Summers Stories
2 Familiar presence
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Summers Stories
Author :JD246
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2 Familiar presence

As she said that, Norio's eye widened.

"W-What do you mean...?" He whispered.

Vera looked at him nervously.

"W-well...there's a man here, and he's claiming to be L-"

Suddenly, Norio began laughing.

"Nori!" Vera cried.

"I'm not dealin' with him, or this situation right now." Norio said, as he stood up. "

C'mon, let's go out and get some breakfast." He said, extending his hand out to Vera.

Vera stared for a moment, then grabbed it.

"One coffee please." Norio said.

"How about'cha, sweetheart?" The waitress asked Emersyn.

"Blueberry pancakes!" Emersyn beamed.

"How cute!" The waitress smiled as she walked away.

"You really should eat somethin'..." Norio said, looking up at Vera.

"Mm..." Vera mumbled, as she gazed out the window.

As they were about to leave the cafe, a hand grabbed Norio by the shoulder.

Caught off guard, Norio spun around.

"Oi what's y-" Norio then looked up, greeted by a familiar face.

"Yeesh, calm down baby bro!" Rick laughed.

"Maru!" Emersyn cried out.

"Emmy!" Maru shouted, as the girls embraced.

"Didn't know you went here." Rick chuckled.

"Well, this is the place you were raving about, so I thought I'd try it out-" Before he could finish, Vera tugged his sleeve.

"Hah?" He looked at her.

"Do you know a boy named Cole...?" She whispered.

Norio looked at Rick, then chuckled nervously.

"What's wrong...?" Rick questioned.

As Vera opened her mouth, Norio quickly interrupted.

"Looks like we gotta head home now!" He said, grabbing Emersyn's hand.

"Do you wanna come over for a bit?" Rick asked.

Norio looked at him, sweating.

He then looked down at Vera.

"Right...your place isn't very far from here, huh?"


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