The Majin
6 Chapter 6 Story for the ages
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The Majin
Author :Anoton
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6 Chapter 6 Story for the ages

Vali turns to Omen and the smirk is replaced with a more serious expression saying, "Vengeance is only good if you are alive to accomplish it."

Suddenly Vali lowered his center of gravity, took a stance, and sent a palm into Omen's heart faster than he could realize. The force of the palm was so intense, yet landed softly on Omen's body. As if a warm current was sent into his body, Omen becomes groggy and starts to lose consciousness.
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"Vengeance is one of life's great motivators but you don't know where to direct your anger. Until you do, I'm gonna lock that Will inside you" said Vali.




Omen released a gasp as cold water was splashed on him. Looking around, Omen sees that he is locked in a cage with five other children of varied ages. Chains latched onto all of their collars...even his own.

Still, a little groggy, Omen tries to shake off the biting cold from the bucket of water splashed on him and looks at those inside the cage with him. The five children are cuddled up on the other side of the cage, in a futile attempt to create distance from themselves and him. All of them wear identical grey rags to cover their bodies and clear fear paints their faces as they look back at Omen.

The one in the middle seems to be the oldest, around twelve years old. She has disheveled golden hair, deep blue eyes, while her small hands grasp two smaller hands on both sides.

On her left, was another girl. She had brown hair and sunken cheeks. On her right, was a boy with long golden hair and a visible slash across his forehead cutting into the side of his head.

Two more boys were spread out inside the cage. One showed signs of trauma, not at his fear of me but of something else that must have happened. He leans on the corner of the cage hugging his legs. His eyes look vacant as if he is lost.

The last one is clearly disinterested in everything and is simply laying down staring outside the cage and into the sky.

Ignoring the children, Omen looks outside the cage. Seven strong men surround the cart carrying them while a leaner man in slightly better clothing operates the horse. These strong men are dressed sporadically, as if what they have on them, swords and armor, are all loot taken from battlefields of the lost.

'After I lost consciousness, I must have been picked up by this group of scavengers.' thought Omen.

"..What are you.." someone whispered.

Turning his attention back into the cage, Omen looked at the source of the voice. It was the older girl in the middle of the group. Omen never was much of a speaker. So he felt disinclined to answer her question that even he didn't have an answer too.

Feeling like her question wasn't specific enough, she asked again, "You have deep red eyes and holes all along your body. Are you a demon?"

The focus of some of the men outside gathers on us. It seems they are curious about my identity as well. In this world, demons are feared. Witchcraft and spellcasters are scarce yet highly respected by the strong, while the weak steer clear from such existences, less they are hexed or cursed.

Omen still was undecided on whether or not to speak, let alone respond to this girl's questions. He was busy trying to understand what happened at the lake. He himself was now dressed in drag and missing his map, bag of essentials, and dagger he took from Hammond. Finally, he destroyed a large area of the earth and killed a spirit only to meet two gods and have a seal placed on himself.

He couldn't quite understand what happened, but he remembered what that God named Vali said even as he was losing consciousness, "..I'll lock that will inside you".

While pondering on what has happened, the girl starts getting impatient, fidgeting, and grows visibly more scared as if she regretted speaking to Omen. After unleashing so much buried anger, Omen felt much more clear-headed, and after unearthing so much power, he felt stronger, his senses heightened so this action of this girl didn't go unnoticed.

Finally, Omen decided to speak. "Someone once told me a story. It was about a god who liked to play games and he decided it would be a good idea to go around and spread mischief to those on Midgard."

"You speak of Loki, the God of Mischief" interrupted one of the men.

'They are paying attention.' thought Omen.

"Yes! That was his name. Loki just got his heartbroken. He was in love with a woman and found out that she never saw him the same. In his anger, he altered his hamr into a bird and flew across the planes of Midgard. In his hand, he carried a compass, stolen from the Goddess of love Frigg, that could direct him to people with a lot of love in their hearts. Following that compass, he found many men and women and learned of their families, their friends, and their lovers. Finding the best possible way, he made them all break up with their lovers, unfriend their closest of war buddies and some even fought to the death caused by his mischief."

Omen takes a moment thinking about what to say next. Good thing his poker face was exceptional.

"One day he ran into a couple, man and woman with the woman soon bearing a child. However, he found not just love in their hearts but a great destiny on the child yet unborn. So he summoned his daughter Hel, to curse their child. Altering his Hamr forever to look like one of her demon spawn."

The men and children were all listening with rapt attention. All of their faces soon revealed expressions of understanding, as if connecting the dots and placing me into the center of the story.

"This child is me."

What Omen didn't know was that this made-up story would soon become his origin story. And Loki would one day look for him because of it.

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    《The Majin》