Summers Stories
26 Girl“s Night Ou
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Summers Stories
Author :JD246
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26 Girl“s Night Ou

As Norio and Iris Azalea stepped out of the car in front of Rick's apartment, Iris Azalea stared blankly at the building.

"What's up?" Norio turned to her.

"Nothing..." Iris Azalea whispered.

"Look, don't be nervous his friends are really nice and they're genuinely really excited to get to see you." He smiled reassuringly.

"Right..." Iris Azalea mumbled.

"Besides a girl's only night out sounds fun to me." He chuckled.

"Eh!?" Iris Azalea quickly turned to him.

"What do you mean by girls only ni-"

Before she could finish, the door to the shop of Sena's Flowers opened.

"Ah!" Sena cried clapping her hands together.

"You're here!" Sena exclaimed, taking Iris Azalea's hands in hers.

Iris Azalea stared down blushing a bright red.

"T-thank you for having m-me..." She stammered.

"Come on in!" Sena giggled as she dragged Iris Azalea inside.

Rick came walking down the steps.

"Oh hey, sis!" He beamed.

Iris Azalea shot him a cold stare.

"E-eh...?" Rick turned to Norio.

"Don't worry about it," Norio said, patting Rick's shoulder.

"Where are you going?" Iris Azalea asked.

"Boys night out!" Rick beamed.

"We're meeting Chris at the local bar for a few rounds, catch ya later!"

"W-wait...!" Iris Azalea pleaded as the door shut.

"Um..." Sena placed a hand on her chin in thought.

"Why don't we head upstairs?" She smiled.

"Right..." Iris Azalea muttered.

As the two ascended the stairs, opening the door to Rick's apartment, they were met with a group of familiar faces.

Seated around the room were Maru, Emersyn, Vera, Keren, Abbey, Tammy, and Kari.

"Finally." Keren huffed.

"D-don't mind her, she's just hungry!" Vera giggled.

"Yo." Abbey waved.

"Aunt I.A.!" Emersyn cried, springing up and running over to hug her.

"H-hello..." Iris Azalea mumbled, patting Emersyn's head.

"So," Tammy began.

"You ready for a girl's night out?"


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