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The McBride Series 1: Bought For Love
Author :cLasP15
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Switching the main lights to our room, I smile as I roam my eyes around only to be taken aback at the scene I saw. I almost knock myself to my ass seeing Ella sprawled naked on our bed. Her thighs are splayed out, wide and open while she plays with herself.

However, when she sees me at the door, she immediately sits up on the bed with reddened face. I expect her to cover herself up, scream and call me names before kicking me out of the room. What surprises me even more is when she jumps off of the bed and rushes towards me before climbing my body like a monkey.

Our mouths slam together with her frantic kiss while she rubs her naked body against mine. I stagger a little with the impact of her weight but I quickly regain my balance and hold her ass in place. I instantly feel myself heating up, responding to her mating call as my cock secretes precum.

"Shit, Ella! Take it easy, baby." I tell her before grabbing for her hair to take precious breath into my lungs.

"Shut up!" She snaps at me before jumping off and grabbing my tie to pull me to bed.

I'm being led to bed like a pet on a leash before being divested out of my clothes with her impatient hands. After I'm equally naked and hot as Ella, she pushes me down until I'm lying flat on my back before straddling my thighs and grabbing my cock.

"Let me eat you first, baby." I tell her with the need to slow down a bit because I feel like I'm going to embarrass myself with too much excitement.

"No!" She quickly denies with solid resolve. "I want you now!"

"Please, just a little taste, honey." I cajole but my words fall on deaf ears when Ella sheathes me with her soaked and burning pussy.

We both moan when I'm settled balls deep inside her and Ella bites her lip in satisfaction. She then looks down at me with a slight frown as if she's upset about someting. Seeing her sitting rigidly atop me like that feels like I'm the one she bought for sex and not the other way around. I actually feel a little insecure with the way she regards me with a little contempt.

"You." She says with heavy accusation. "You did this to me! Why do I always feel this way?"

"You love sex, baby." I answer while pinching both her nipples and making her moan.

"Yes, you're right." She leans down to grant me a quick yet deep kiss before straightening up again to begin rocking her hips atop me. "I love sex. I love sex so much. I love…"

She freezes for a moment before she looks sharply at me. Something flashes her eyes but she quickly closes them and frowns. My heart does a cartwheels in my chest at the anticipation of her words. Could it be that she's falling in love with me? I hold my breath in suspense but she takes so much time to follow up her words.

After a moment, she opens her eyes once more and continues frowning down at me. Damn it! She's not going to tell anything else anymore and I'm fucking disappointed. What could she be thinking right now? I want to know! I'm dying to know.

Flexing my ass, I thrust upwards to urge her to move already and Ella issues a thin and sharp cry. She raises her hips once and slams down again before her body trembles like a wavering tree in the middle of a strong storm. Damn it! Did she just come already?

I hold her around the waist and fuck her from below, pumping my hips faster through her orgasm. My cock slides in and out of her easily with her now sleek channel, coating my entire length with her abundant pussy cream.

When Ella finally stops coming, I pull out of her and toss her down the bed before sliding down her body to clean her pussy with my mouth. I thrust my tongue inside her core, coaxing her sweet nectar out and drinking it in satisfaction. I suck harder to trigger her orgasm and she doesn't disappoint me.

When she whimpers at the onslaught of her second climax, I quickly climb over her body and thrust into her again, filling her emptiness to the brim. With her thighs wide spread and up to my shoulders, I fuck her fast. This time, I fuck her to her third orgasm overriding her second earlier. I fuck her harder for my own first release for the many to come for the rest of the night.

Once satisfied, I collapse on top of her, burying my face at the crook of her shoulder while Ella still wraps me with her thighs. Her hands run sensually up and down the length of my sweaty back, massaging my scalp as she passes my head before resuming down my body again.

"Do you have a smoke break at your work?" She suddenly asks in a lazy and hoarse voice.

"Yes." I answer before raising myself up to look down at her with a questioning look. "Although I don't really smoke. Why?"

"Hmm." She smiles to my answer with her eyes still shut close. "I was thinking…" She flutters her eyes open and reaches up to touch my lips with her fingers. "I was just thinking if you can have sex break instead. Since you don't smoke, I might as well send you a stick or a pussy in our case. What do you think?"

I chuckle and then I suddenly laugh really loud. What is going on with this woman? One time she's pushing me away and the next she's throwing herself to me so eagerly. My smile vanishes seeing how serious she looks up at me. Oh, shit! She's not joking, is she?

"Yeah?" I ask for confirmation.

"Yeah." She laughs softly at my shocked face.

"You… You'll do that?"

"Well…" She cups my face and rubs my cheeks with her thumbs. "It's just a suggestion anyway. But if you don't want to…"

"It's a very good suggestion! I want to!" I quickly agree before she can change her mind and kiss her palm that's caressing my face only to frown at the bandage around her hand. "What happened to this?" I snatch her wrist and look at her injured hand.

Ella pulls her hand from my grip, hiding it from me by wrapping her arms around my neck before kissing me on the lips. It's obvious she's diverting my attention but I jerk my face to the side and give her a stern look. She blows out an exasperated breath before biting her lip, not meeting my gaze as she stares at my ear.

Ever since living with her, I've discovered a few gestures she has that indicates her mood. Biting her lip most of the time means distress, anticipation and reluctance. Whenever she does this mannerism, she ends up either getting upset or lying. Right now, it's obvious she's going to lie.

"I… was shaving and cut myself."

I also discovered that she's a very bad liar.

"With a shaver?" I ask mockingly.

To my surprise, she nods her head as if I'm really an idiot who'll believe her lame excuse. Sighing, I finally acquiesce and let this matter go. Anyway, with this bad habit, I can easily tell whether she's guilty or not because she can't look straight into my eyes.

I'll let her continue acting this way. Who knows maybe through her terrible lying tactic, I'll catch her becoming a victim of rule number four. Because to be honest, I'm already in deep shit with our contract. I've breached so many of her rules. There's no use denying it anymore.

Flash news. I'm fucking in love with my wife!
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    《The McBride Series 1: Bought For Love》