The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
7 Through The Trees
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The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
Author :xishia
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7 Through The Trees

Back when Yang Guifei had been given a tour of the soul world by Little Feng, she discovered that the soul world contained various buildings and structures scattered around. There was a small residential area plus a bath house at the back. Different rooms containing foreign objects, while other rooms looked like something you'd see in a blacksmiths shop.

There was also a huge library of books, however she didn't check what types of books, seemingly uninterested in it. There happened to be a room for medicine, piles of pills and ingredients were stocked up in various corners of the room and cabinets were filled to the brim.

Yang Guifei learned that these were all built and collected by Little Feng and his previous masters. It was almost like looking at a museum!

During the time of the tour, Yang Guifei finally got the chance to change her clothes. Thankfully one of Little Feng's previous masters was a female, so Yang Guifei didn't have to wear male clothes. The female clothes were a bit big on the smaller female but it made her look more elegant...

The wound on her abdomen was healed, leaving only a small scar which could easily be covered up.

When Yang Guifei was cleaning herself up, she also saw her appearance for the first time, not much had changed, only she just looked a bit more younger. She maintained her long black hair, pearly brown eyes, soft pale skin and her nice slender figure. Although her previous body was more busty and curvaceous, her current body wasn't so bad either. Though, she found it a bit impractical if she were to do anything physical.

(Time Skip)

"Little Feng."

Yang Guifei called out. Little Feng looked at her in response.

"Yes mistress? What can I do for you?"

He smiled, swinging his legs back and forth while sitting on a chair.

"I'm going to leave the soul world to go look around outside."

She had decided that the only way to move forward in her journey was to begin by exploring the outside world. Now that she could finally cultivate, she now had some kind of way to protect herself. Moreover, she wasn't too sure where she was in the first place, looking around might just help her.

Little Feng looked at her, worried. However there was no point arguing, if the mistress wanted to do something, he'll happily obey. Thus, he nodded and let her be on her way.

Without a second thought, Yang Guifei left and before she knew it, she was standing inside the cabin, back upstairs. When she looked back, the stairway underground seemed to have mysteriously vanish as if it was never there in the first place. Yang Guifei payed no mind.

The sun had risen and the wind was calm. The small female was relaxed as she stood outside the building. The forest looked much better in the day than at night. A brown cloak wrapped around the small girl's shoulders, as she made her way towards the forest, entering and passing through the tall thick trees.
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    《The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!》