System : Reincarnation
3 Chapter 2 : First world
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System : Reincarnation
Author :Kareene
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3 Chapter 2 : First world

‹‹ Entering world ››

I closed my eyes while my heart was throbbing with anxiety.

What's gonna happen?

Will it hurt?

Who am I gonna be?

‹‹ ...succesfully entered world. ››

I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful black ceiling covered in shining jewels. There was violet ,white, yellow, blue and green jewels .

It almost thought that I was looking at the night sky.

I felt around me and realized I was lying down on a bed.

'System , where am I?'

‹‹ host, you are in Yvette's room.››

'Who's Yvette? (I-vet)'

‹‹ Yvette is the antagonist's bestfriend and also a capture targets sister.››

I see..

The sheets felt like really smooth silk and it was also black .The pillows was really fluffy and stuffed with feathers and it's pillow case has little stars stiched on them .

'So what is the missions?'

Huh. The owner of this body and I has the same emo taste.

‹‹ The main mission ,is to be a worldwide known idol/singer. ››

'Wow.. That is just wow..but any side missions or something? '

‹‹ Yes, but the side missions are not yet unlocked.››

'I see. What about Yvette's wish?'

‹‹ playing Yvette's wish ...››

‹‹ "Hey! So ..I want to be an idol known worldwide but that's already your main mission so I'll think of another!Oh! How about keeping Katherine from being famous? £@%&£@#!! Wait? Why can't I... £@%&£@%@£!!! S%@%&£@%£!!"››


‹‹ the others are classified .››

'Okay ...? But who's Katherine?'

‹‹she is the main protagonist.››

'Hmm...well I guess being the villainess's bestfriend she would want that .'

I sat up and got out off bed, heading for the mirror.

When I looked at the mirror I saw a 16 year old girl with black messy shoulder-lenght hair and tired looking black eyes. She was wearing a plain black nightgown that reached her knees.

I yawned and looked around the dark room. I reached for a light switch and hissed when the bright light spreaded around the room .

Everything here was generally black unlike the white room.

The walls , the floor ,the closet, the bed , the doors , the window sheets and yeah . But there was traces of different colors as well.

Like the cieling it also has traces of violet, white, yellow, green, and blue colors .

It really looked like the universe which was beautiful .

I walked to the window and looked outside. It was night time so I couldn't really see much but I can see that I was far from the ground ,so I'm guessing that I'm in the second floor .

The background looked like there was starbucks ,library and I guess the other one was a store of some sort ? So this was a normal neighborhood.

I closed the curtains and rushed to the door for unknown reasons and opened it carefully .

I stepped outside and it was really quiet , I'm guessing everyone is asleep....or I'm alone .

I tiptoed down the stairs and looked around .I'm in the kitchen ,since there are pans and knives and stuff.

No signs of human life...but then suddenly...

*crrrreeeeeeaaak* (that's a door opening lmao )

My heart was panicking and my mind was shouting orders like , 'WTF ARE YOU DOING JUST STANDING THERE?! ' and 'MOVE MOVE MOVE!!'

I quickly ran to a table and grabbed the first thing my hand went to then hid underneath .

The Footsteps were nearing and it was really scary.

The figure groaned tiredly ,which by the way sounded like a male, and dropped a white plastic bag on the floor and headed to were I am .

Wait, why'd he drop that ? Is that really heavy? What's in it? IS THAT A BOMB?!

The figure was still walking towards me and he kept going until he was right in front of me.

I held my weapon ,the thing I grabbed earlier which was a bowl..

"Huh?" I heard the culprit speak .

I think he was searching around .

I'm hesitating on hitting him, cause I already saw this in a lot of TV dramas ,when you think someone broke into your house and you were wrong, it was just someone you knew-

"Where is it?? I'm certain I put it here.."

He kept searching and ...he looked under the table .

Our eyes met and we were both wide-eyed .

He was about to say something but I panicked !

I raised the bowl and smashed it on his head .

"What the-?!"

He fell down with the pieces of the now broken bowl on the ground .

I gasped and just sat there. Shocked at what I did.

"Yvette- what the..." He said and passed out .

AHHHH He knew me! Ohoooo this is a biiiig mistake.

I squealed when I saw blood flowing from his head .

With wide eyes, I plucked the pieces of the bowl from his head and onto my hand .It wasn't THAT deep so I'm sure it's fine. He won't die of blood loss

What do I do now?! I don't even know the guy!

‹‹ Host ››

'Yeah ?'

‹‹I can transfer the original Yvette's memories to you if that would help.››

' (@[email protected]) '

‹‹ °~° ››

'You could've done that from the start!'

‹‹ well, I am programmed to tell things when it is necessary .››

'Is there any way I can make you realize when it's convenient to say it?!'

‹‹Yes host. For your information, I am a new system , so I can learn along the way .››

That calmed me down a bit . 'oh good. '

‹‹ Anyways host, how about we focus on your brother now.››

'Oh right! Give me the memories.'
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    《System : Reincarnation》