Son of Kakashi
24 Hayate“s Funeral
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Son of Kakashi
Author :red_eagle
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24 Hayate“s Funeral


With that said, Hayate took his final breath and closed his eyes for eternity.

"Hurry up and check for our clan's heirloom. It should be on his body."

"Yes, sir!"

Two persons appeared next to Hayate's body and began to search his entire body. They searched for some time, but were not able to find the items they were looking for.

"Sir, he is not carrying those items."

"Impossible! Those are our clan's heirloom. After searching for so many years, I traced him back to Konoha and after deliberate planning, we were able to take him down. And now you are telling me he is not carrying them. Fuck you...!"

The leader loudly yelled at his subordinates and he, himself began to check Hayate's body a second time.

But despite his continuous struggles, he also could not find the items he was looking for.

"How can this happen? Where has this son of a bastard hidden his heirloom. Ah..."

... .. ...

Outside the restaurant, Reo, Hanabi and Yugao were leaving.

"You said that Hayate Sensei gave you each a scroll to practice?"

"Yes, one to me and another one to Reo."


"Oh, looks like to did a life saving favor to him. He rarely shows his techniques, leave apart the fact of giving someone one of his. You guys should thanks your heavens."

"Now remember both of you, learn those techniques, but try to use them as less as possible. If people outside came to know that the techniques you are practicing are given to you by Hayate, it might cause a bloodbath. So be careful and don't tell anyone other about him giving you these scrolls. Understood?"



... .. ...

After the three of parted, Reo went back to his house.

Having completed his dinner, he went straight back to his room, and opened the scroll given by Hayate.

"This... this... this technique is..."

... .. ...

At Hyuga Residence, Hanabi had her dinner and went back to her room.

Today, she was excused from her training, as she had performed fantastically during the Chunin Exams, and hence deserved a bit of rest.

Closing the doors of her room, she too, like Reo hastily opened the scroll which she was hiding until now.

"Holy Shit... he has given us... this..."

... .. ...

Both Reo and Hanabi were shocked beyond repair, after taking a look at the techniques handed over to them by Hayate. They did not sleep that night and browsed through the technique and only at the morning, after reading through the scroll once, were they able to calm down their wild beating heart.

Therefore, both of them, in the morning had a full day sleep. But never in their wildest of dreams, would they have imagined that the news circulating today would not let them sleep for days to come.

... .. ...

That night

Yugao was sitting in her balcony and looking out into the open space in the sky.

"Hayate... I don't know what will happen tomorrow. Should I accept him or should I... Oh! Just what do I do? Should I tell him that I like my disciple as he likes his? Or Ah!"

Yugao seemed to have an unsettled heart as she tried hard to sleep that night.

... .. ...

Next Morning

At the Hokage's Office

"Hokage sama! Bad News! Hayate Senpai has been assassinated."

"What... What are you saying?"

"Lord Hokage, we found a corpse this morning, while paroling on the outskirts of the village. His corpse was... was..."


"It was brutally assaulted. It seemed as though the attacker had some life and death rivalry with Hayate."


Third Hokage, Hiruzen, sat on his chair while letting out an inaudible sigh.

"Who could that be...?"

"Inform his close relatives... including Yugao. She was his disciple and by all means must be informed of the incident."

"Also, assemble a group of Anbu and have them investigate the crime. I have a feeling that it is not just a rivalry case but much more."

"Yes, Lord  Hokage"

... .. ...

In the evening,  funeral in remembrance of Gekko Hayate was held at the center of Konoha Village, where all the ninjas' were rested in peace.

Yugao was standing right in the front row, at the center with tears sparkling down her cheeks.

"He was asking me to go out with him for two continuous months and when finally I agreed, this happened. I really am an unlucky charm..." sobbed Yugao while her friends consolidated her.

Hanabi and Reo had their share of sleep as they were standing just behind Yugao, too shocked to express any emotions.

"Yesterday, he was laughing and cheering. He also gave us these techniques, and today he is no more with us."

"If this is a ninja life, then should strive to be one?"

Reo was lost in thoughts and struggles of ninja life. Beside him, Hanabi was in no way better than him.

"If instead of Hayate Senpai, it would have been Reo, then.... what would have happened to me?"

Hanabi and Reo both were stunned by Hayate's demise and could not feel the heavy air surrounding the funeral.


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