Son of Kakashi
27 Injured Crow
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Son of Kakashi
Author :red_eagle
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27 Injured Crow

Romantic Fiction Novel

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Next Day

Reo, as usual, went towards the forest to train in the 'Mystic Shadow' technique, given to him by Hayate.

"Yesterday, Shikamaru really tried his best to help me out. Even though he speaks less, still he treats us as a friend and is there in need." mused Reo while walking on the path towards his practice spot.

"But the problem still remains the same. I can't seem to get a gist of how the technique works. I have done all I could. Is there no way possible?" whispered Reo as he moved from one tree to another.

"Hm... what's that?"

In the way, his vision stopped at a certain region. Looking closely, he saw a crow lying on the ground. It was badly injured and he saw that the crow's life force was very weak.

He immediately stopped on his tracks and moved over to the region where the crow was lying wounded.

Moving close enough to the crow, he checked on his condition. Taking out the first aid kit that he carried on him, he immediately treated to the injuries and scars of the crow.

... .. ...

15 minutes later

The crow was looking much better than when Reo first saw him. Its bleeding had stopped and his body was recovering.

He took the crow in his arms and continued on his way.

"Bro, you are lucky that I was passing by. If it had been any Sand Ninja, then you could be rest assured, you would have gone straight to meet Yama," said Reo to the sleeping crow.

Not knowing why, but Reo seemed to feel a connection with the crow. He himself was no caretaker, but on seeing the condition of the crow, he could not stop himself from coming over to his rescue. Or maybe it was something set in his fate.

Arriving at his usual training location, he, first of all, secured a resting location nearby for the crow to heal and recover. Making sure that the crow was sleeping peacefully, he returned back to his normal practice location and continued on his comprehension of the technique.

... .. ...

Two hours later

"Ah... still no improvement. Man, I am fed up with this technique," shouted Reo as he stomped his way to a nearby tree, laid down under it and started meditating.

Starting from his infancy, Kakashi helped him meditate and inculcated the habit of meditating in his free time.

Within a few moments, he was laying there peacefully meditating and his whole being seemingly one with nature.

Just then, the crow that had been sleeping this whole time, cleverly opened his eyes, just enough to take a quick peek at Reo who was meditating under the tree and whispered, "Reo... so he is her son." and closed his eyes as quickly.

... .. ...

At night

Taking a deep breath, Reo opened his eyes.

"Wah... such a nice feeling. I wish training in that shitty technique would have been as enjoyable as meditating." complained Reo, "Then, it would not have been such a boring path to move on."

"Well, it's quite late," whispered Reo, seeing the sun setting down.

Then, he moved over to the resting place of the crow and checked in on his injuries.

"He seems to be all right. I wonder why he is not waking up," whispered Reo as he continued, "Let's not think too much."

He shook his head and went towards the path leading to his home.

The crow again opened his eyes as his vision lingered in the direction in which Reo left, "Interesting..."

... .. ...

5 Days Later

"Ah... it has been five days and I have not progressed a little bit on the technique. Just what on earth is this?" exclaimed Reo letting out his frustration on not being able to grasp the technique, 'Mystic Shadow'.

It was noon and Reo was nowhere close to getting the gist of how to operate the technique.

"If this continues on, I'm afraid, I would have wasted the month allocated to each of us to prepare for the finals."

Following his schedule, he moved over the resting place of the crow, and check in on him.

"Still not getting up. I don't understand, he seems to be fine from the outside. There is no sign of injury left on his body, still, he is not waking up," thought Reo.

"Well, it's decided then, let's take him to the Konoha Hospital and let them find out what's wrong with him."

He walked underneath the tree and started meditating as he had been doing for the last five days. But just as he started, an irritating voice left him startled.

"Hey, kid. What kind of shitty method are you using to meditate?"

Opening his eyes, his vision landed on the speaker, leaving him surprised and shocked. It was the same crow, who had not to waken up for the last five days, that had commented on his technique.

"You... you can speak?" stuttered Reo.


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