The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
1 Reincarnation, but at what cost?
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The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!
Author :xishia
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1 Reincarnation, but at what cost?

Yang Guifei gasped awake, her body jolted up from the ground. Immediately, a sharp pain redirected her attention to her lower abdomen, which was bleeding profusely. Confusion laced her mind, her body was starting to acknowledge the pain, and god was it painful.

Yang Guifei finally took in her surroundings. She was in the middle of a forest, the sun had already set and the moon was staring down at her.

"where am I?" she spoke out loud, not that anybody would hear her anyways. She stumbled while trying to stand up, using a nearby tree as support.

Yang Guifei began to sweat, something was coming back to her. Suddenly, a gush of memories flooded back into her mind. Before she lost balance, she gripped tightly onto the tree.

Her confusion from before was now replaced with seer frustration and disappointment. From the memories gained, Yang Guifei found out that she was reincarnated into the body she is currently in. The previous body's owner shared the same name as her but unfortunately, she too died a tragic death. The body's owner had gone through numerous amounts of suffering, inflicted by none other than her own family! her sister and mother to be exact! It seems like the father had been away and unaware of the abuse! Some father he was.

Now getting a full understanding of the situation, Yang Guifei vowed to get revenge for this body and to show everyone that she was no longer the weak and timid girl from before! But first, she had to sort out this wound.

The wound seemed like it was inflicted by a knife or something similar. It was quite deep and the owner probably died from blood loss. Yang Guifei refused to die again, as she only just got a second chance at life. Ripping some fabric from the robe she was wearing, she tied it around her abdomen in the hopes of at least stopping the bleeding by a bit.

Yang Guifei used a secret technique, that she had learned back when she was in her old body, that would increase the distance that her eyes could see. This technique was called the Eyes Beyond! Luckily she was still able to use her past techniques.

Yang Guifei looked around once again with her enhanced vision and stopped when she saw a small cabin not too far from where she was, she only prayed that there were people there to help her.

Yang Guifei made her way towards the building, breathing heavily and still sweating. The blood from her abdomen was starting to drip through the fabric she had wrapped, a clear sign telling her to hurry up before she dies from blood loss again! It was dark and there was very limited light, the only source of seeing was from the illumination the moon provided. That was enough to help Yang Guifei spot the cabin.

The closer she got, the more uneasy she began to feel. She had doubts here and there and little hope for survival.

How cruel would it be if she ended up dying! Again! Not even an hour into this new life and her soul's already passed! The heavens better not be playing a cruel trick on her! Yang Guifei approached the door and roughly knocked, not batting an eye on how rude she was at the moment.

This was a life or death situation for her! Her self esteem was at stake. The means for death would only wound her pride and she would feel humiliated for the rest of eternity!

When nobody answered the door, Yang Guifei started to get irritated, using the last remaining strength her body had, she slammed her body into the door to forcefully open it.

However once open, the place looked abandoned! Not a single soul resided here. Actually, Yang Guifei no longer cared.

'So what if there's nobody here? If there are still some equipment left here, then I can make do and treat this wound of mine! ' she thought to herself.

She searched through the cabinets and anywhere you could store items in, halfway in she found bandages and some old pill bottles. Unraveling the fabric around herself, she replaced them with the bandages she found. As for the pills, she quickly identified their traits using her past medical knowledge.

Being the daughter of a yakuza boss, you're bound to get in fights here and there. Therefore she studied medicine for a while, in order to tend to her wounds while facing her enemies. Choosing the correct pills for her injury, she quickly swallowed them.

Immediately, a large amount of pain was lifted and should could feel the wound getting better. She cried in relief, there was only a little bit of damage left, and it would most likely leave a nasty scar. But this was better then the sorry state her body was in before.
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    《The Miss Is An Ice Cold Beauty!》