Thanksgiving by GODOPEDIAOLOGY
2 Can GOD become trendy?
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Thanksgiving by GODOPEDIAOLOGY
Author :God_opediaology
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2 Can GOD become trendy?

Tough question. But my answer is NO. People nowadays don't take GOD seriously and that's why whenever there is any natural calamity, people die in 100's sometimes 1000's and 100000's. After we lose something on that GOD becomes Trending in the name of natural calamity and during the time of some holy days, each one try to make their religion and their gods Trending.

Things become more worster when people feel GOD DOESN'T EXIST BECAUSE WE WANT GOD LIKE A FAST FOOD, LIKE A HERO WHO WOULD SAVE US IN THE TIME OF DISTRESS. IN REALITY NO SUCH THINGS HAPPEN. Fed up we select a living person and admire him or her and build temple for them in our heart.

GOD IS BECOMING A JOKE DAY BY DAY. There is no time for us to think beyond things which are becoming a major problem in the coming future. We feel we can fight them but when asked to name WHO IS IT? We don't have answers and search for the remedy which exists no more.

Both I and satanopediaology don't write for likings or for any rewards because we can enjoy anything only when we have a place to live and to rest. If we don't know where to go or rest and keep on searching for a safe place like our ancestors what is the use of all the achievements we have acquired so far.

I feel the earth will become a matter of trend in the coming future because of its sudden changes which might be the both happiness and a matter of sadness for us. The earth is getting infected day by day but we people are busy in our own world, only GOD knows WHO WILL SAVE US?


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