Son of Kakashi
26 Mystic Shadow
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Son of Kakashi
Author :red_eagle
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26 Mystic Shadow

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I was busy recently writing my first novel and finally it's completed.

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--- -- ---

"Mystic Shadow!"

It was the name of the technique that Hayate gave him.

According to the scroll, the technique was a stealth type, enabling the user to hide his aura even while attacking the user.

The technique has 5 levels viz. I, II, III, IV and V. It was mentioned that every level corresponds to one class in the shinobi ranks.

In other words, once the user achieves level I mastery, he is able to use E-rank attacks without letting the enemy know.

Obviously, basic level attacks could not do much damage to opponents at a higher level. But this was just the beginning of the technique.

"Does it means that when I achieve level V mastery over the technique, even A rank technique can be executed while I am maintaining stealth mode.?" whispered Reo as he comprehended the description of the technique.

"Able to cast an A rank technique without letting the enemy feel of your presence... wouldn't it even catch a Kage off guard?" whispered Reo, unable to hide his excitement in his voice.

"Huh... it has been two weeks since I started practising 'Mystic Shadow' but until now, there is not even a hint of improvement. Where am I wrong?" deliberated Reo.

It has been two more weeks and in this period of time, all Reo did was to go over and comprehend I level of 'Mystic Shadow'. But so far the result has been disappointing.

He tried all the knowledge and training methods that he knew of but to no avail.

Downcast and dispirited he was all alone on the backside of the Konoha Academy Grounds.

He tried all he could think of. May it be walking on the ground, stompy area, plateau, hilly area... and even included running and crawling in his training regimen. Apart from this, he tried to imitate the animals, wanting to understand how some of the most stealthy creatures do what they are known for but again remained empty-handed.

It was then that he decided to walk around the village and breathe in fresh air. He needed to calm down his mind and body, so he got up and walked towards the exit.

While he was on his way, a shadow came out of the bushes.

"Hey, Reo! How are you?" said the man who came out in front of him.

"I'm all good. What about you, Shikamaru?" replied Reo.

"Yeah, I'm fine too, just pretty bored. I never knew that participating in the Chunin would be this stressful. If I had known it earlier that I had to practice and train to such an intensity, then I would have happily slept at my home and never bothered to participate in such a competition in the first place." said Shikamaru with a downcast expression.

"Don't be this disheartened. You know, your father would be very proud of the fact that you are participating in the finals of the Chunin Exams. I guess you owe it to your old man. Don't you?" laughed Reo while trying to forget his own worries.

"Hm... never thought it like that." said Shikamaru while rubbing his chin, "Anyways, looks like you are training super crazily. I can only hope to not match up against you in the finals."

"Don't joke around like that." Reo shook his hand as he continued, "It has been almost two weeks that I am unable to advance in a certain technique."

"Oh... never expected you to have problems with ninja techniques. Whatever, don't forget that you are still a beginner in the ninja world. There ought to be many tough and gruesome challenges and battles awaiting you. While you would want to win all of them, in reality, it is impossible to conquer them all. As they say, only by losing once, do you understand the value of a win and try with even more passion and vigour to achieve victory next time." Shikamaru, even though speaks little but gives it his all when he does.

"Also, one more thing. Always remember that we are here to help you out. Whenever in life you are in trouble, not always, but at least sometimes, try to ask for help. It helps."

"Haah... guess you are right. Thanks, Shikamaru."

"Oh... stop your bullshit. Now let's go and have some noodles. I am starving."

Both Reo and Shikamaru laughed and went along towards the centre of the town to calm their hunger down.

... .. ...

An hour later


"Damn... that was some quality food," said Reo as he finished his bowl of ramen noodles.

"Yeah, I agree. I had some amazing food today, which I rarely get to have because of the training regimen," complained Shikamaru.

"Oh stop with that. both you and I know that if you want to do something, you will get it done by any means. Don't you?" snickered Reo.

Both Reo and Shikamaru had dinner and bade farewell as the moon shined brightly throughout the sky.


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