The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
6 Spiritual Lesson 2
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The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
Author :xishia
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6 Spiritual Lesson 2

Yang Guifei furrowed her eyebrows. Looking at Little Feng, she said,

"Little Feng... Can you explain the basics of cultivation to me?"

As soon as she spoke, Little Feng snapped out of his hyper state and realised something. His mistress was never taught the fundamental aspects of this world! Thus, he calmed down and nodded.

"This world is full of spiritual energy which is found everywhere in the atmosphere. These energy are key and vital to one's cultivation! Every spiritual energy is grouped into different attributes, and depending on what colour you see, that is your body's core attribute. Those who can cultivate usually only see one colour, however, few who are prodigies are able to see more than one, although it depends on the person how many."

" I see...What types of attributes are there?" Yang Guifei asked.

"There are three main attributes anyone can have. Fire, water and earth. However there are also sub attributes and legendary attributes. Those in the sub category include, ice, wind, metal and wood. Those in Legendary are lighting, light and dark."

Yang Guifei nodded in comprehension, gesturing for him to continue. Little Feng nodded.

"In the world of cultivators, there are 7 spiritual rankings one can obtain. Each having two stages, low stage and high stage. The ranking go in order, apprentice, master, grandmaster, heavenly sage, profound realm, holy deity saint, divine god. The divine God rank is the only rank which does not have a low or high stage, instead it only has a supreme stage. In history so far, there has only been three divine god rank cultivators. You can only wonder how difficult it is to obtain such level of power..."

Yang Guifei narrowed her eyes,

" These three divine god ranks...where are they now? "

Little Feng sighed and furrowed his small brows.

" From what I knew back then, those three have been missing for centuries. Many have said they have died or entered the realm of the divine...however, nobody can be too certain on their whereabouts since nobody has seen what they looked like in the first place."

She hummed, seemingly unsure of something, but pushed the unsettling feeling aside to let Little Feng continue talking.

" These rankings correspond to their respective colours. Yellow, red, green, teal, blue, purple and white. Mistress, this is all the basics of cultivating!"

"I understand now. Thank you, Little Feng. However...why did I become a high stage master instead of an apprentice? I had just recently began to cultivate."

"Oh! This is simply because your body had been obsorbing the spiritual energies! But since you could not use them for cultivation, your body simply stored away the energy. Thus collecting up for years until being used today! Adding onto the fact that the spiritual energy here is more dense, so two times the amount from the outside world!! " Yang Guifei thought his reason was understandable, thus not saying anything else. Little Feng grinned sheepishly, before slowly narrowing his eyes to the ground in thought.

" Mistress, there has been something that I have been meaning to ask of you!"

"Go on" she asked in approval.

" What colour did you see when you were cultivating?"

She thought for a minute, trying to recall what she saw before remembering,

" I happened to see some red, yellow, black and white. Why?"


Little Feng almost spit blood. He was alarmed! And shocked! Speechless? Yes, Absolutely speechless indeed. He continued to stare at her the whites draining from his eyes.

The continuous staring made Yang Guifei uncomfortable, especially since the little boy had not spoken a single word since she responded, she avoided his gaze and furrowed her brows.

Little Feng snapped out of his daze and immediately swallowed the upcoming blood.

"M-M-Mistress!!! Are you sure? Fire?? Lightning?? Dark?? And light?? All three fron the legendary branch?? And one fron the sub branch??"

Little Feng was full of emotions. He had heard of people who had obtained two or three attributes, however those attributes where either from main or sub. None had appeared who had possesed more than one legendary attribute nor four attributes at all!! Yet here was a young girl, who accomplished the unthinkable! This was imply against the heavens!!

Little Feng began to cry. Now it was Yang Guifei's turn to be shocked. She had no idea why he was crying. She felt awkward and stiffly stood there, unknowing what to do to comfort the small child.

"Mistress!! It is possible to attain one attribute from outside the main branch, but the rate of someone obtaining it is low. Especially one from the legendary branch. Mistress, are you even human? Mistress, where you blessed by Buddha himself?? Mistress, are you friends with Buddha??? "

The more and more he talked, the more absurd his accusations were. Yang Guifei realised the reality of her words and furrowed her brows once more. However, Little Feng began to become more ambitious with his words which started to annoy the female.

She grabbed the little boy from the back of his clothes and lifted him up to her eyesight. She narrowed her slender eyes at him and gave a deathly glare, which ultimately shook the boy back into reality. Feeling a chill up his spine, Little Feng shivered and shrink into a ball under Yang Guifei's grasp.
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    《The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!》