The Eighth Sin
48 Everything coming together
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The Eighth Sin
Author :R_V_R
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48 Everything coming together

"Those two, they are also part of why your life has been a living hell. While, yes I was the reason your soul didn't get to ascend there were times you died without anything keeping your soul linked to your body. Those two would have it that you would go through great ordeals to come back. They would claim they have no sway over your life events, but they lie through their teeth. Those two are known as Fate and Destiny. As you know, most would say Fate and Destiny are absolute; however, they can be changed. No future is certain; however, because they are after one thing you have been allowed to rest. You, who are known as the Eighth. You, who is supposed to bring the Original Seven back into Pandora's Box. That is the only goal they have for you, anything else you do in your life is meaningless to them and if you don't accomplish your goal or venture from it they willingly force you back into that goal." Seraphina seemed angry, her body trembling with rage; which was something Riyku saw clearly. Those two names though resonated with him. 'User Riyku! The fragments!' Coco exclaimed. "What of them?" Riyku spoke aloud which caused Seraphina's brow to rise. 'The fragments are coming together to make whole memories.' Coco would answer, but Riyku would shake his head as a means to tell Seraphina not to worry. 'I'll go over it later.' Riyku replied to Coco. "Continue." Riyku would speak and Seraphina would nod.

"Fate and Destiny, for all I know; is that they work together. Never once have they had a difference in opinion and are always together. In addition to this, they are extremely powerful. Far more powerful than you can imagine. Even now, I am sure they have caught up. It is only a matter of time till they find us again." Seraphina would express. "So, how do we stop them?" Riyku inquired which caused Seraphina to blink in awe. "Stop them?" A soft laugh escaped her lips. "You can't stop them. My love, no one can. We've tried several times. Skeith, Iris, Nira, you as well as I. Not just us either, you have fought alongside several others before. Each time, you lost. They were taken away, and you were forced into a reset." Seraphina would explain, a bit hopeless in this situation it seemed and yet Riyku just snickered. "Is that so? Well then, shall we prepare?" The face Seraphina saw wasn't one of defeat or hopelessness it was one of excitement. Confidence, and an undying will to triumph over everything in his path. It was far different from what she was used to seeing. An expression of hate, expression of anguish, expression of sorrow, or suffering. Even expressions of hopelessness; this one was much more different. She was now in the belief that they could defeat Fate and Destiny. That they could bring an end to this long trial and free him once and for all. "Alright." She nodded without a second thought. "Good. For now, we should try to bring back the others. How did you come about? If what you said is true and they are connected to me in some fashion; shouldn't I be able to bring them back?" Riyku would inquire. "Well, the way I came back is through your memories. I see you are wearing the ring I gave you. So you should recall what happened back then and what brought me out. If you use the same method as back then you should be able to bring the others out. Well, except for Iris. Who is already here somewhere." As Seraphina brought up the ring, he would look at it. Nodding faintly to her remark about remembering her. "Alright. So it has to do with my memory. If I piece together the fragments, I should be able to create full memories. According to the memories I received from this ring; I need to delve into my subconscious. Seraphina, can you stand guard while I do this? I may not be back for some time. If that happens to be the case; who knows how long this will take." Riyku would explain and Seraphina would smile softly at him. "Of course, provided that I can sit on your lap." She winked at him and he sighed heavily. "As long as you don't force me out; I don't care what you do. Don't expect me to respond to any urges you might have either." This caused Seraphina to sigh softly. "Fine, fine." Riyku would nod as he began to take a sit on the floor. Adjusting his posture so he could meditate in order to delve into his subconscious. "Oi, Coco. I am going to link to you Seraphina. Keep her up to date on what is going on with me." Riyku spoke aloud, which caused Seraphina to raise a brow. "Oh, that's right. I think you mentioned something about an Operator." Seraphina would comment and Riyku would nod.

'Alright, User Riyku. Sending Party invitation to Seraphina via Companion's List.' Coco would reply. Seraphina look over a cybernetic screen that appeared in front of her. It was your typical party invite with yes or no selection and Seraphina hit yes. In the upper left-hand corner of her vision; she saw two status bars. One was her own while the other was Riyku's which had his name above it. "This should connect all of us so we can speak mentally." Coco would incite in which both Riyku and Seraphina acknowledged her remark. "Now, I am going to diving into my conscious. It will be up to you two to keep harm away from me. I do not know how long I will be gone. According to this recollection of memories that this ring has provided. I can only stay there for a limited amount of time. Upon my return, we will search for Iris." Riyku remarked; "Have a safe trip, Darling." Seraphina replied cutely. "Come back safely, User Riyku," Coco replied with care, and with that Riyku would delve into his subconscious.

Black consumed him as he fell into the abyss. His eyes fluttering open to take in the darkness around him. Although he seemed to not have any control over his body at this time. Simply falling slowly to the depths of his consciousness. As he passed through several windows which resembled times in his life were rolling around like some kind of film. There were many, some of which seemed recent while others were of the last few days. Although when he encountered those of the dream he had last night they began to blur out. As he ventured further in the depths; the windows of memories became even more fuzzy and hard to came out until they were eventually blacked out completely.

Upon reaching the end, he was able to turn his body and plant his feet on what was supposedly a surface. Looking around there was nothing, not even the windows of memories were around him anymore. His arms crossed over one another in thought before something occurred to him. "Wait, aren't there two entities locked inside of me right now. Blaze and..." Before he could even bring up the name a pale version of him that was much taller and had longer hair had appeared beside him. Cracks on the sides of his mouth would spread as a grin came from this person. Black sclera instead of white and pure glowing green iris' looked over the male as an arm went around him. "I see. So that's what happened. I guess you should have listened to me and let me unlock all of your limits. You do realize that without me, you will still lose."Cold and sinister was the voice of, "Harvester..." Riyku would sigh heavily pushing the male's arm off of him and stepping forward.

"As usual the cold shoulder. Judging from the disruption in your heart though; you have some doubts about those memories. Don't you?" Harvester, would smirk as he stared at the man before him who turned to look back at him with a glare. "How did you!?" Riyku's reaction caused Harvester to snicker. "Because I am you. The things Seraphina told you in that time-line were not wrong. I am your most desire incarnate. A representation of what you truly want, what you truly thirst for. I guess what that idiot Blaze did after all truly has messed with you. Your soul is in shambles and thus your true power is set with limiters. I can unlock them though. It is a simple feat for me, but all you have to do is accept me. Accept me for what I am and embrace me. You don't even need the others; you said it yourself after all, that you don't need friends." Harvester would remark as he approached the male. "I..." Riyku would grit his teeth in thought, but before anything else could happen someone else appeared before them. The short petite brunette who was known as Blaze. "That's enough, Harvester."

Blaze would yawn as she stretched her arms out. "How the hell are you here!?" Harvester was in shock. After all, Blaze should not have been here. "You should have been erased with the factory reset you did!" Harvester exclaimed which caused Blaze he sighed heavily and shook her head. "Look, I don't know either. If you and the others exist, then that is because the reset wasn't fully complete as it should have been. Something must have happened right before the reset. After all, Riyku was supposed to forget everything. Start over in a clean slate; so that Fate and Destiny could never track him down. The only reason they are aware of his position is because of his soul. Without a proper cleanse, they will always find him." Blaze would explain which caused Harvester to kiss his teeth. "True. Even if they are not Reapers, they are Etheral entities; they can still latch things into the soul. Still... if something if wasn't you nor I who could have done it?" Harvester inquired before looking to Riyku who was confused. "Don't look at me. I do not know anything." Riyku would reply which caused Blaze to speak up, "Maybe it is time for you too. In fact, you have been here for a while now. Just getting here probably took a few hours at best. If anything you should have been forced out; but maybe...." Blaze stopped for a moment to look at Harvester then back to Riyku. "It is because of him." Blaze pointed to Harvester. "He is you after all. Even if he is twisted. He is what you once were. At the peak of your prime in prowess and power. However, he can not simply overpower you; because you are also him. If you deny him, all that power is meaningless." Blaze would explain which caused Riyku to sigh heavily.

"So he is a reflection of who I once was?" Riyku pointed to Harvester who nodded. "More than that. As I said I am--" Harvester was caught off by Blaze. "He is indeed what you once more. Someone hellbent on the destruction of all. Humans, other forms of life, planets, solar systems, even the fabric of time and space. You truly hated everything at one point. Gaining the ability to transverse; Time and Space wasn't enough; you need more. A means to break down your body atom by atom and when you came across the Digital World; you acquired that body. That was when you came to your peak, your prime of your power. However, at some point, you detested that part of you. Which is when your power started to decline and ultimately.... you lost everything." Blaze would expression with a softness at the end and Harvester would move up to place an arm around Riyku. "Indeed. She is not wrong. We have our fights before all of that too. You've rejected me many times before, but accepted me in the end." Harvester would remark which caused Riyku to perk up, "then why did I reject you again?" To this, both of them fell silent for a moment before Harvester expressed, "You met someone. A special woman; someone who saw the light in you. Who "saw you for what you truly were" to quote in her words. This caused you to start rejecting me, not at first though. As time passed and you started being around her more, she affected your heart to the point where you fell in love. Damn that woman... we were so close to such pure and beautiful destruction to." Harvester would grumble. "He isn't wrong. Now that he brings it up, I see what she saw in you. If Harvester is your lust for destruction then this you before us is the side of you that wants salvation." Blaze would remark which caused both Harvester and Riyku to blink rapidly before looking at one another. "So, what happens if I accept him?" Riyku inquired to which Blaze would shrug. "I don't know. I only speculate that the you now, is the one who wants salvation. If I had to guess, then that means the you who wants destruction will thrive." Blaze would remark which caused Riyku to shake his head. "So you are saying that me now is too weak, the me who wants salvation?" To this Blaze would reply, "Not necessarily. All these fragmented memories. These shattered soul pieces are stories of your ups and downs. Your path to a destructive version of you. In a sense, this is you who ventured on a path of pure destruction. The you now is completely different. Even if you choose to learn of your past origin, it should not affect the you of present. The choices you make now are what will reflect and if this you is that of salvation then your story has only just begun." Blaze would remark which caused Riyku to step away from Harvester.

"I see. I have but one more question of you two. Who and or what is the Shadow King?" Riyku inquired which caused both of them to gulp heavily, yet no one seemed to speak up. "I take you from your reactions that the Shadow King has nothing to do with you two or even myself then. So why is it that I feel as if..." Harvester would stop Riyku from continuing onward. "The Shadow King is an entity of his own. Yes, I am your wanton for pure destruction, but your at one point in time you wanted to rule over everything. Your endless desire to rule came before your lust for pure destruction. However, I sealed that endless desire away. Trapped even further below these depths, never to be reached." Harvester seemed shook, frightful for this 'Shadow King' just as much as Blaze did. "My endless desire to rule over all? Why? What made me desire such?" Riyku seemed to want more, most of his questions on what the fragmented memories were; who Harvester was, and who the others were had been answered. All that was left was this 'Shadow King' and his past. Harvester shook his head, "I don't know. It was before my time, probably before Blazes' as well. But, I can tell you that the Shadow King rivals me in terms of desire. If you want to know yourself, search through your fragmented memories and piece your soul back together." Harvester would wave his hand off, like he wasn't going to be part of that.

"While I agree with Harvester. He seems to not understand that with him, you won't be able to do anything of that. Besides, who knows; maybe Riyku will accept you if he takes a look through his past." Blaze was attempting to get Harvester go with him, and sadly this little remark worked well. "Oh? Fine. I'll go along. However, don't regret this decision Blaze. You were the one who wanted him to start over after all." Harvester would remark with a smirk and Blaze sighed lightly. "Yes I did, but it seems like that is not possible. If going through the pieces of the past allows him to find a way to defeat Fate and Destiny without 'accepting you' then a win for me. If he ends up accepting you then I'll just have to accept it. It isn't what I want, but if he is free then that is what it takes." Blaze would comment, her hands even though she tired to hide were shaking in fear of such a thought. "Then why not come with us?" Riyku would inquire which caused Blaze's brow to raise. "Are you sure? I wouldn't want to intrude. I was only your Operator for the first system. Unlike Harvester, I am not a part of you." Blaze would express and Riyku would nod. "I don't care if you are or are not. You know a lot more about me than I do. You can help me understand things that he would not be able to, just like he will help me understand things you would not be able to." Riyku would comment which caused Blaze to nod with a soft smile. "Very well. I'll open up the Soul Space for us. Once we enter there is no telling where we will end up. We may not even end up together or worse yet we won't even remember each other. After all the damage to your soul is immense. Piecing everything back together won't be ease. Are you sure you are ready?" Blaze would incite which Riyku nodded.

"I am. Let's get going." With those words, Blaze would extend a hand upward and glance to Harvester who did the same. A dim light would illuminate the darkness slowly before engulfing the three of them in total. Once the lights faded; his eyes would flutter open. The sound of birds singing outside along with a bit of movement around what appeared to be some kind of home? It looked like one, a simple wooden home that was. Glancing around the male would step up from bed, his tiny legs, and childish feet carrying him to a dresser where he would get dressed in a small white Tee shirt and small blue shorts. Putting on some white socks was the next thing before heading out of the room and going into the bathroom to begin brushing his teeth. Looking into the mirror he saw a small child; messy short black hair like that he had just gotten out of bad and a cute face to boot. He would rub his eyes from sleep and splash cold water on his face before proceeding to bring his teeth. "Riyku! Go get Jaccs and Jin!" A feminine voice call from another room. "Okay, Mom!" Riyku would stop brushing his teeth to respond before finishing up and smiling brightly like an innocent child.


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