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The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
Author :xishia
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3 Secret Ring 2

Looking over, the box was patterned with weird bird looking creatures, various unrecognisable letterings and runes. Altogether it sparkled in the flaming light. As a woman, Yang Guifei HAD to admit that it was somewhat pretty and appealing to her.

Hovering her small hands over the box, she carefully unclasped the lock and began to open it, until she was blinded by an immense light, causing her to shut and shield her eyes.

Seconds passed by, and when she reopened her eyes, Yang Guifei found herself no longer in the firey room, but instead, she stood on a plain of grass. Confusion made its way to her face, a second ago she was underground, so why all of a sudden was she outside?? And wasn't it night?? Why was it day time?! More and more questions burned through her mind, but all of it was paused when she felt something tug on her clothes.

Looking down, she saw the figure of...a small child?! Yang Guifei was confused to no end, things kept happening to her without any explanation! When the child found that she wasn't going to reply, he started to cry. Huh?

"H-hey...are you lost or something? Why are you crying?..." Yang Guifei uncomfortably asked, she was never good with kids, not in her past life and not in her new one. The boy instantly began to hug her leg, clutching onto it as if his life depended on it.

"wuuuwuuu please don't abandon Little Feng, master!!! I used alot of energy to call out to you, please don't leave!! wuuwuuu" Little Feng began to cry even more, he rubbed her head against her leg and cried.

Yang Guifei was uncomfortable. Uncomfortable and slightly scared. The realm of children was something she never wanted to face, but here's she was. A child holding onto her leg and crying seas of unendless tears. She bent down and began to awkwardly pet the child.

Yang Guifei was completely hopeless, petting the child as if he was an animal.

'h-hey, there there. I'm not going to leave you? Can you stop crying now?" her eyebrows furrowed and she forced a smile,trying to comfort the little kid.

Without a second thought, Little Feng let go of her leg and his crying stopped, instead it was replaced with a big smile. Yang Guifei hadn't noticed before since she was too shocked but, Little Feng had strikingly red hair with black roots and his eyes were golden yellow and...were those wings sticking out his back!?!?

"Little Feng...who are you? And where am I.."

Yang Guifei slowly said, unable to take her eyes off this mysterious boy. Little Feng puffed out his chest and with one hand he proudly pointed to himself with a grin,

"I'm from the ancient Phoniex clan! A direct descendant! This is my world we're currently in! I may be small, but I'm the mightiest of beasts when it comes to the beast hierarchy!" he proudly proclaimed, Yang Guifei wasn't moved by his words, since he was crying a minute ago. Mightiest beast? Yeah right.

She had accepted that this world wasn't normal and was fantasy like long ago. But it would still take some time getting used to the...especially now that she met Little Feng, who was BEYOND anything normal.

"right, so why am i here?" she asked.

"Because the ring chose you as its master! Naturally you would be my master too! This world practically belongs to you now." the mentioning of a ring, she looked down at her hands and noticed a thin golden ring on her left middle finger.

"You can do whatever you want with it, the environment here is richer that the outside world, so if you grow anything here the quality will be ten times better!! Not to mention, Cultivation will be more faster since the spiritual energy is more dense. That reminds me, what spiritual rank are you, master? "

Little Feng looked at her in anticipation. Now that he mentioned it, she wasn't too sure, looking back at her memories, she replied,

" I can't cultivate."

It seemed to her that this body was a waste, she wasn't able to cultivate which ultimately made her worthless. In a world where power is everything, and cultivation was the key to power, it was no wonder she had died so young.

She came from a strong family, but when she found out that she was unable to cultivate, she was deemed useless and thus left to rot with no support from anyone. Yang Guifei found that she was also bullied alot, from those from other clans and her own clan too. Yang Guifei had decided to avenge herself, but with her body in such state now. It was hopeless.
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    《The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!》