Son of Kakashi
20 Reo Wins
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Son of Kakashi
Author :red_eagle
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20 Reo Wins

"Let me finish first!"

"Fire Bazooka!"

Reo went all out, as he launched his fire element based ninja technique. The flame took the shape of a missile as it launched towards the remaining puppet, Karasu.

"Not this time."

Kankuro learning from his previous mistakes, did not intend to take Reo's attack head on. Instead he decided to make his puppet dodge the incoming flame attack.

While he was paying attention to the puppet and the flame missile, Reo quietly pulled out his saber, and decided to go attacking.

"Puppet Technique: Blink!"

Just as the flame missile was about land on the puppet's body, Kankuro used blink, that created an effect similar to that of teleportation, but within a relatively smaller distance.

Successfully avoiding the flames, Kanakuro turned to face Reo who was charging towards him with in speed.


"Lightning Saber: Crippling Slice!"

Another lightning based chakra attack, but this time, it was far more powerful than his earlier attacks. All the people were surprised to see Reo's attacking proficiency.

"Such an interesting kid... Ah... now I am in a fix, whether to choose Sasuke or..." whispered one of the team leaders of Hidden Sound Village. He had eyes similar to predators with a slight hissing noice coming from inside his body.

"Never knew that Reo is this powerful."

"Yeah, he is 2-3 younger than us. Still, look at his battle prowess."

"We are lucky that we are not up against him."

"Yeah, I agree."

"Such an interesting kid... Ah... now I am in a fix, whether to choose Sasuke or..." whispered one of the team leaders of Hidden Sound Village. He had eyes similar to predators with a slight hissing noise coming from inside his body.

"I won't go down this easily."

"Mechanical Light Shield Block!"

Kurasu that was nearby him, transformed itself in the form of a shield, which was then manipulated by the chakra threads over its body, and came in front of Kankuro blocking Reo's incoming lightning attack.

Seeing his attack being blocked, Reo took some scrolls out and threw them towards Kankuro whose defensive shield was open until now.

As soon as the scrolls came in contact with the shield, a thick viscous and smelly liquid got deposited over. The liquid not only contained smelly odor, but also turned out to be acidic in nature.

"You stinky brat. You have broken up Kurasu. You really have a death wish."

"Atleast look all around, before trying to move one step ahead."


As Kankuro looked he around, his face fell down. It was looking anything, but good.

All around him, there were bombing scrolls marked down, with up to a meter of accuracy. Leave apart taking one step ahead, even moving the body in the slightest, might end up triggering those bombs off.

Looking at the design and pattern embedded on the scrolls, it only felt discouraging for Kankuro.

"Give up, Kankuro. You've lost."

Just as Reo finished announcing, the proctor, Hayate, confirmed the results.

"Kankuro is unable to carry on fighting. The winner of this match, as a result, is Hatake Reo."


"Reo won!"

"Reo!  Reo! Reo!"

The complete practice ground was filled with loud cheering. Reo did not know how he was able to get so many people involved with him, nonetheless, inside his heart he never disliked such a situation.

Going back over to his team, Reo saw that both Hanabi and Yugao were smiling at him. He too smiled, and they carried on discussing about his fight and how and where they would be going to celebrate.

"Yeah, we will definitely check out The Mizo's, and taste their Tamagoyaki."

"Reo, that's a great idea, but... you see I am low on this month's budget. Hence, we will not be able to afford going to such an expensive restaurant."

"Yugao Sensei, you don't need to pay everytime from you pocket. How about this, after Hanabi wins her match, we will all go out and party. As for the cost, it would be taken on by all three of us."


Just as Yugao wanted to reject Reo's idea, Hanabi interjected.

"Yes, I agree. Let me win my match, and then, tonight we will go out."

"Not you too Hanabi…"

… .. ...

"Hm... should I switch over my target from Sasuke?"

In one corner, Orochimaru seemed to be in a deep thought, while the battle on the grounds continued.

"Next fight..."

As the fights continued on, majority of the Konoha chunins had got their fill.

"Match 8: Hanabi Hyuga vs Temari"

# At the side of Team Yugao

"Hanabi, you are up next. Best of luck!"


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