The Calamity Decends
2 Chapter 2: Start with...Slime“s?
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The Calamity Decends
Author :Tofu4zed4
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2 Chapter 2: Start with...Slime“s?


- Most of these objectives I can't complete anytime soon. More over, what or how do these objectives become related to me?-

*Question Received. Answer:

These objectives are related to your father's and mother's friends. They are the legendary figures that helped form organizations that reformed the world. Further information is locked:

Unlock criteria - Defeat King Slime and Eye of Cthulhu.

Question answered.*


*Question Received. Answer:

A system that belonged to your father. System was created to assist holders with forming a stable world. Further information is locked:

Unlock criteria - Defeat King Slime.

Question answered.*

- What is the King Sli--


Enemies detected. Deploying starter gear. Adding gear to inventory.

Items Added:

1x - Copper Short Blade

1x - Poor Copper Pickaxe

1x - Dull Copper Axe.

A green slime falls from above. Surprising Uiriamu, making him blank out. Forgetting everything he had heard momentarily. The slime sits for a few seconds, before lunging towards Uiriamu.


Uiriamu dives to the side, the slime narrowly missed him, by only a few centimeters.

* System Advice: Summon Copper Short Blade to counter attack the enemy.*

- No sh*t Sherlock. HOW DO I SUMMON THE DAMN BLADE? -

*Question Received. Answer:

Markings on the holders wrist represent slots that user can use on hand. The Copper Short Blade and other tools have been fast equipped to these slots. Slots have been temporarily labeled as 1-10 respectively. Holder must think or must be subconsciously aware of each item to summon it. Copper Short Blade has been assigned to slot 1.

Question Answered.*


Uiriamu was hit by the slime while trying to register the information given by the system. The slime flies back a couple meters as a result of physics.

*Damage report: Holder has received a hit on the torso. Damage taken: 44.*

////User Status////

HP: 56/100

MP: 10/10

Armour Value: 0

Potion Effect(s): None

Debuff(s): None

Damage output: 5 dmg.

- F*cking hell, that felt like a truck... Alright, uhh... Slot 1? -

A Copper Blade appears in his hand.

"Well, here goes nothing."

Uiriamu takes a deep breath in and charges the slime yelling his war cry.


The blade hits the slime, but it felt like hitting a very soft and hard rock. A health bar appears.

//green slime//

HP: 10/15

"What the -"

Uiriamu jumps back in surprise.

- I don't remember slime's being this tough. Since when did slimes start to feel like a rock?-

*Question Received, Answer:

All monsters, across the world, have been augmented by the Calamity. This has been stated in the message from your parents. Question Answered.*

- Oh yeah, forgot about that.-

Uiriamu readies the blade, preparing to restart the attack on the slime. but more slimes join in, attracted by the aura of a human.

* System Advice: Retreat is always an option.*


* System Analysis: something in Holder has changed. Unable to recognize this change. Holder, what has happened?*


Uiriamu grits his teeth, and starts waving his blade madly, praying that he kills all the slimes around him.

*User has had his entrails ripped opened by slimes*

*Initiating Resurrection Program.*

*Checking Surroundings for potential threats... None found. Generating Body, Condensing Soul. Resurrections left: 9/10

Random Debuff inflicted: Blindness.*


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