The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
5 Spiritual Lesson 1
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The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
Author :xishia
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5 Spiritual Lesson 1

Yang Guifei had rested in her soul world for just a little over four months. During that period, she underwent her treatment to fix her meridians and arteries. However, the issue concerning her sealed soul was left unsolved, neither her or Little Feng understood the meaning behind it, therefore leaving it untouched for now.

Yang Guifei sat with her legs crossed in a meditative state. Her last and final treatment had finished a few hours ago, being slightly impatience, she began trying to cultivate as soon as possible. Little Feng sat with her, worried by his mistress's rash decision.

When Yang Guifei had started to cultivate, she began to sense something in the air which was not there before. She assumed it was the spiritual energy floating around her surroundings.

Within these spiritual energies, she noticed that they were of different colours, being not well educated in cultivation, Yang Guifei chose to ask questions later, not wanting to disturb her meditation.

Spiritual energies around her slowly began to be absorbed by her body. She focused her attention to the newly absorbed energies, carefully guiding them throughout different parts of her body.

In a flash, Yang Guifei's body began to emit an aura, a faint but still noticeable colour of yellow surrounded her frame, before suddenly shifting into a brilliant vivid Red. This lasted for a mere minute, the Red staying the same until the aura slowly died down till it was no longer visible.

The sudden change in her body caused Yang Guifei to immediately open her closed eyes and sweat profusely. Little Feng shot up from his seat on the floor and quickly went to her side for support.

"Mistress!! Are you alright? Shall I bring you something to cool your body down with??"

The cute little boy was quite panicked, he had watched the whole ordeal through and through and was both extremely worried and excited.

She denied the offer and forced herself to calm down, soon enough, she did. Little Feng bought her tea anyway despite the refusal. Yang Guifei was finally tranquil and felt the same as she did last time. However, she felt as if her soul and entire body had somehow gotten stronger and more resistant than before.

Seeing that Yang Guifei was alright, Little Feng lost his worry and began to become excited once more.

"Mistress! Mistress! Congratulations on your breakthroughs! You have successfully become a high stage master!"

He proceeded to cheer and celebrate for his mistress. On the other hand, Yang Guifei was confused. Being born a trash, the people in her residence never bothered to teach her about cultivation, seeing it as a waste of time and efforts. The only thing she knew was how to direct the spiritual energies into her body.

This was based more on human instinct rather than knowledge. Almost all living souls in any realm were born with the instinct to cultivate, the method of cultivating was rooted in the minds of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. Even if that individual was brainless, its body would still react. That was what made them unique.
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    《The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!》