Summers Stories
3 Complicated
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Summers Stories
Author :JD246
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3 Complicated

"A girl born with the ability to see spirits, and yet..." Larkin then looked at Cole.

"Boring!" Cole cried.

"I wanted to talk to Rick!" He stuck his tongue out in annoyance.

Larkin chuckled in amusement.

"Yo, boss," Mim began.

Larkin turned around.

"What's up?" He asked.

"There's a lot of spirits hauntin' glasses house."

"Well," Larkin began.

"Are they harmful?"

Mim shook his head.

"Not necessarily, but they're pretty...angry." He chuckled.

Larkin sighed, and turned to Cole.

"Why don't we go and investigate?"

Cole's eyes twinkled.

"Really!?" He shouted eagerly.

Larkin smiled.

As they arrived to Rick's house, Larkin's eyes widened.

"What the-" He turned to Mim.

"You weren't kidding!?"

Mim let out a sigh.

"Afraid not, boss."

"That poor girl must be scared to death right now..." Larkin sighed.

As they got up the stairs, they noticed Vera, who had her head buried in Norio's chest.

"Ah." Larkin chuckled nervously.

"We need her to know we're good spirits!" Cole cried, tugging Larkin's sleeve.

Larkin let out a sigh.

"How do we do that I wonder..."

As Rick was cooking, he hummed.

"Rick!" Cole beamed.

"Idolizing the very man that killed you..." Larkin mumbled.

"Huh?" Cole turned his head around.

"N-nothing...!" Larkin chuckled nervously.

"Hey boss, check it out," Mim began.

"There's a lot of spirits surrounding glasses over there."

Larkin nodded.

"As long as they don't try to harm him, we'll stay put."

As he said that, a spirit began punching Rick in the abdomen.

"A-Ah..." Larkin's eye twitched.

"I-it's fine...!" He began.

"As long as they don't gang up on him, it's fine...!" He said, giving a nervous laugh.

Another spirit began punching Rick on the top of his head.

"Bastard!" The spirit of a man shouted.

"O-oi..." Larkin began as he slowly stood up.

"Rick, I'm coming up." A voiced called out.

Larkin quickly spun around.

Mikael came up the steps with Iris Azalea.

Larkin's eyes widened.

"M-Mikael..." he whispered.
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"Oh, hey!" Rick waved.

"Glad you could make it Mikae-" Rick then flinched.

"Ow!" He cried.

Vera lifted her head, and Norio looked up from reading the newspaper.

"What's wrong big brother?" Norio asked, then noticed the scared look on Vera's face.

"Oi Vera, don't tell me..."

Vera looked up at him.

"Now will you believe me!?" She whispered.

Norio sighed, and then gave a smile, as he patted her head.

"My bad...sorry." He said.

"Mikael is it possible to get a stomachache, and a headache at the same time...?" Rick whined.

Mikael looked at him, frowning.

"I'm not a doctor..."

Larkin slowly approached Mikael.

"How has he gotten even cuter over the years..." He blushed.

"Boss, now's not the time!" Mim shouted.

"He's so tiny..." Larkin said, resting an elbow on Mikael's head.

"Boss!" Mim cried.

"Hey...does anyone else feel a draft in here...?" Mikael asked, looking around the room.

"But you're not even near the window..." Iris Azalea whispered.

"Oh, crap I'm the draft...!" Larkin turned to Mim, who had a scowl on his face.

"S-sorry, I got distracted..."

"Were you two in love?" Cole asked.

"W-well..." Larkin turned to look at Mikael.

"It's complicated..." He looked down.

"My family really deserved better..." He whispered.

"Boss, now's not the time for a sob story!" Mim shouted.

"We really needa communicate with that girl!"

Larkin looked at him.

"You're right." He said, as they looked over towards Vera.


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