifei dumped their body inside and collapsed on the floor, exhausted. This body of hers was truly too impractical. This was too bothersome. She was used to disposing the body, not... Saving it. She entered the soul world, which scared Little Feng, not noticing her presence nor detecting her arrival. Before he could even ask, she walked past him and went straight to the medical room.

Stuffing various pills and herbs in her cloak, she left the soul world once more.

Seeing that the two figures were still unconscious, she sighed. Yang Guifei knelt down and rolled both bodies onto their backs so they were facing the ceiling. Looking up close, she realised they were both male. And extremely handsome! She was a bit startled. Never had she encountered such good looking men before, even men back at her world would pale in comparison to these two alone.

Both had nice skin, sharp features and long lashes. One had long silver hair whilest the other had black. They looked similar, Yang Guifei guessed they must have been related, brothers maybe. Wait, silver hair?! However, thinking back to Little Feng's fiery red hair, she calmed down. Although they were quite attractive, she had no interest in such ordeals.

Taking out the pills and herbs, she stuffed them one by one into the mouths of the two before checking their pulses after a few minutes. She could see the injuries slowly vanishing, however some blood wounds still remained, thus, Yang Guifei took it upon herself to wrap them up, and to prevent any more blood loss.

Cleaning up a bit, she took a step outside to relax and blow off some steam. She felt like she was babysitting the two, it sent a shiver up her spine just thinking about it. Yang Guifei massaged her temples and began to calm down.

A red light began to emit out from her golden ring, and out came Little Feng, slightly sweating. She looked at the boy in confusion.

"Why are you out here?" she asked.

"Mistress! I can sense that those two are dangerous!! Please!! Immediately leave this place!!"

Little Feng sweat more and began to panic. Yang Guifei narrowed her eyes back at the door to the cabin.

Dangerous? She looked back at the small boy, crossing her arms.

"I can't leave just yet, I need information and who knows how long I'll have to wait till the next sign of life appears."

Sighing, another headache was about to arise.

"Listen, Little Feng. If anything bad starts to happen, I'll immediately leave, alright? I'll leave and enter the soul world as quickly as possible! Trust your master! "

Little Feng looked unsure before quickly nodding,

"I-I trust you!! Please come back alive!!!"

He hugged her leg and immediately went back to the soul world. Yang Guifei groaned. She was about to complain to herself before a shuffling notice could be heard from inside the cabin. The two are awake, she thought. Thinking back to the warning, she placed a small dagger into her robe sleeve just in case.
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    《The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!》