The Calamity Decends
3 Chapter 3: Spelunking
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The Calamity Decends
Author :Tofu4zed4
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3 Chapter 3: Spelunking

*System Analysis:

Status inflicted: Blind

Status duration: 2:47

Status description: shuts down users retinas, blocking the acquisition of light. Thus rendering User's sight ineffective.*

-... What... Just... Happened..?-

*Question Received. Answer:

User was fighting slimes 9 to 1. During the fight, user was fatally wounded. User died during the fight.*

-That much, I can understand. But why am I still alive? Was I not killed?-

*Question Received. Answer:

Your parents created this system to guide you to become a protector. Death is not an option. Further information is locked.

Unlock criteria:

Kill King Slime

Kill Eye of Cthulhu

Question Answered*

-Then what do I do now? I have nothing but you.-

*System Advice: the old man to the Southern ruins.*

-Oh yeah, he told me to find him if I wanted some advice.-

Uiriamu laid on the ground untill the blindness wore off.

*Status Debuff: Blindness, ended.*

*Status Update: Return to normal*

"Alright then, time to find that old guy."

"So the sun rises from the East and sets in the West, since the sun is going down, South should to my left."

Uiriamu got up and started walking through the forest. Along the way, he encountered many forms of life: shimmering birds that left a sweet scent in the air, golden rabbits that dug countless holes in the ground, as well as the dreaded slimes.

"Damn, there are a lot of slimes... Hey... why are the slimes moving away from me?"

*Question Received. Answer:

The current time is twilight, where day turns to night. Slimes are day creatures, they depend on the sun for warmth, day is also the time when it's pray are awake, allowing it to hunt. Once night approaches, it's pray hide and sleep for the night. Thus slimes retreat to conserve energy for the next day.*

"Interesting, if the wildlife and monsters hide for the night, then what happens during night time? Is there no night life?"

*Question Received. Answer:

At night, the demons reign free, reanimating the dead bodies of deceased explores or bandits. Simplification, Zombies. Along with scouts of the dark, demon eyes that roam the land, searching for the perfect sacrifice. This information is what is currently documented in the system. There may be unknown monsters and demons that awakened from the Calamity.*

-So night is more dangerous than the day. Looks like I need to speed up searching for the old man.-

Uiriamu starts running and hiding in bushes, going further South in search of the old man.

-What is that? What kind of building is made out of purple and teal bricks?-

"Geez kid, do I need to save you from. everything?"

A voice comes out behind Uiriamu. And is quickly acompined by a pair of hands, one covering his mouth and the other dragging him away from the building.

"That's the dungeon, a place where you should not go to yet. A single monster from the dungeon can kill you in a single strike, not to mention it's guardian."

After being dragged and lectured for some time, Uiriamu is released. The old man from before stands before him, alerted and scanning the duos surroundings.

"Alright, we should be safe for now."

"What's going o-"

"On, Right?"

The old man cuts Uiriamu off.

"What's going on is me trying to make sure that the two of us stay alive through the night. THAT'S what's going on."

The old man throws a fur blanket towards Uiriamu.

"Put that on, it's going to get cold."


"No problem, if we want to survive, we need all the people we can get, and we also need to build up our strength before we fight back."

The old man stretches and bundles up in his own blanket.

"Just so you know, a fire will only attract all the monsters."

"...I know...Just... A question..."

"What is it?"

"How do I get stronger?"


The old man smirks as he closes his eyes.



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