Son of Kakashi
23 Hayate“s Death
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Son of Kakashi
Author :red_eagle
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23 Hayate“s Death

Hayate looked over while both Hanabi and Reo left. He laughed bitterly as they vanished from his vision.

"They are quite smart."

"Yeah, they knew they needed to give some space seeing your expression when you came over asking to have dinner with us."

"Was I looking that desperate?"


"Anyways, you must be knowing why I cam over, right?"

"Yes. And I already made it clear enough to you that I need time. I don't want to be confined with the chain of relationship."

"Yeah, I understand. But can't you give me even a single opportunity? I have always held you in my heart. I am not asking much from you, but just the first step, and in case you don't like it, you can always take it back."

Yugao did not know how to reply. It has been two months that Hayate has confessed his love for her. She, on the other hand, had always seen him as his instructor. Nothing more, nothing less.

And here it is. She did not know how to reply. She only knew that she did not had those feelings for him.

Anyways seeing him constantly pursuing herself, she decided to give him a single opportunity.

"Fine. But remember you can't pursue me again after this. Tomorrow, we will go on a date."

Hayate was shocked. He had been seeking after her for more than two months. And all that he received was a straight NO. And now, she accepted to go on a date with him. He truly felt speechless at the moment, unable to describe his feelings as he felt over the moon.

"What... Never thought that this day would arrive this soon. Don't worry I will make tomorrow the most memorable day of your life. Oh... I have to make preparations. See ya'!"

With that, Hayate left and Yugao could only sigh seeing her enthusiasm.

"If I would have been at his age group, then I wouldn't have it so hard... Why did he have to be my student..." whispered Yugao.

... .. ...

Hayate left and arrive at the outside, where Hanabi and Reo were chatting among themselves and having fun and laughter.

"You know I almost lost my balance and fell face first onto the ground. If not for Dad helping me out of the situation, I don't know what would have happened."

It was at this time that Hayate, feeling energetic over his first base victory came over close to the duo and decided to tell them about the matter.

"Reo and Hanabi, thanks to both of you, I now am going on a date with Yugao tomorrow. If you won't have provided us with the space and seeing you two acknowledge our relatinoship, I would not have had this opportunity with Yugao."

"No, Hayate Senpai, you are being too courteous. We did not do much. Instead it was your will power and determination that helped you, ours was only a secondary role."

"Anyways, for the help both of you offered, here this is a present from me."

He pulled out two scrolls and handed one to Reo and another to Hanabi.

"Don't say anything, and take these with you. When you find some time, learn the techniques imprinted in these. It will surely help you out during the Chunin Finals."

Before Hanabi or Reo could say anything, Hayate vanished leaving behind a puff of smoke.

"Ah... Nevermind, looked like we earned ourselves a technique for the Finals."

"You should be thanking the heavens for your fortune. You should know that Hayate Senpai's background is mystical and he had a load of unknown and famous techniques. You must have heard of the 'Dance of the Crescent Moon', right? If I am not wrong, seeing the pattern and material of the scrolls, these might be of a similar rank or maybe... above it."


... .. ...

Hayate arrived near the outskirts of the village. He had a patrolling duty that he had to finish before he could rest for the day.

While surveying the outfields, he heard a noise from behind.

"Sand Storm!"


A gust of sand spiraled towards his chest.

"Escape Technique!"

Since he was on patrol, thus, he always had his hand signs in ready, in case of emergencies. Like this one.

He teleport-ed to a nearby tree branch and in his place a log of wood appeared, which took the attack head on and was broken in pieces.

"Who are you and why are you attacking me?"

"A foolish question, whose answer you will get from Yama. Its your turn now."

"Pinsir Missile!"

Another person was present on the tree beside Hayate, who was an enemy. He release a dozen of small metallic pinsirs towards Hayate.

This time, he was truly shocked and did not had enough time to dodge. Thus, more than half of the pinsirs struck on his chest.

"These are poisoned!"

Soon Hayate realised that the pinsirs were poisoned,  ut what he could not understand was that why did these masked men attacked him and that too so covertly.

On his last breath, he mustered all his strength and asked.

"Who are you guys?"

The man who attacked him first, removed his mask and replied with a wide grin over his face.

"He he... You forgot me so early... Nephew Hayate!"


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