The Exalted
2 Chapter 1
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The Exalted
Author :AeternalAbyss
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2 Chapter 1

Wait wait wait! The language barrier! How can I understand things here? Wait...oh yeah, brain power. Learning anything fast. It will be slow at first, but I have always been good at learning languages, so it should not be a problem. As for writing, this will come in a few years, not now.

As I opened my eyes for the very first time, I saw a beautiful woman in silk clothes holding me close. She had tired-looking blue eyes and dark and curly brown hair. Her mouth curved in a radiant smile as she saw me staring at her.

"Chéri, viens voir! Le bébé a ouvert ses yeux!" She called aloud.

Wait, what? That was French. Pure french from the Fifth French Republic in my original world. With a heavy French accent, "du coup". She's calling for someone, someone dear to her... Could it be her husband?

She must be my mother, right? In my old life, I would definitely have been seduced by this fine lady. Her pale complexion contrasted strongly with her dark hair. However, I did not feel any sexual urges or desire despite being held so close. I was just very hungry in the physical sense of the word...or should I rather say it like this? My body strongly lacked nutrient at the moment, which will eventually halt the secretion of growth hormone in my pituitary gland if I don't eat fast. Hence, I started crying loudly, hoping that the young woman understood my plea for food. As soon as I cried, a man came into the room. He had smooth ash brown hair and a robust, but slim, build. His face was very handsome with very well-defined jawline. I sincerely hope that he is indeed my father since chances are that I could inherit his good looks, along with my mother's beautiful traits.

The woman frowned. "Looks like the baby doesn't like you. You better compensate for scaring him like that," she said as she winked at me.

Don't get me wrong! I'm just really really hungry! It's nothing personal! I should stop crying right now, but I don't seem to be able to.

"W-well..." The man stumbled.

Poor man. I was just thinking that when the woman looked at me again and smiled.

"Don't worry about it, darling," she said as she turned the other way with me in her arms. "He's just hungry."

Is this lady a sadist? Once again, I directed a wave of tender feeling towards the father as my mother brought me into the bedroom.

The bedroom was a large 18 square meters room with a big wooden bed and a wooden vanity at the edge of the room. Despite the meager amount of furniture, the overall look of the room was more than elegant to the eyes. The reddish wood was obviously very high quality and the everything looked as if it has been meticulously crafted. It gave the same atmosphere as a room I have visited in Warwick Castle, UK, a few years ago.

As I was looking around the room, my mother closed the curtains and the door. The room suddenly lit up with a dim light. Was it an oil lamp?

Slowly, she took off her silk gown, revealing her ample bosom in all its natural glory.

Despite having such an arousing view, I had no sexual desire. This woman is my mother and I am just a baby.

My heartbeat suddenly grew faster and faster as she approached my face to her breast. Something soft covered my mouth and as I followed my instinct, a rich sweet liquid flowed into my mouth, giving me a strong feeling of warmth and love.


To say the least, it was a fulfilling experience. Hopefully, the next times will be just as enjoyable as this.

Once fed, I felt my eyelids become heavy. I needed to sleep. And everything faded in sweet, sweet darkness.


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