Summers Stories
27 Unannounced Gues
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Summers Stories
Author :JD246
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27 Unannounced Gues

Upon arriving at the restaurant, Sena gave her name in exchange for a table.

Iris Azalea walked in surveying the room.

"Aunt I.A.!" A voice called out from behind.

"Sit next to me!" Emersyn beamed.

"Oh, sure..." Iris Azalea mumbled.

"Maru, you sit on the other side of me, 'kay!?" Emersyn grinned.

"Mm!" Maru nodded her head enthusiastically.

"Please follow me this way." The hostess smiled as she guided the girls to their table.

As everyone took a seat, Maru's stomach let out a growl.

Maru quickly blushed as giggles went around the table.

"What are you getting?" Abbey asked, looking over Sena's shoulder.

"Mm, not sure yet..." Sena frowned.

"I've decided I'm gettin' the turkey club!" Keren said triumphantly.

"Nice choice big sis!" Kari cried.

Kari quickly turned to Tammy who was seated next to her.

"What are you gettin'?" She questioned.

Tammy who was focused on something, or rather someone turned her attention towards Kari.

"Me?" She asked.

"Ah?" Kari looked up.

"Who's that really pretty lady that you're starin' at?" She asked.

"K-Kari!" Tammy cried, blushing.

"She's just an old colleague of mine that's all..." Tammy whispered.


"Tammy," Abbey began.

"She's not you know who..."

"I don't know who you're talking about..." Tammy grumbled.

Suddenly a woman tapped Tammy's shoulder.

"Tammy...?" The woman questioned.

"Eek!" Tammy yelped.

She quickly spun around met by Annette Hoffman.

"It sure has been a while, hasn't it?" Annette beamed.

"Uh oh..." Emersyn whispered as Maru grabbed her hand.

"Maru and 247 too!?" Annette cried, her heels clicking as she raced over to the two.

"Hey!" Emersyn cried.

"My name's Emersyn!" She protested.

"My my how cute you both look!" Annette cooed.

"Say, Tammy?" Annette began, as she grabbed a seat from the neighboring table.

"Introduce the unannounced guest to everyone else, would you please?"


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