Summers Stories
7 Presen
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Summers Stories
Author :JD246
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7 Presen

"Vera..." a voice called.

"Vera!" Vera slowly opened her eyes.

Greeted by Norio, who was holding her in his arms.

She lethargically lifted her head.

"Did I do it...?" She asked, looking around.

"Hah...?" Norio looked confused, as he helped her stand up.

"Where's Larkin...?" She asked.

"Maybe they left?" Norio suggested.

"But I..." Vera looked down.

"Never mind..." She whispered.

"C'mon, why don't we go home?" Norio said, smiling softly.

Vera looked at him, then nodded.

He placed his arm around her, as the two set off toward home.

As they got in the door, Emersyn was standing there with her arms folded.

"Hah, what is it?" Norio asked.

Emersyn gave him an icy stare.

Norio couldn't help but chuckle.

"You were gone for three hours!" She cried.

Norio and Vera looked at each other.

"Eh, that long!?" Vera cried.

"What were ya doin' anyway?" Emersyn asked.

Norio placed his hand on her head.

"None of your business." He smiled, ruffling her hair.

Emersyn pouted.

"Nori...?" Vera looked up at him.

"Yes?" He asked, as he was busy cooking dinner.

"I don't have my eye patch anymore..." She whispered.

"Oh sh-" he quickly stopped himself.

"D-darn..." He corrected himself, as he turned the stove off.

"Keren won't be home until tomorrow, you can lay in our room for tonight if you'd like."

"Really?" She beamed.

"Mm." He said, placing the pot of pasta down on the table.

As Vera, and Emersyn climbed into bed, Norio shut the light.

"If you see anything, just try to close your eyes." Norio said.

Vera looked at him.

"Mm!" She nodded.

"Goodnight Nori." She smiled, closing her eyes.

"G'night." He smiled, turning onto his side.

As morning came, Norio was flipping pancakes.

Emersyn was busy at work placing blueberries down.

Suddenly the front door opened.

"Good mornin'!" A familiar voice called out.

Everyone quickly turned around.

"Keren!" Vera and Emersyn cried out in unison.

Emersyn quickly ran from her blueberry placing post to greet her.

Norio flipped a pancake, smiling.

"Do ya have presents!?" Emersyn asked excitedly.

"You know I do!" Keren beamed.

"Oi, you better not have spent every dollar I gave you."

Keren puffed her cheeks.

"'Course not!" She then looked away.

"There's still about twenty left..." She mumbled.

"Twenty!?" Norio cried.

"Anyways, presents!" She quickly said, handing Emersyn, and Vera each a wrapped present.

"Look Nori, a sketchbook!" Emersyn cried.

Norio, leaning on the counter gave a thumbs up.

Vera's eyes widened when she unwrapped her present.

"H-how..." She whispered.
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Norio, and Keren quickly turned their attention toward her.

"Well," Keren began.

"I researched for one, and found an antique shop near where Keren went."

"Yep!" Keren nodded her head, smiling.

Norio walked over.

"Let me help you tie this." He said, taking the strings, tying it.

As Vera looked in the mirror, she beamed.

"It looks just like the old one!" She giggled.

Norio, and Keren smiled.

"Thank you both!" Vera quickly ran over, hugging them.

Norio and Keren blushed.

"I-it's really no big deal Vera..." Keren chuckled.

"I'm just happy it worked out..." Norio said, patting her head.

Larkin, Cole, Mim, and Janine stood outside the house. All of them smiling.


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