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The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
Author :xishia
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2 Secret Ring 1

Yang Guifei decided to look around more to see if there was anything else useful she could take or use in the meantime. Whilst scavenging, she accidentally bumped into the shelves holding old worn out books.

A dark marron book fell off its stand and instantly triggered a series of arrangements that had been hidden from the naked eye. The loud noises coming from the array being activated, shocked Yang Guifei.

She stopped what she was doing and focused her attention to bookshelf. The shelf started to split in half and move to the sides, revealing a hidden entrence path towards who knows. Yang Guifei was again shocked, but was less surprised now.

She had known about these types of things back in her old world. Bookshelves that opened to reveal a secret room, even her own home had one of these. However, what surprised her was the fact that this method was still in use in this world.

The once dark room was now dimly lit up by the few torches that laced the walls in the secret pathway. This intrigued her, the flames should have died out years ago! Yet here they are, looking like they were just freshly lit! Recalling her memories, she knew that the world she was in was very much like ancient China from her old world.

However, one of the few things that set it apart from the rest, was that this world was very fantasy like! Similar to those chinese dramas she saw multiple times whilst browsing through the Internet. Thus she deducted that this undying flame before her, was the work of someone who could manipulate fire in a way that would not burn out.

Curiosity got the best of her and she soon started to make her way down the pathway which had stairs leading underground. Yang Guifei spent what seemed to be almost half an hour just walking down the stairs.

Somebody must have been hiding something so important that they needed to built this long of a stairway! She gave a sigh of relief when she saw a room at the end. Taking a step inside, her body jolted, a spurge of spiritual energy engulfed her body and even when the energy left, a small tingly sensation could still be felt afterwards.

She looked at her surroundings, the area was quite small, smaller than the cabin up the stairs, there were fire surrounding the perimeter of the room, which created an immense amount of heat, radiating towards Yang Guifei's body.

In the middle of the room was a stone pillar, with what seemed to be a golden box resting ontop of it. The longer she stared at it, the more she felt as if it was calling her. Yang Guifei paused on that thought. She ignored the roaring of the flames and focused on the box.

'come here'

'come closer'

She officially deemed herself crazy, she was DEFINITELY hearing a voice call out to her. And the only source she could think of was the box. Deeply inhaling, she stepped forward and walked towards the glistening box.
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    《The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!》