The Exalted
-1 List of Characters and other Useful Information
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The Exalted
Author :AeternalAbyss
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-1 List of Characters and other Useful Information

List of Characters:

Frederick Montpensier v. Ostfalen-d'Este: A young Canadian lawyer with a tragic past who speaks English, French, German, and Mandarin. Murdered in a dark alley after a hugely successful legal suite, he was reincarnated in another world and is intent on starting a new life without regrets. He has extraordinary memory and a keen sight on any battlefield.

Laura Montpensier d'Este: 25 years old woman with dark brown hair and pristine blue eyes. She is Frederick's mother in his second life. While an affectionate mother and wife, she is bossy with her husband and her threatening glare is enough to scare off a seasoned warrior. Before her marriage, she was the daughter of a noble of the Laurelia Kingdom which was at war against Lacrimosa at the time. Trained by high-ranked generals, her military talent is second to none.

Heydrich von Ostfalen: 25 years old man with ash brown hair and indigo eyes. He is Frederick's father in his second life. Having graduated magna cum laude from the Lacrimosian Royal Academy of War (Kriegschule), he quickly became a trusted general of His Majesty the King. As a husband, he is very obedient and submissive towards his wife, Anne, whom he loves dearly.

Erika: A girl one year older than Frederick. She has platinum-blond hair and gray-blue eyes that are often compared to a thunderstorm. She is Frederick's first friend. She also goes by another name, Princess Ekaterina of the House of Elektrov-Lacrimosa. She is an extremely precocious child who wants to create a strong officer corps.

Lars Elektrovich von Lacrimosa: 33 years old man. Head of the House of Elektrov-Lacrimosa and current King of the Kingdom of Lacrimosa. Known as a brilliant diplomat and statesman. He is also known by those close to him as Sir Lardon. He was responsible for ending the 50-years war opposing Laurelia and Lacrimosa.

Elizaveta E. von Lacrimosa (née Palatina): 33 years old woman. Queen of Lacrimosa. Before marrying into the Elektrov-Lacrimosa House, she was a foreigner from the Azuria Region who studied alongside Lars in the Kriegschule. Important military strategist and general of the Lacrimosian Armed Forces, she is called "Betty" by her close friends.

Ursula von Augsburn: Currently a 17 years old graduating cadet from the Cuirassiers Division in the Kriegsschule. She is the daughter of Count Augsburn from the Camelia province in central Lacrimosa. With a brilliant strategic mind, professional military behavior and strong fighting prowess, she classes among the strongest of her cohort's cadets. Alongside Estelle and Alexa, she is currently having her final examination by escorting the Princess during the winter to her vacation quarters in Neuchatel, Azuria Province. Her family has ties with the 1st Army of the West's Colonel General Leiden. Despite her strict military professionalism and discipline, she is just as frivolous as any girl her age when off duty.

Countries of the Eastern Region:

1. Grand Kingdom of Lacrimosa: Mostly German-speaking country situated at the easternmost territory in the region, governed by the House of Elektrov-Lacrimosa.

2. Republic of Nordmark: A cold country north of Lacrimosa, governed by a Senate composed of wealthy burghers.

3. Confederation of the Cadornian States: Union of a large number of wealthy city-states situated south-west of Lacrimosa. The official language in this area is Italian, with different dialects depending on the City State.

The Lacrimosian Armed Forces:

The Armed Forces are currently divided into 5 departments: the Infantry, the Cavalry, the Artillery, the Navy and the Non-Combat Department.

Ranks for Commissioned officers in the Lacrimosian Land Forces:

1. Leutnant (2nd Lieutenant)

2. Oberleutnant (1st Lieutenant)

3. Hauptmann (Captain) /Rittmeister (Master of Cavalry)

4. Major

5. Oberst (Colonel)

6. Generalmajor (Brigadier General)

8. General der Infanterie/der Artillerie/der Kavallerie (Deputy General of...)

9. Generaloberst (Colonel General)

10. Marshall von Königreich (Marshal of the Kingdom)*

11. Generalissimus von Lacrimosa (Supreme Commander of the Combined Forces)

There are three Marshals of the Kingdom, each commanding one of the 3 Army Groups of the Lacrimosian Armed Forces. The current Marshals are Regina Elizaveta Elektrovna von Lacrimosa, Manfred Ricantrop and Ernst Pavlovich Saltykov.


The Hexian calendar used by Lacrimosa operates by 10-days weeks called decades and there are 12 months in a year that are divided by seasons.

They are inspired from the very romantic French Revolutionary Calendar, but divisions by days are not exactly the same to avoid unnecessary complications.


Vendémiaire (September)

Brumaire (October)

Frimaire (November)


Nivôse (December)

Pluviôse (January)

Ventôse (February)


Germinal (March)

Floréal (April)

Prairial (May)


Messidor (June)

Termidor (July)

Fructidor (August)


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