Tempered Immortal
131 Feng City
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Tempered Immortal
Author :Ancient_Devil
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131 Feng City

A moment later, Lin Xuan scanned the Beast Talisman with his Spiritual Sense, and his face showed a trace of surprise.

Although there was a speculation in his mind, when the facts were before his eyes, he still felt ecstatic.

The energy of the Soaring Heaven Bird Beast Talisman was actually filled up.

As everyone knows, the so-called Beast Talisman, is that after killing a Spirit Beast, they would extract it's Soul, and then a Ghost Dao cultivator would cast a special method of refining, and seal it into a Talisman paper.

It's power is the same as that of a Spirit Beast. However, this Talisman has a fatal weakness. Unlike a Spirit Beast when it's energy is consumed, it would turn to scrap.

So although Beast Talismans are simple to use and are powerful, they are very expensive consumables.

But now, the energy of the Talisman in his hand has been replenished, which means that he can use the Beast Talisman for as long as he wishes.

In that case, if his Spiritual Sense allows it, he can even manipulate and use several of them together, the benefits are self-evident.

However, it seems that the Jade Pendent itself doesn't provide energy for the Beast Talisman, but it absorbs some of the soul energy of the Liger Spirit Beast and then supplies it to the Beast Talisman.

Carefully recalling the scene in the Medicine Garden from that time, the Liger Spirit Beasts was tame on the surface , but there was faint trace of fear.

Although he doesn't know if this is the full function of the jade pendant, this discovery has already made Lin Xuan happy. He placed it into his Storage Ring, Lin Xuan then started to meditate in a Lotus Position.

Nothing happened that night.

The next day, Lin Xuan called back Lin Biaoer, retrieved the Restrictions, identified the direction, and then flew southeast.

This is not the way back to Spirit Pill Mountain. Lin Xuan intends to go to a nearby city to buy something.

Half a day later. A bright light appeared, and from it Lin Xuan came out, he then broke through a illusion type Restriction, a huge market square appeared in front of him.

This is a special place in the Cultivation World of You Prefecture.

Unlike Yan Prefecture, there are many Cultivation Sects in You Prefecture.

For example, in the vicinity of this snowy mountain, including Sky Eye Sect, Sea Sand Sect, and Liuhe Sect, there are dozens of different cultivation factions.

In addition, there are a lot of Cultivation Families.

Although the number is large, these Sects and Families are very weak, and their strength can only be considered as Fourth to Fifth-rate.

For example, in a small sect, the Sect Master is actually in the realm of Spirit Condensation Stage Great Perfection, which is really terrible.

Simply put, they are regarded as the grassroots of the Cultivation World, and their status is similar to that of Rogue Cultivators.

However, although their cultivation base is a little weak. But with so many Sects and Families banding together, it's a force that cannot be underestimated.

Historically, the ancestors of such forces had no lack of talented people. Knowing their weakness in the Cultivation World, in order to prevent their Sect system from disappearing. A covenant was developed.

The Gongshou alliance!

Once a Sect is attacked, the other Sects must unconditionally assist them.

With this covenant, these small Sects continued to survive in the cruel Cultivation World.

Of course, they are in this barren place. That does not contain Spiritual Veins, and there are no powerful forces bothered to occupy and seize it. Which is also an important reason.

Since these Sects were very weak, and had no future in practicing alone, so they have decided on how to earn more Spirit Stones.

They opened a square market and operated it together.

After thousands of years of development, it has become the largest city in You Prefecture, and its scale. Because of the completeness of various goods is the square market, it's much better then the markets of the Big Three such as Blue Cloud Mountain.

Don't be surprised, it's because these Sects used most of their energy to run it, unlike the Big Three, who just sent some Low-level disciples to take care of their markets.

Due to the degree of investment. Therefore, this square market is larger in scale. Which is understandable.

At this time, Lin Xuan was walking in the market.

It is said to be a market, in fact, from the outside. It seems like a city in the secular world.

There are two main streets that cross each other, a few feet wide. In both sides of the street, various buildings are lined up. In addition, there are more than a dozen small streets interspersed among them, forming a prosperous trading network.

Lin Xuan is a well-informed person, but when he got here, it still made him stunned. It's actually not just a city, but a place to provide various services for cultivators.

In addition to the shops, there are also auction houses. The products sold here are some rare goods, and there are even rumors that as long as you have enough Spirit Stones, even Magic Treasures can be bought.

There is also the Ju Immortal Pavilion, which is not available in other markets.

The so-called Ju Immortal Pavilion is a bit like a restaurant in the mortal world, but this place sells real delicacies of the Immortal World. The ingredients used in the dishes are Spirit Beasts and exotic flowers and plants, which are carefully cooked.

Spirit Beasts are powerful and ferocious, but the taste of their flesh and blood far exceeds that of ordinary beasts. Although cultivators pursue the heavenly way, it's hard Transcending the Tribulation to Immortal Ascension. Everyone has seven emotions and six desires. And here, they can satisfy their appetites.

And there are even rumors that eating this kind of dish, has the effect of improving one's cultivation base. Although he doesn't know if it's true or false, it's coveted by cultivators. Of course, the price is very expensive.

Similarly, there is a tea house, which is also a special tea made from several kinds of Spirit Herbs. Although it does not enhance one's cultivation base, it has several functions.

Similar to the secular world, cultivators like to chat while drinking tea, so here you can hear a lot of information about the Cultivation World.

Lin Xuan stopped in front of a shop. And the shop's plague read with a big word "Medicine". If there is one thing that was not sold in the market, it was a variety of medicine pills that improves one's cultivation base.

However, although there are no finished pills, but as for raw materials, there can still be some found here, such as two hundred years old Ginseng, Low grade Red Silk Grass and so on.

Actually, Lin Xuan already has the Yi Jing Pill's raw materials, but there's only a little, just enough to refine one furnace of it. Although, not much seven-star grass was harvested, but each furnace only needs a little bit, which is enough to refine a lot.

Anyways, he was nearby Feng City, so Lin Xuan decided to buy some on the way.


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