Son of Kakashi
25 Lonely Naruto
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Son of Kakashi
Author :red_eagle
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25 Lonely Naruto

One Week Later

All three - Yugao, Hanabi and Reo were standing before Hayate's grave.

"It was a planned murder, not a psychopath killing." said Yugao, who was present in the investigation team that was appointed to solve Hayate's case.

"But who would have wanted to kill him? He used to work all alone, and as far as I know, never got into much of a trouble." mumbled Hanabi. She too seemed to be deeply affected by the news of Hayate's demise.

"I don't know but it seemed that the attackers wanted something from him, but as per our search result, they were not able to obtain it. And in a fit of anger, they brutally assaulted him." replied Yugao as her flickered with an angry expression.

"I think I know what they wanted..." whispered Reo lightly but still loud enough for the two to catch up on his words.

Both of them turned their faces towards his, and waited for him to continue.

"According to my guess, it is very likely that he was attacked because of the techniques he passed on to me and Hanabi." answered Reo. He himself had been thinking over the question or some time and ultimately settled on this conclusion.



Both Yugao and Hanabi were shocked and surprised at the same time as the conclusion given by Reo. They carefully thought and realized that his conclusion made much more sense given the state of matter.

Thinking along the same line of thought, Hanabi was instantly scared as she thought about how dangerous were the techniques that Hayate Senpai passed on to her.

She, just then, felt a warm hand on her shoulder and looked over at it.

"I too, was scared to figure out that it was the techniques, Senpai gave us, that most likely took his life." Reo began telling her as he took a deep breath and continued, "You know instead of us being scared, it should be the opposite."

"The opposite...?"

Hanabi seemed to be confused at the last sentence spoken by Reo.

"Hm... why should they be scared?"

Even Yugao seemed to be puzzled by Reo's statement.

"We know what those guys are after. So, we have a bait that is guaranteed to lure them out, right?" asked Reo with his eyes flickering with strange light.


"So, we can lay down a trap and force those guys to reveal themselves. Hence, we get a chance to ambush them." explained Reo.

"It's a bit too risky..."

Without letting Yugao respond, Hanabi interjected.

"It is not known whether the attackers are within Konoha or not. Furthermore, they killed Hayate Senpai, who himself was an Anbu level ninja. Do you think, someone like Hayate Senpai would go down so easily?"

Hanabi expressed her concerns over Reo's proposition. Yugao thought for a moment, and nodded her head in agreement with Hanabi.

"Yeah, I agree," she said, "The techniques, he carried are fearsome and mystical. While you are right about the fact that those techniques indeed got him into trouble, but thinking that the enemy is weak is a big mistake on you part."

Yugao expressed her worries and pointed out the flaws in Reo's perception.

Reo contemplated for a moment and could not help but agreed with their opinions. He too believed that his method involved too much risks and danger which they, depending on their current power level, could not take.

"So what do we do next?" asked Hanabi as she was unable to ponder much on the incident.

"I suggest that both of you should focus on the finals that is scheduled 3 weeks later. And leave the job of finding clues about the attackers to the investigation squad." suggested Yugao to which, after thinking for a moment, both Reo and Hanabi agreed.

Indeed it was much more safe and reliable to utilize as much as resources possible to find out the culprits of the attack, and till then, stay hidden, at least until they become strong enough to hold on their own.

... .. ...

The last week had been a tough one for Naruto. He found out that Sasuke would be training with Kakashi Sensei, and Sakure, though she was not on the finals list, still she was busy training. The only one who did not have a mentor, at this crucial stage was he himself.

He approached Iruka Sensei, but the later was busy with new enrollments in the academy. Hence he could not see over Naruto and help him train. Nevertheless, he pointed out a few training routines that would help Naruto but still a mentor was highly required.

Naruto was, therefor, going over to the nearby river, so as to start his training to control chakra.

Just then, he found an old man peeping in a bath-house.

"Hm... what is that old man doing?"

Naruto mumbled as he walked closer to look what the old man was peeping at.


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