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Tales of New World: The Magus
Author :GATE1994
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50 Call

Two days already passed without any hiccup. And in that time the five of them still not get any information regarding Reginald's activity nor Dominik murder case. Even with the help of the small critters that live at Reginald's mansion, it still leaves them empty-handed.

Not only that, Volya and Markos feel that Reginald already prepared with this as he will order both of them with a lot of duties around the mansion. A mundane yet a lot of them.

Even until this day, Reginald orders Romain, Markos, and Volya to get several escorts for him and his colleagues.

It's been thirty minutes walk from Reginald's mansion. They arrive at the alley that leads to a well-known Brothel of Lerwick. They then start to wander to the alley and notice a stark disparity between it and the main road.

Markos then apologize at them and says,

"I'm really sorry about it,"

"Why should you feel sorry? There's nothing wrong here," replied Volya


"There's nothing you could do with the development of a city, Markos," said Romain


"I believe all of them stay here and work here because they need to survive in this city. There's nothing with it," continues Romain


"And I know as you are a proud Ostonoridian, it's something unsightly to show such places to people from outside of the Kingdom,"

"You are right..." replied Markos

"But, you don't need to worry about us. Especially with this guy over here," said Romain as he points at Volya

"And even there is a specific district for this service at Ironforge, ahahahahaha" said Volya suddenly.

Both Romain and Volya start to laugh together and talk about Lucia. At the same time, Markos looks at them, smile, and mumbles,

"These young'un is something... I need to keep up with pace if I don't want to be left behind in this world,"

After that Markos asks Volya,

"Volya, did Reginald request for a specific escort from this district?"

"Hmmm? Give me a moment..."

Volya then takes out a note from his pouch and reads it. After that, he answers him,

"He is asking for several escorts name,"

"Several?!" said Romain with a surprised face

"Hmmm... It seems he wants to appeal to someone while increasing his prestige," replied Markos as he rubs his chin

"Prestige?" asks Volya

"Yes. The lower class noble from Ostonorid usually will hold this type of party to show their wealth to other nobles. If the party is a success, it will raise their prestige at the eyes of other nobles," explained Markos

Romain and Volya look at each other and then at Markos. Markos could see a disgusted face from them and says,

"I hate it, too..."

All of them then laugh together and then start to walk again. While walking to the brothel, Volya asks Markos,

"If he wants to hold such a party, then he will invite other nobles. Do you know who he invites to his mansion?"

"Hmmm... I believe he will invite two of his best buddy, Arran Williams and Trevor Jones," replied Markos

"Are we going to check the two of them, too?" asks Romain

Volya and Markos look at each other and they nod. And with that Volya notices their work becomes messier and harder than usual.

Suddenly, Romain puts his hand on his sword handle. The other two stop and peek at Romain. Markos also prepares his hand on his sword handle, while Volya prepares his magic circle.

Markos then asks him,

"What is it?"

"It feels like someone is following us..." replied Romain

The three of them are on high alert until they make sure nothing around them. After that, Markos says,

"I believe it's just some random drunkard,"

"Maybe..." replied Romain as he looked in one direction.

"It's better if we didn't make any mess right now..." said Volya

"You are right..." answered Romain again as he looked away from there.

They then start to walk again until they arrive in front of a big building that looks distinct from its surrounding.

That building is 'Silky Honey', the biggest brothel at Ostonorid, and the one at Lerwick is their first store.

Romain looks around and then notices some men already leaving the store with a satisfied face.

And he immediately says with a flustered face,

"Ummm... So..."

"Well, what we need to do now is just enter the store, put in the request, and then back to the mansion. Easy~," said Volya as he starts to walk to the door

"Eh... Wait... Volya!"

Markos only laughs after seeing them and follows them to enter the store.

As the three of them entered the store, they could see a lot of tables where a man is sitting together with their woman and waiting for their turn to use the available room.

At one side of the store, they could see a girl doing a pole dance that attracts many customers.

Romain looks around with a flustered face, and because of that Markos teases him a bit. Meanwhile, Volya is leaving them behind to the receptionist.

On his way to the receptionist, a lot of escorts tried to seduce him. But, he declines all of it and continues to walk. Because of that, all of them change their target to Romain and Markos that are left behind.

When Volya arrived in front of the receptionist, she asks Volya,

"Good afternoon kind Sir. Are you going to relieve your desire in-house? Or are you going to bring them home?"

"I'll take some home... As I come here with an order from my hirer," replied Volya as he gives her the list of escort that he will take

"Oh my... So, you are an Adventurer,"

"Yes, I am,"

"Then, who is the one that hires you?"

"Reginald Lawrence,"

The moment Volya mentions that name, he could see a sour face from the receptionist. After that, she calls another girl and mentions something. She then tells Volya to wait for a moment.

Volya then sighs and hears Romain calls him,

"What is it, Volya?"

"Ah... It's nothing..." said Volya as he looks behind and immediately falls silent.

Volya sees several escorts gathering around Romain with a flustered face and Markos. He then laughs and says,

"What would happen if I told Lucia about it?"

"Ah... Please don't tell her!" said Romain

"Ahahahahaha... Don't worry... I will DEFINITELY tell her," said Volya as he thumbs up at Romain

"You little!"

Markos only smiles at them and tells the escort to not bother right now. He then stops their fight and asks,

"You know, I always hear one woman come out from all of your mouths, Lucia. Who is she? Is that your lover, Volya?"

"Ah... No, she isn't my lover. Rather she is Romain's little sister," replied Volya

"Hooo... Romain's little sister, huh... Could you tell me more about her?" asks Markos

"Hmmm... For a woman that still grows, she is quite a beauty with a breast that could fill a man hope,"

"Is it?"

"Yes... And also she is a good cook... And..."

"Volya! Stop it!" said Romain as he hits him on the head,

"Ahahahaha... I'm just joking. But, I could say that she is indeed a beauty," said Volya

Markos looks at Volya and then says,

"You know, I'm not sure that you are not her lover now..."

"Ahahahahaha... The more I know him after living with him under one roof, the more I don't want him as my brother-in-law," said Romain as he points at Volya

"The feeling is mutual," said Volya

Both of them start to mock each other and then laugh together. Markos then says jokingly,

"So that's the reason both of you really close. Don't say that Gracia also stay with both of you,"

"Yes," answer both of them together,

"Wait... You are joking, right?" asked Markos with a concerned face

"No... We are not joking," answered Volya

Markos looks at them, facepalm himself, and says,

"To live in one house with two lonely men like you... Poor her,"

"Wait... Who did you mean by a lonely man?!" said Volya

"Ahahahahaha... Your comment indeed identical with what my sister said," continues Romain with a smile


Volya and Romain proceed to tell him about what happened when Gracia stayed at their home. After hearing that, Markos immediately burst with laugh until Volya called by the receptionist,

"Ms Taylor called all of you. Please follow my friend here,"

"Eh? Why?" asked Volya

"Just follow her,"

Volya, Markos, and Romain look at each other, and nod. Volya then says,

"Let me discuss with my friend first,"


Volya then gathered the other two and says,

"Are we going to proceed to meet with this Ms Taylor or we will leave this store and make an excuse later on?"

"Knowing his temperament, I will choose to meet with this Ms Taylor," said Markos

"I also will choose to meet with Ms Taylor... I wonder why we need to meet her? And who is she?" said Romain

"That's my question, too..."

Volya then looks at them and says,

"Stay on alert..."

They nod and then Volya replies to the receptionist that they will meet with Ms Taylor. After that, the receptionist asks one of her friends and she escorts the three of them to meet with Ms Taylor.


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